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AirPhysio Reviews – Natural Breathing Trainer OPEP-Device

The small AirPhysio respiratory therapy device helps you breathe and your lungs to do their job by taking several deep breaths into the device. This way, mucus and other pollutants and debris are removed and your breathing and coughing should work better, according to the manufacturer's promise.

Air Physio
Air Physio

What is AirPhysio? 

Especially in the special time when it is currently important to breathe well and without problems, more and more people are trying to strengthen their breathing and their lungs. They support them by giving up nicotine, by exercising more, by using herbal remedies such as lung herb or by doing special breathing exercises. Especially overnight, mucus accumulates on the lungs, so that many people get a coughing fit after getting up in the morning. If you can cough it up, you are doing something good for yourself and your lungs. But those who cannot do this or who continue to have problems with their breathing and feel "mucus-ridden" need further help from outside, even if herbal remedies do not want to help one hundred percent. 

A special device has been on the market for some time, which strongly resembles an asthma device and works in a similar way. Basically, it could be a cross between an asthma device and an alcohol control device, because it looks like an asthma device but works more like an alcohol control device. The small AirPhysio respiratory therapy device helps you breathe and your lungs to do their job by taking several deep breaths into the device. This way, mucus and other pollutants and debris are removed and your breathing and coughing should work better, according to the manufacturer's promise. (Any/all of the links on this post are affiliate links of which the author receives a small commission from sales of this product/service, but the price is the same to you.) 

Why do I need this respiratory therapy device? 

Especially people who have problems with their breathing need special support for their lungs. People who either have a lung disease (for example COPD) or who have suffered a severe course of COVID-19 or also smokers need help for their lungs to improve or regain their breathing activity. 

According to customer reviews, quite a few people have already regained their symptom-free breathing through the AirPhysio respiratory therapy device, even people with COPD have been able to breathe better without coughing. The small device cleans the lungs and collects exhaled air and secreted mucus. 

Depending on the lung disease, it is not always possible for the patient to cough up on their own. However, the previous options do not always help. Many AirPhysio users report that they have already done everything possible to be able to cough up on their own. But steam baths, medicines or other things do not always help. In such serious situations only AirPhysio helped many and the mucus on the lungs could be loosened. Most of them did not need to cough at all afterwards and their lungs were completely freed. Most of the time it took only one application and it was already much better, but for a more long-term and hundred percent improvement it should be applied several times. Vist the product website here to find the discounted prices! 

AirPhysio rating and recommendation 

How exactly just breathing into a device is supposed to cleanse the inside of the lungs and improve breathing is not entirely clear, so an asthma device is more likely to do your lungs some good. But apparently, just 10 minutes of deep breathing into the AirPhysio respiratory therapy device is supposed to help clear and unclog your lungs, so your breathing will improve if you use the device regularly. Many people with COPD or other respiratory and lung conditions have already responded positively to it and recommend it to others. Where no medication or home remedy could help and they could not cough on their own, AirPhysio has helped the mucus to clear from the lungs and they could breathe freely again without coughing. Many of the users are now virtually symptom-free, he said. So it could eventually be used on patients with long-term effects of the Corona virus to improve lung function and breathing. 

AirPhysio technical facts 

There is not much to know about the small respiratory therapy device, because it is small and handy, looks like an asthma device on the outside, but is used like an alcohol test in which you have to breathe deeply. 

Inside, there is a circular cone and a steel ball. Both are located under a protective cap. The exhaled air is transported into it and all mucus and other secretions are collected in order to cleanse the lungs in this way. The respiratory therapy device is easy to wash out and can be used again and again. It is durable and considered a medical treatment device.  

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What are the AirPhysio quality features? 

The AirPhysio respiratory therapy device initially gives the impression of an asthma device and so the idea immediately comes to mind that by sucking in new air, the lungs and breathing are supported, which is not the case. It is only by exhaling that the lungs are cleansed and thus breathing is improved, which is new and strange. However, it only works if it is done several times in a row, just breathing in does not achieve anything. Many customers say that they breathe in for at least 10 minutes so that all the secretions from the lungs and respiratory tract really get into the AirPhysio. 

In the USA, AirPhysio has been approved by the FDA as a medical treatment device and is said to have helped many people with respiratory and lung problems. Now this respiratory therapy device has also come to Europe and it remains to be seen how well it is received here and whether it really has as good an effect on the lungs and breathing as is reported. If this is the case, those responsible could think about whether this could be a suitable treatment for corona patients in whom the lungs and breathing are particularly affected. Possibly this could be used preventively or as aftercare or even as a replacement for the ventilators. Click here to discover the current discount!  

General AirPhysio Reviews 

For all those people who have a hard time breathing and constantly have mucus on their lungs, they are happy about any help that is available. But until now, there were not many possibilities to support the mucus or the breathing activity and the lung function as a whole, according to clients who have suffered from COPD or other illnesses for a long time and had difficulty breathing. Only by using AirPhysio were they able to breathe more freely and get rid of the secretions in their lungs. For this reason, it is certainly a good investment when breathing becomes more difficult and the lungs feel occupied. Especially in these times when it is important to take care of oneself and specially to breathe without discomfort, Airphysio comes in handy. 

