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9 Best Findom Websites & Apps | Top Sites For Finding A Sub

Have you heard the buzz about Findom and PayPigs? Don't worry if those terms are new to you - I'm going to satisfy your curiosity and give you the lowdown on what this new relationship fad is all about. Let's start with the basics...

9 Best Findom Websites & Apps

Findom is short for "financial domination." It's when one person, called the dom or domme, gets control over another person, the sub or paypig, by handling their money and getting gifts from them. The sub agrees to give up the money as a way of showing submission. Many see it as a harmless interest between grown-ups, bringing confidence and strength to the dom.

With the internet today, Findom has become more popular through social media and websites. Some dommes create an online brand with fans who pay them. Findom websites and apps don't just make Findom better; they also create friendly communities for everyone. As we look into Findom together, it's important to notice the good parts – how these sites make those in control feel strong and form lasting relationships. Keep reading to learn more about the Findom trend!

Finding The Right Findom Website Or App

Finding the perfect Findom site is like an adventurous treasure hunt. It adds excitement and joy to one thrilling moment that makes you really happy. But don’t let desire cloud your judgment—vetting sites for safety is a must.

Look for telltale signs of a site you can trust:

  • User Verification - Reputable sites will verify users to ensure they are who they say they are. This adds a layer of security.
  • Reputation - Look at reviews and community feedback. A site with many satisfied users is a good sign.
  • Secure Payment Processing - Any financial transactions should use encryption and other protections. Avoid sites that seem shady.
  • Active User Base - A site with more members provides more options to find a good match.
  • Ease Of Use - The interface should be clean and intuitive to navigate. Cumbersome sites are frustrating to use.

Take your time surveying the options. Finding the right Findom app leads to more ecstasy in the end. Follow your instincts—you’ll know a good match when you feel it. The hunt for the ideal Findom site is a savory process. Enjoy it.


Here Are The Top 9 Findom Websites and Apps for 2023

  1. SugarDaddyMeet.com - Where Generosity Meets Companionship in the World of Financial Domination
  2. Findom.com - Discover Finances and Love One Step at a Time
  3. FeetFinder.com - Step into the World of Feet and Luxury
  4. SecretBenefits.com - Where Experienced & Attractive People Meet
  5. Chaturbate.com - Connecting Passionate Individuals through Shared Experiences
  6. Findoms.com - Discover the Art of Financial Control
  7. PrivateSugarClub.com - Elevate Your Financial Love in the Exclusive Realm of Private Sugar Arrangements
  8. AdultFriendFinder.com - Rewarding Connections for Open-Minded Individuals
  9. WhatsYourPrice.com - Turning Dating into an Auction of Financial Chemistry

SugarDaddyMeet.com – Largest Dating Community With Millions Of Findom and Submissive Members

With a massive 7 million+ verified members, SugarDaddyMeet.com proudly claims the crown for the biggest community of dommes among dating sites. Here, subs or paypigs have endless opportunities to find the perfect domme match who shares their interests. At SugarDaddyMeet.com, subs are successful and generous, while dommes are attractive and classy. There are millions of dommes ready to mingle on the site.

As a member, you'll enjoy lots of perks, tons of special features, an incredibly user-friendly experience, and comprehensive safety measures for your peace of mind. SugarDaddyMeet.com has everything you need to explore the Findom dating world:

  1. Signing up on SugarDaddyMeet is totally free! You can try out the basics first—like replying to messages, liking photos or comments, adding matches to your favorites list, and sending winks. If you go for the premium membership, you get cool extras for an even better experience, such as sending unlimited messages, using advanced search filters, chatting, and getting your profile highlighted for more visibility.
  2. SugarDaddyMeet has this cool "FLAME" feature. You just swipe right if you're into someone, or swipe left if not. When both people swipe right, that's a match! Then, you can start messaging and plan to meet up. The site even gives you fun first date ideas to make it special, and there are friendly sugar jokes to break the ice on your date.
  3. Safety is a top priority at SugarDaddyMeet.com. The site has clear online privacy and usage policies. You can block unwanted contacts directly from any profile, and if you come across anything suspicious, there's a discreet "report concern" button to flag it for moderators. The moderators work diligently to keep the site safe by promptly removing any suspicious accounts or activity. For those who want extra caution, you can initially lock your photos so only matched members can see them. Members also share real photos on their profiles, avoiding any fake or suspicious accounts. These features make it comfortable for you to use the site and focus on finding compatible matches.
  4. SugarDaddyMeet goes beyond just its features – it aims to make your user experience welcoming. Members often share success stories, giving you inspiration and encouragement. Plus, there's a dedicated blog section to keep you informed and offer extra advice and tips on dating. It's all about creating a friendly and supportive community for doms and dommes!
  5. Staying in touch while on the move is easy with SugarDaddyMeet's iOS and Android apps. Whether you're using your phone or tablet, you can message matches, update your profile, and search for new prospects. The mobile experience makes it super convenient to keep up with conversations and make plans, no matter where you are!
  6. The website interface of SugarDaddyMeet is clean and easy to use. Pages load fast, settings are easy to figure out, and searches are quick. Overall, SugarDaddyMeet gives you all the tools and a user-friendly environment to efficiently find your ideal partner in financial domination and Dom/sub relationships.

