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Aaveera Singh Masson Signed As Brand Ambassador For Luxury Watch Brand House Of Khalsa

The Australian watch company has signed Aaveera Singh Masson as its Brand Ambassador. They chose her as the face of Swiss Kaur out of twelve other candidates. One of the reasons is that Aaveera resonates with the brand enormously.

Aaveera Singh Masson

Aaveera Singh Masson is a Punjabi Actress and Model associated with Punjabi Music Industry. After her success in Punjabi songs & videos, the actress will now be seen as the face of the World’s First Swiss Kaur Watch by House Of Khalsa.  

The House Of Khalsa is a luxurious Swiss watchmaker with watches designed in Melbourne. Mr. Danny Singh, the CEO & a philanthropist founded the watch company amid the pandemic in Melbourne, Australia. The Australian brand centres around a connection to spirit and culture, a symbol of the resilience and warrior-like status of the Sikh people. It’s the World’s and the brand’s first Khalsa Swiss Made, Swiss Movement Ladies 200m luxury dive watch. The Kaur range by Khalsa 1699 is designed to live up to the ‘princess’ namesake. Stylish, beautiful watches that sit elegantly on any woman's wrist. It’s also a Japanese Movement designer brand to use the Nishan Sahib as its universal symbol of recognized excellence.  

The Australian watch company has signed Aaveera Singh Masson as its Brand Ambassador. They chose her as the face of Swiss Kaur out of twelve other candidates. One of the reasons is that Aaveera resonates with the brand enormously. She is a multi-talented artist who has been a part of phenomenon projects in the Punjabi Industry. She is popular in Punjab & is also a social media icon. 

“Every Swiss Dive watch by the House Of Khalsa is in a class of its own. The unison of culture, history, and heritage in its finest balance and form. Aaveera suits the brand perfectly as she is elegant and can refine our vision by being the face of our company,” the company said. 

Mr. Danny Singh, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of House of Khalsa, commented, “Aaveera is the new face of an Indian star and we believe that she has a deep connection with our brand and makes a great representative of it. House Of Khalsa is more than a brand and gives you much more than the time.” 

Aaveera Singh Masson said, “I feel so honoured, House Of Khalsa is something that represents a lifestyle, the same reminding you to be a better person in this world, like the Guru’s taught us. Punjab is a state that has seen a lot of ups and a lot of downs and our basic representation on a daily base is something I prioritises, so when I saw the watch for the first time, instantly I was like just taken a back and felt like ‘this is Punjab’. I felt a connection and I felt proud and wanting to flaunt my watch and its statement.” 

In addition to the appointment of Aaveera Singh Masson as the brand ambassador, the company shared its vision of developing its products beyond the realm of only watches. 

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