A user of AirPhysio describes that she suffered from breathing problems and mucus in her lungs for a long time because of her COPD. She had been in hospital three years ago because of a pulmonary embolism (a blood clot in the lungs) and since then everything to do with breathing had gone downhill. She could no longer even take a shower, and it was difficult for her to climb stairs, so that she saw stars. She could no longer sleep properly and lay flat on her stomach. Often, she also found it difficult to talk, everything became exhausting and she could no longer breathe properly. She was then out of breath and could only wheeze. In March 2019, she went to the doctor and was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis/COPD. She then did a lot of research and soon came across AirPhysio. When the delivery arrived, she had just used it twice and already had tears in her eyes because she was able to loosen her phlegm in these first attempts and that without steroids or albuterol. She used AirPhysio - as described in the instructions - for 10 minutes and again she had tears in her eyes. She was able to clear more mucus with AirPhysio than with her usual nebuliser. As she wrote this review, she was able to breathe in and out freely without coughing. She said that after just one week, she was completely convinced that this respiratory therapy device really worked. 

A user of AirPhysio says that he had pneumonia for three weeks and despite nebulisers, Fagusan, steam treatments or violent coughing fits, he still had trouble clearing mucus at all. After a while, he came across AirPhysio and after only a short application he was finally able to cough up everything. During the course of the day, he coughed his lungs free and has not coughed at all since. He said he now plans to get his family and friends and anyone he knows who has lung problems and is struggling to breathe, to get everyone a respiratory therapy device like this and also tell their doctor about it. 

Another AirPhysio user writes that she suffers from bad asthma and her airways are constantly closed. Only steroids seemed to help her, but she found AirPhysio and has been using it ever since. Her airways are now open and she can breathe freely and easily. She can only recommend AirPhysio to anyone who also has bad asthma, because taking steroids permanently is unhealthy and if it can be done without chemical preparations, all the better. 

Another user of AirPhysio respiratory therapy device reports that she is a registered nurse and that she is more than enthusiastic about this device. Her daughter-in-law was suffering from pneumonia and pleurisy after a brain operation. It was only with AirPhysio that she could be cured and her lungs are now completely free. She also recommends this respiratory therapy device to every athlete and every other person who has lung and breathing problems. It would make life much easier, because it would be easier to cough up and the lungs would become free. Visit this product website to see more customer reviews! 

Where can I order AirPhysio? 

The small AirPhysio respiratory therapy device can only be ordered online on the official manufacturer's website, where you can choose between three order options: either you order only one respiratory therapy device without a discount, or you order two devices at once, in which case you receive one of them free of charge and a discount of 50 percent. Or you can order 5 AirPhysio devices directly and get two of them for free and a 50% discount. 

You can pay for Airphysio either by credit card or PayPal. 

Who is the provider of the product? 

Distribution partner: 

The GiddyUp Group 


20 N. Oak St. 

Ventura, CA 93001 



E-mail: support@giddyup.o 

General information about the respiratory therapy device 

In the field of respiratory therapy devices, there are only a few possibilities to support the lungs and breathing optimally and profoundly, so that breathing finally functions like new again. Asthma devices or oxygen therapy devices do not offer enough help to the patient so that he can permanently eliminate his complaints and his lungs are freed from deposits and other diseases. By breathing into a respiratory therapy device, the mucus is pulled out of the lungs and many symptoms of respiratory diseases are solved. 

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Known FAQ about this product 

Q: Can AirPhysio help with my respiratory conditions? 

A: In the USA, AirPhysio has been approved by the FDA for use on respiratory diseases as a therapeutic measure and is said to be successful there. Patients were able to breathe better with Airphysio and the lungs were cleared of mucus. In addition to COPD, it can also be used for smoker's cough, bronchitis, emphysema, cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis, pneumonia and more. 

Q: What symptoms can be treated with AirPhysio? 

A: With regular use, a wide range of symptoms can be alleviated or even completely eliminated, including: Respiratory infections, whooping cough, sore throat, insomnia, cough with mucus build-up, chest tightness. The lungs are cleansed, breathing is 

breathing is supported and sleep is improved, especially at night. 

Q: Can several people share the device? 

A: This is strongly discouraged as it involves the spread of saliva and therefore germs and bacteria and viruses, so only one person should use the device. Similar to a toothbrush, everyone should own and use their own device. Even if it can be cleaned, no other person should use the device as a precaution. 

Q: Does AirPhysio have any side effects? 

A: No, it is just breathing into the device, which does not cause any side effects. Only a slight tickling in the throat might be caused, but this is part of the body's cleansing process as mucus is pulled out of the lungs. 

Q: How often does it need to be used? 

A: For optimal support of lung and respiratory function, it should be used several times a day for a few minutes. The more often the better. Otherwise, new mucus can form on the lungs too soon. If you use it often, there is no time for new deposits to form. 

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