Here are the pros and cons of choosing SugarDaddyMeet.com:


  • Over 7 million verified members to match with
  • Free registration to test out the site
  • Premium membership unlocks advanced features
  • Swipe right/left FLAME feature for easy matching
  • Safety features like profile blocking and reporting
  • iOS and Android apps keep you connected on the go
  • Intuitive and clean website interface
  • Can save favorite profiles to revisit later


  • New members are not required to fill out a profile.

So, how do we rate SugarDaddyMeet.com?

SugarDaddyMeet gets a perfect 10 out of 10! It has awesome perks and features, top-notch security, and an all-around great user experience. If you're looking for the perfect Findom dating site to find your ideal partner, this is it! Let the pampering begin!

Findom.com – Exclusive Community for Findom Relationships and Connections

Findom.com is a cool online community where people who like having fun connections come together. This financial dating site has members worldwide. Here, adventurous people can meet without being judged. The website is all about encouraging good interactions, celebrating differences, and letting creativity shine. On Findom.com, you can flirt, chat, and make connections based on different interests.

Whether you're experienced in making new connections or just curious about the community, Findom.com is open to you. You can personalize your profile to show off your personality, sharing as much or as little as you want. The site really cares about privacy and has features to keep your identity safe. Once you connect with someone, you can send virtual winks and private messages. You can also join live chats and fun group video chats. Findom.com is here to help you start positive new relationships in a friendly online space.


  • Chat features
  • Protect privacy with safety features
  • Customizable member profiles
  • Video chat compatible


  • No monthly or annual membership option

FeetFinder.com – Findom Dating Site For The Feet Loving Community

Bring your foot lover dreams to life with FeetFinder.com. FeetFinder is a place all about financial domination and feet. It's super easy to find or sell pictures and videos of amazing feet. Starting on FeetFinder is simple - just sign up and make your profile. Buyers can use special filters to find their favorite foot pictures and videos among millions. Models with verified photos make sure everything is real and genuine.

Sellers get 90% of the money from selling their foot pictures and videos. There are different categories for specific feet interests, so models can choose the kinds of pictures they're comfortable with showing. FeetFinder uses secure servers and firewalls to keep your info and photos safe. Your details are guarded by PCI-compliant standards, so you can enjoy your love for feet without worries. Talk with potential buyers or foot models to find the perfect match for what you're looking for. FeetFinder.com is the perfect feet dating site for those looking for financial domination relationships.


  • Sign up as buyer or seller
  • Millions of feet pics and thousands of free ones
  • Encrypted, PCI-compliant security
  • Advanced filters to find perfect feet


  • Caters only to those who love feet

SecretBenefits.com – A Community Of Fully Verified Dommes and Subs

SecretBenefits.com brings together a special community looking for private, mutually beneficial relationships. Members are experienced, attractive, and good at keeping things private – great for those into financial domination connections. Signing up is easy, and you can create your profile in no time. If you're looking for arrangements involving financial control or submission, SecretBenefits members can easily search for compatible partners.

Doms and Dommes can make private photo albums viewable only by specific matches. This allows showcasing your most alluring features while maintaining privacy. Security is a priority, with video verification required for full access. This prevents scammers from joining and guarantees all members are real. The blog section provides tips and advice from the SecretBenefits staff on navigating arrangements successfully and safely.


