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Alpha Brain: Is It Legit?

Alpha Brain is a dietary supplement that boosts the functioning of the brain. It increases the production of Alpha waves in the brain and thus increases neurotransmission.


Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain is a dietary supplement that boosts the functioning of the brain. It increases the production of Alpha waves in the brain and thus increases neurotransmission. It is produced by Onnit, a US-based company, headquartered in Texas.

This nootropic is known as a smart drug. It consists of all ingredients that are picked up to help build an environment in which the brain function at its fullest. As its ingredients are all-natural it is 100% safe.

Besides nausea, headache, stomach cramps, diarrhea, anxiety, confusion, jitters, dizziness, irritability, and brain fog Alpha Brain is perfect for first-time brain supplement users. And one more thing about Alpha Brain is it is not FDA-approved.


Different forms of Alpha Brain has completely different compositions and doses.

Nowadays nootropics are not the same as they were in 2010 when Alpha Brain was first launched. Now the range and quality of nootropics on offer have a 100 variety.

Among various new nootropics other than Alpha Brain, the three most popular and effective nootropics are listed below:



Nooceptin is a popular dietary supplement for brain functioning. Manufactured by a renowned American company SAP Nutra, it makes a mark on the smart drug scene.


For your information, Dr. Corneliu Giurgea discovered the first synthetic smart drug, Piracetam. As per Dr. Giurgea nootropic is a synthetic or natural substance used to

  • Increase attention span, concentration, ability to learn, and memory.

  • Safeguard the brain function under distress

    • Help in functioning brain effectively in distress

  • Having zero or fewer side effects and also being non-toxic

  • Nooceptin meets the above-mentioned characteristics of nootropics perfectly. It contains only natural substances. It helps in supporting concentration, focus, mental speed, and memory.

    • Enhance executive functioning and verbal recall
    • More hours of improved concentration and focus
    • Improved memory recording unit
    • Reduces fatigue and tiredness
    • Better cognitive ability
    • Heightened neural connection

    Composition of Nooceptin

    Citicoline: It has ophthalmologic effects and also can be used for the treatment of cognitive deficit, i.e mild to moderate dementia, cerebrovascular disorder and Alzheimer's disease, depression, Parkinson's disease, stroke, schizophrenia, and brain injury.

    Panax ginseng: A longest living plant is known as Asian ginseng /Chinise ginseng or Korean ginseng. Its root is used. uses of Panax ginseng is fight fatigue and increase stamina, lower anxiety, enhance both athletic or physical stamina, cognitive performance increased, headache, male fertility, depression menopausal hot flashes.

    Ginko Biloba: A native tree of China is the source of several good effects on the brain. It improves the blood flows to the brain. It fights anxiety, eye problems, dementia, tinnitus, and peripheral artery disease


    Lion Mane Mushroom: It is a type of fungus. It can be used to save guard from dementia, moderate symptoms of depression, and anxiety. Nerve damage can be repaired with it.

    Bacopa Monnieri: It is a creeper and herb found in almost all continents. It is also known as Brahmi. It is used since ancient times in ayurvedic treatment as s memory booster and it enhances the learning process. It is anti-epileptic and has sedative effects.

    Rhodiola Rosea: it is a perennial flowering plant that wildly grows in the arctic regions. it is used since ancient times for anxiety, depression, and fatigue. It can improve brain function. By reducing mental and physical fatigue and enhancing antioxidant activity it can improve sports performance.


    L – Theanine: it is available in some mushrooms and black and green tea. Its benefits are quite contradictory. It supports and increases alertness and at the same time, it helps to relax and sleep.


    • This is manufactured in the USA by a renowned company
    • Unlike Alpha Brain, it is FDA approved
    • Results are permanent
    • It has zero or least side effects
    • 30-day money-back policy is available.


    • It is expensive.
    • It is available only on the official website of the company



    The next alternative to Alpha Brain on our list is Vyvamind. It is manufactured by a standalone company and it is the sole product that the company manufactured. This nootropic is available over the counter. With only six powerful, effective and targeted ingredients Vyvamind is one of the best nootropics in the smart drug scene.


    This non-addiction brain stimulant improves concentration, focus, and cognitive performance. Daily intake of Vyvamind reflects the result in one month. Users find themselves with improved concentration, more energy, less stress, and less anxiety.

    Compositions of Vyvamind:

    • Vitamin B6 – 2.5 mg
    • Vitamin B12 – 50 mg
    • L- Tyrosine – 300 mg
    • Citicoline – 200 mg
    • L – Theanine – 150 mg
    • Caffeine Anhydrous – 75 mg

    The Advantages of Using Vyvamind are as follows:

    1. Enhance focus

    2. Mood swing reduced

    3. efficiency increased

    4. Increased thought process




    Compared to Alpha Brain Noocube is a new brain supplement with scientifically proven organic and useful ingredients.

    Focus, memory and concentration, and full cognitive functions can be improved by using Noocube, manufactured by Wolfson Brands (UK) Limited.

    It contains Lutemax 2020, fortified with lutein and zeaxanthin (including meso-isomer) which is extracted from marigold flowers (Tageteserecta L). It includes amino acids and natural substances like cat's claw and bacopa monnieri.

    It eliminates mental impairment, and the combination of these powerful medicines elevates psychodynamics.


    The ingredients of Noocube are:


    • Lutemax®2020
    • BacopaMonnieri- 250mg
    • HuperziaSerrata- 20mg
    • Pterostilbene- 140mcg
    • Resveratrol - 14.3mg
    • L-Theanine- 100mg
    • L-Tyrosine - 250mg
    • Alpha GPC - 50mg
    • Oat Straw Extract

    In addition, the other components that nourish the brain are CAT's Claw and the B vitamins, B1, B7, and B12 synergistically combined to enhance brain health and cognitive function.

    Pros :

    • Noocube can be bought without a prescription from a Doctor;
    • The ingredients have undergone clinical testing;
    • It is produced entirely from organic products;
    • It free from caffeine;


    • Only from the official webpage, this medicine can be bought.
    • Some people feel symptoms of allergy from natural components


    Benefits of Noocube:

    • Enhances Focus – Bacopa Monnieri of Noocube, enables users to maintain focus for a long time after mental disruptions.

    • Enhances Memory - It enhances memory and safeguards brain neurotransmitters. Additionally, this supplement increases mental focus and expands memory and cognition capacities.

    • Removes Brain Fog – It triad B vitamins (B1, B7, and B12) improve attention and concentration,

    • Stress Removal - Lutemax®2020, is the source of eye vitamin lutein enhances vision, prevents eye fatigue and headache, and with other potent substances stop the overproduction of cortisol (the stress hormone) in users and control their stress level.


    Three Most Popular and Effective Nootropics

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