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Adipex Reviews 2023 Updated: Is Adipex P For Weight Loss Legit Medication Or Scam Over The Counter Near Me

Adipex and Adipex P are the prescription-only drugs that are widely known as the appetite suppressants and a great support for losing weight. It is ideal pick for the obese patients who want to lose weight and having a higher BMI than 30 kg/m2.



Adipex is approved as a short-term weight loss therapy for the obese patients. The weight loss pills such as Adipex P and Adipex 37.5 mg serve their purpose of helping and supporting your weight loss journey; however, there are certain limitations and precautions regarding their usage. Click Here to Buy Adipex 

The need for weight loss is never ending due to the rapid growth of obesity issue all around the globe. Almost more than 70% of the population is struggling to get rid of being overweight. In the quest of getting fit and lose some excess pounds, people are using different methods and diet pills. One of the most popular among these are Adipex and Adipex-P. These are considered as the most trusted medications in the weight loss industry that help people in putting off those unwanted piles of fat. 


In this article, we will discuss everything about Adipex including its side effects, availability and usage.  

What is Adipex Diet Pills all about? 

Adipex and Adipex P are the prescription-only drugs that are widely known as the appetite suppressants and a great support for losing weight. It is ideal pick for the obese patients who want to lose weight and having a higher BMI than 30 kg/m2. It is generally prescribed by the physicians as the short-term therapy for weight loss as a part of proper weight loss plan that includes changes in diet, exercise, and lifestyle modification.  


The active ingredient included in Adipex Phentermine is an anorectic, which is category of drugs that control hunger. Usually, anorectic drugs are prescribed at the beginning of weight loss journey to reduce appetite and make it easier for patients to eat less food in the crucial beginning weeks of their weight loss program. Ideally, Adipex-P tablet is taken once a day, before breakfast or 2 hours after breakfast. Adipex-P is a generic brand of Phentermine and is manufactured by Teva.  

Adipex 37.5  

Adipex 37.5 is known to be an exceptionally active diet medication that is used as a prescription-only drug for weight loss. Adipex 37.5 has the constituency if Phentermine with the high potency. Due to the high power of 37.5 mg, its stimulant effects with appetite suppression are also increased. The release of hunger controlling neurotransmitters and hormones decreases the usual pace of hunger pangs. In addition, the restricted diet helps in making the weight loss results more efficient. It is suggested that obese patients lost over half of their body weight by following the short-term treatment of Adipex 37.5. 

Despite the enormous weight loss support, there are some concerns associated with Adipex 37.5, including the risk of increasing heart rate. It is therefore recommended to use this medication only with prescriptions, which are hard to find these days due to health safety reasons.  

Adipex Weight Loss  

Adipex is one of the most popular names in the diet pills and a well-known medication in the weight loss industry that delivers the most effective and best possible results to reduce the body weight. Adipex fights against obesity in the patients with the higher BMI. To prevent the physique from fatness, Adipex works as an effective appetite suppressant. The studies and reviews suggested that it is feasible to use Adipex for not more than 12 weeks period. Since, there are risks and side effects associated with the usage of Adipex, there are many over the counter phentermine alternatives available in the market that can do the job without the harmful effects.  


Adipex Pros and Cons  

Some of the important pros and cons of Adipex and Adipex-P are listed below: 


  • It is a good drug for reducing appetite, thus helping with weight loss.  

  • It is available in cheaper generic form.  

  • It can be used conveniently with or without food.  

  • Cons 

    • It is allowed to use Adipex for a short-term period.  

  • Most insurance companies don’t cover the cost of Adipex or Adipex-P, so you might have to pay it at your own.  

  • It can be habit-forming and addictive, so it should be used with the lowest possible dose as per prescribed by your healthcare provider.  

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    • It comes with hefty side effects and health risks.  

  • It is not recommended to use for people with heart problems, and glaucoma.  

  • Pregnant and nursing women should also not use it.  

  • Adipex P Reviews 

    There are some great user reviews of Adipex P available over the internet, as it has helped many obese people in improving their quality of life. We will share some of the reviews of Adipex P in this section: 

    A female aged 58 years shared her weight loss journey with Adipex-P. She said, “I have taken Adipex-P and lost gradually with controlled diet and intense exercise. Because of my age and being hypertensive, my doctor monitored my heart rate and blood pressure once a month for a whole year. Adipex-P helped me in losing weight. Though, it’s the hard work, but with exercising and less eating, it is the persistent weight loss. I totally lost 97 pounds over a year, and it worked as a life changer for me.” 