  • Easy, quick signup process
  • Video verification prevents fake profiles
  • Create private photo albums
  • Special support for verified members


  • No mobile app available
  • No premium membership offered

Chaturbate.com – Findom Dating Site for Online Relationships

Find the perfect online relationship with Chaturbate.com. Chaturbate.com lets regular people share live experiences with an enthusiastic audience. Chaturbate, a go-to spot for financial domination relationships, links successful submissives with attractive Findoms. Users can easily sign up for a free account and start interacting with other members. To get the best experience, the site has a premium membership with additional features.

Chaturbate focuses on helping members find what they like. Use advanced search filters to easily find specific categories, interests, and more. Chaturbate is a great virtual adventure and a safe environment. Share as much or as little as you want about yourself while making genuine connections.


  • Free sign up and profile creation
  • Private shows via premium membership
  • Advanced search filters


  • Lots of ads without a premium membership

Findoms.com – Financial Domination Site For A Unique Findom Experience

For those interested in financial domination relationships, Findoms.com creates a lively community. With over a thousand members online daily, it brings together daring dommes and eager submissives. In this safe, judgment-free space, dommes can get tips through email, live chat, or webcam. Subs can express appreciation through virtual gifts delivered in real time during interactive sessions.

You can access Findoms.com on desktop or mobile, so you stay connected wherever you go. The app makes finding and chatting with potential partners easy and convenient. Members also get exclusive access to live games, offering another fun way to interact. Through gifts, tips, and gameplay, Findoms offers satisfying connections between dommes and subs.


  • Free membership, no credit card needed
  • Send and receive virtual gifts in real time
  • Mobile app for on-the-go use
  • Live games available


  • Numerous scam and bot accounts present

PrivateSugarClub.com – An Exclusive And Private Findom Club

PrivateSugarClub.com is an exclusive Findom dating community, perfect for those looking for discreet and upscale arrangements. It's a members-only site, drawing in attractive dommes and generous paypigs interested in a more luxurious lifestyle. Creating a profile is a breeze and takes just a few minutes. Dommes join to meet subs who love pampering them with the finer things, while paypigs join to connect with dommes and level up their lifestyle through financial support.

The site's blog is there to guide you on creating satisfying arrangements. Paypigs can get access to dommes' private photo albums by leaving tips. These features make it easy to build fruitful relationships centered on spoiling and being spoiled. While membership is limited to those 18 and older who agree to the terms, signing up is quick, and you can view profiles instantly. PrivateSugarClub offers a classy space for mutually beneficial dating.


  • Open to anyone who agrees to terms and conditions
  • Paypigs can access private photo albums
  • View profiles right after signing up


  • No free membership option

AdultFriendFinder.com – Dating Site For Singles And Couples Seeking Findom Partners

For frisky singles and couples seeking adventure, AdultFriendFinder.com is a Findom dating site that caters to just that. With millions of spicy member photos, this dating community aims to connect compatible partners for casual encounters and financial domination fun. The site's unique search tools make finding local dommes or willing paypigs efficient. Search by location, age, preferences and more to pinpoint matches. Initiate flirty conversations anytime in the 24/7 chat rooms and instant messenger.

Thousands of member blogs and articles provide tips for maximizing your experience. Watch live member webcams for an interactive preview. AdultFriendFinder provides access to steamy connections day or night. Overall, it offers plenty of ways to explore your more adventurous side.


  • Premium membership options
  • Instant messaging and chat rooms
  • Thousands of member photos


  • Many fake profiles and bots present
  • Way more submissives than dommes

WhatsYourPrice.com – The Best Bidding Community For Finding Findom Matches

WhatsYourPrice.com is a Findom community where members can bring their dating fantasies to life. It has a high success rate, with 1 in 5 messages leading to real connections between doms/dommes and subs. Members are encouraged to share their own stories on the site, showing examples of the results and relationships able to form through WhatsYourPrice.

A key feature is the ability for members to send and receive "WYP Date Offers." This allows users to directly make date proposals, specifying their terms or "price." There is also a unique bidding system in place for subs seeking dates with attractive dommes on the site. By bidding on profiles, users can attempt to win dates with desirable matches.


  • Good odds of finding a match
  • Can send and receive date offers
  • Bidding system for finding dates


  • No premium membership tier

Tips For A Successful Findom Experience


Entering the world of financial domination can be thrilling but also nerve-wracking if you're new. Follow these tips to help ensure a safe and fun Findom journey:

  • Speak up about your limits from the start. Only do things you feel okay with. Make sure both of you agree on any activities.
  • Take it slow when getting to know a new partner. Build trust before diving into a relationship.
  • Use a reliable dating site or community to connect with trusted members. This helps reduce risks.
  • Avoid sharing personal financial info too soon. Share details slowly as trust grows over time.
  • Set up anonymous payment methods to protect your domme. Don't send cash or direct bank transfers early on.
  • Trust your instincts. If something feels off about a potential partner, don't ignore red flags.
  • Make safety your top priority every step of the way. Your well-being is crucial.
  • Approach Findom as a collaborative exploration, not just a business deal. Look for genuine chemistry.

Follow these tips for exciting experiences in a safe environment. Research and preparation are key to Findom success.

How To Find Pay Pigs On Findom Websites | A Beginner’s Guide

Ready to start your journey into the exciting world of financial domination? Follow this simple step-by-step guide to meet willing pay pigs online:

Step 1: Create An Account

First, browse Findom sites and choose one that fits your preferences. Sign up for an account and upload a flirty profile picture related to financial domination. First impressions matter, so showcase your assets proudly!

Step 2: Create An Engaging Profile

With your account made, it's time to reel in potential pay pigs with a killer bio. Get creative and write a short but attractive bio highlighting your Findom personality and desires. Drop tempting hints at what you offer as a domme without giving away too much.

Step 3: Respond Proactively

Now the fun begins - start messaging subs who catch your eye. Comment and engage with posts you find interesting. Be flirtatious but not overly pushy. If a conversation starts flowing, suggest taking things to a more private chat. Exchanging contact info comes once you establish chemistry.

Trust your feelings, go at your own pace, and, most importantly, prioritize safety. By having an impressive profile and reaching out actively, you'll soon connect with plenty of eager paypigs. Just keep in mind – it's about finding quality connections rather than a large quantity!


Tips on interacting with Paypig

As a domme, how you interact with a paypig can really shape the relationship. Follow these tips for positive, mutually satisfying interactions:

  • Be clear about expectations from the start. Talk about money, activities, rewards, and consequences so you both understand each other.
  • Combine flirting and discipline. Paypigs like praise when they're good and firm correction when they're not. Find the right balance.
  • Set up formal titles and rules. Call them something like "piggy." Lay out specific rules for them to follow. This helps build their submissiveness.
  • Give tasks and rewards. Keep paypigs busy with chores, self-care tasks, or financial goals. Reward good behavior with praise or small gifts.
  • Stay consistent in what you expect. If a paypig breaks the rules, apply corrective discipline like penalties or taking away rewards. No exceptions.
  • Check on their well-being. While dominating, make sure the activities aren't causing any emotional or physical harm. Correction is okay, but be caring.
  • Provide aftercare after intense scenes. Give comforting affection and reassure them about the relationship. This strengthens trust and care.

With the right mix of dominance, discipline, rewards, and care, your interactions with paypigs will be incredibly satisfying.

Findom Websites FAQ

  1. What is Findom?

Findom means financial domination. It's a type of relationship where one person takes control of the other person's money and finances. The dom takes control. The sub gives up control. There's a power play involved that both people find thrilling and sexy. When done safely, Findom can be fun for both partners.

  1. What is a PayPig?

A PayPig is the submissive person in a Findom relationship. The PayPig enjoys giving up money and control to please their dom partner. PayPigs show their submission through gifts, tributes, spending, and serving the dom. The dom gets treated well. But the dom must make sure the PayPig isn't being taken advantage of. PayPigs like being generous subs.

  1. Are Findom websites safe?

When it comes to Findom websites, it's crucial to be cautious. While some sites might be legit, there's also the risk of scams or unsafe practices. Always do your research, read reviews, and consider user experiences. Look for sites with secure payment options and privacy measures. And remember, if something feels off, trust your instincts and take a step back. Stay safe online!

Wrapping Up

Financial domination can be an exciting new adventure when done responsibly. The key is starting slow and finding trusted partners first. Build connections gradually through vetted sites like SugarDaddyMeet.com. Their huge community of dommes and subs makes finding matches easy. Communication and safety should always be top priority. Define clear guidelines and limits upfront with any new partner. Approach Findom as a collaborative journey, not a transaction. Pay attention to any odd behavior and trust your gut. If you enter this world cautiously, financial domination can be exciting. Just remember - go at your own pace, set boundaries, and have fun exploring this niche safely!

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