    Another female user with obesity condition shared her experience with Adipex-P. She said, “I started off at 238 pounds and Adipex-P helped me to get onto 185 pounds now on scale. Within 3 weeks of its usage, I lost 20 pounds. I would recommend taking this medication before 8 am, as it can keep you awake. Rest, it is a good support for me for getting back in shape.” 

    How to get Adipex Prescription? 

    As mentioned above, Adipex is used as the weight loss treatment for the patients having higher BMI with developed risks of obesity-related disease. However, people are generally using this medication to get rid of excess pounds. The lack of knowledge about Adipex-P can put your health in danger and therefore it is not advised to use these diet pills without the guidance of your doctor. If you are willing to use Adipex for losing weight in USA, Canada and Australia, you should find a doctor near you to get an Adipex prescription.  


    You can consult with doctor near you. On your doctor’s visit you will evaluated with your current weight, BMI, and health conditions. He will also inquire about your medical industry and current prescription medications, if any. It is recommended to do a thorough research about Adipex Phentermine with Topiramate and its relevant drugs at your own because knowing the risks and benefits are equally important. Most of the doctors try to run the obese patient on Adipex for a month with lifestyle changes and can later decide if they want to continue with the therapy. However, if your doctor denies offering you Adipex prescription, you must strictly follow his advice, as they know the best about your health.  


    Adipex Side Effects 

    As there are no free lunches, none of the medication comes without side effects.  

    Adipex is also linked with many common side effects, some of them are listed below.  

    • Dizziness  

  • Dry mouth 

    • Trouble in sleeping 

  • Irritability 

  • Vomiting and Nausea 

  • Diarrhoeas 

  • Constipation  

  • Adipex should only be used with doctor’s prescription, which indicates that its benefit is greater than the risk factors for you. Many people using Adipex do not encounter any serious side effects. However, it is recommended to immediately seek medical help if any of these side effects persist for long time. Besides the common side effects, there are some serious side effects also associated with the use of Adipex. This medication may increase your blood pressure and may trigger side effects like, irregular/fat heartbeat, mood changes, uncontrolled anger, hallucinations, nervousness, uncontrolled muscle movements, seizures, severe headache, blurred vision or change in interests. In any such circumstance, you should stop taking medicine and get medical help right away and talk to your doctor.  


    Side Effects of Adipex 

    Clinical studies have suggested that Adipex may rarely cause some fatal lung or heart problems, which cannot be ignored. The risk may increase if Adipex is used for the longer time duration. In case of experiencing any sort of swelling, rash or itching, trouble breathing, or severe dizziness, you should call your healthcare provider. There are many risks and side effects linked with Adipex, which makes it quite sceptical for the user to try on. Keeping in consideration a long list of side effects, it is strongly recommended to use over the counter Phentermine alternative supplements that are made with all-natural ingredients that support weight loss without any fear of side effects.   


    Adipex Dosage and How to Take? 

    To attain the best weight loss results out of Adipex, it is recommended to take it on an empty stomach, as the first thing in the morning. The working action of Adipex starts 40 minutes or earlier depending on your body composition and the density of fat tissues in the body. As per the scientific study, Adipex with the dosage of 30 mg is quite enough for quick weight loss therapy, but the users must consume plenty of water along this medication every day.  

    It is recommended not to take Adipex 37.5 mg with the diet because the calorie intake itself will reduce its appetite suppressing effects. Within 20 minutes of taking Adipex pills, you will notice a drastic change in your hunger needs, which will make you choose the small portion size every day. Lifestyle changes are strongly recommended to incorporate with the use of Adipex. The use of green vegetables, fruits, Omega-3 fatty acids, lean meat, and healthy fats are important to maintain good diet habits. Also, it is recommended to make behavioural changes while taking Adipex and quit smoking and drinking alcohol to get the best possible weight loss results.  


    How to get Adipex? 

    You can only get Adipex with the prescription from a legal health practitioner. Adipex is only prescribed to patients with obesity who have risk of developing serious diseases due to their high BMI. Adipex 37.5 is prescribed as the treatment for obesity due to its very effective and impressive appetite suppressing results. Due to the warnings by FDA and with so many side effects and risks associated with the drug, it is not allowed to get Adipex without prescription. Adipex belongs to the drug class for crystal meth and could cause addiction and dependence, which is the reason why prescription is mandatory for its purchase.  


    How to Buy Adipex-P 37.5 mg? 

    As discussed earlier, Adipex Phentermine Hydrochloride is anorectic drug that helps in suppressing appetite. It has been widely used to help people combat against obesity. Due to the sensitive nature of Adipex 37.5, it is not available to buy without prescription. It is certainly not advised to take Adipex pills without any medical supervision because they can be seriously harmful for your health by weakening the pulmonary valve and causing fatal health risks.  

    If you want to buy Adipex 37.5, the proper way is to book an appointment with your doctor, and he will then judge whether it is the best weight loss therapy for you. Due to the number of side effects and risks associated with Adipex and Adipex-P, most of the doctors recommend over the counter phentermine alternatives and diet pills that can have similar appetite suppressing effects without such potential health risks. Adipex, Adipex-P or Adipex 37.5, all are used for short term weight loss therapy and their usage should not be encouraged for the long period of time, ideally not more than 12 weeks.  


    Adipex Cost 

    If you are looking for the option of best Adipex cost near me, you will get your answer here. If you don’t have the facility of health insurance, the Adipex medication will be slightly costly for you. Usual cost of Adipex in near pharmacies begins form $ 9.7 for 30 Adipex pills. The pharmacy and some retail stores also accept the coupon system through which you can avail some good discounts over purchasing Adipex.  

    The Adipex cost may vary from the state you live in and the location of your pharmacy. Though, the generic formula for Adipex and Adipex-P are same, but you will notice the price difference in these diet pills brand names.  


    To give you the idea of Adipex cost, here we are sharing the price of Adipex in some leading stores, check them below: 

    • Adipex in Walgreens is available for $ 18 

  • Adipex in Walmart is available for $ 15.06 

  • Adipex in CVS is available at $ 12.27 

  • Adipex in Costco is available at $ 9.72 

  • Adipex Coupon 

    As mentioned earlier there are some coupon systems by leading stores and pharmacies that can help you save while purchasing the Adipex diet pills. The retail price of Adipex-P in the pharmacy is $96.10 for 30 or 37.5 mg pills; however, with SingleCare Adipex-P coupons, you can get it as low as $ 2.88. These Adipex coupons are welcomed and entertained at many local pharmacies and leading stores like CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Rite Aid, and Kroger. 


    It is important to know that the manufacturer company of Adipex-P, Teva, does not offer any coupons, copay savings cards and patient assistance programs currently. The only good way to save on buying Adipex diet medication is by using SingleCare prescription savings card.  

    Buy Adipex Online 

    It is required to have a legal prescription while buying Adipex from local pharmacies and stores.  

    This is the reason, most of the people look forward to buying Adipex online. Within the last couple of years, there are many online platforms selling Phentermine drugs online and some of them are quite lenient in passing through the prescription test even for those who really don’t need the support of Adipex pills. In USA, Canada, Australia, and many other countries, it is now possible to buy Adipex online.  


    However, buying online doesn’t mean that you would get an exception regarding having a prescription. You can take online prescription for Adipex upon booking an online appointment with the doctor. The online doctors will make video conference call with you and offer consultation services by looking at your medical history to decide whether Adipex is a suitable weight loss pill for you. In most cases, it is easier to get online prescription and therefore it is quite flexible to buy Adipex online as compared to having personal visits to the Adipex clinic near you. 

    Concluding Thoughts  

    No matter which Adipex you choose, but your goal should always be to attain the best weight loss results. Losing weight with Adipex, Adipex-P and Adipex 37.5 mg will require your personal effort of making lifestyle changes and regular exercising routine.  


    These diet pills can only act as a part of your weight loss plan and cannot do any major changes at their own. Though, the weight loss results are good with Adipex, but it is always riskier with Phentermine diet pills. It is therefore important to use Adipex for a short period and only when you get a fair prescription from the doctor.  

    In addition, if you don’t want to put your health at risk with Adipex diet pills, there are many OTC Phentermine alternatives supplements available in the market that can be used for losing weight without any worries of experiencing harmful risks and side effects.  


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