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8 Cryptos Set For 30x Gains In 2023 - Here's Why You Need To Buy Now

We have picked out four presales and four more established coins we can see pumping well into 2023 and beyond.


Cryptos Set For 30x Gains In 2023

The crypto market is finally enjoying a bullish run again in 2023. As bad as the end of 2022 was the start of 2023 has done a lot to make up for it. The market grew by over 35 per cent in January alone and the great thing is it doesn’t look like it is slowing down as we head deeper into Q1 of 2023. Many have observed that inflation rates slowing down has hugely benefited the market and the possibility of rates being slashed has given investors the courage to dive into the crypto market again.

Now the question is what crypto do I invest in? You need to look at projects that aren’t just going to crash again after this bull run. We have picked out four presales and four more established coins we can see pumping well into 2023 and beyond.


8 cryptos that are set to keep the bullish run going deep into 2023

Meta Masters Guild- Presale for this P2E Metaverse game has taken off

Meta Masters is enjoying an incredible presale so far. Only a few weeks ago the Metaverse P2E gaming token had raised a respectable 500,000 meaning it was still on course for its overall goal before the IEO launch and CEX listings. However, in the last month, the coin has raised 3.5 million. An incredible jump in popularity, which was likely caused by experts and whales discovering its potential.


Meta Masters aims to bring quality and addictive games to the blockchain gaming universe. The guild aspect is to replicate traditional gaming has had by harvesting a sense of community. Their games will have multiplayer and online modes and MEMAG, the native currency, will be pumped back into the product so it can continue to improve and develop.

Fight Out- Experts believe that this coin will lead the M2E market sector

The M2E section of the crypto market is a trendy area to invest in. However, until now the heavy hitters within this sector only really focused on one aspect of fitness (e.g steps) Fight Out will change all that. They aim to use an app that utilizes smart technology to give readings on their user's health. They use this information to create personalised workouts that can be done at home or at one of their gyms.

What's great is Fight Out will reward their users with REPs, the native currency, for completing workouts. This can be used in a number of ways including their online shop or even to hire a trainer. Fight Out is currently enjoying a very successful presale. Over $4 million has already been raised and it is showing no sign of slowing down.

C+Charge- Experts believe this could be the biggest green crypto of 2023

Environmentally friendly cryptos are going to be even bigger in 2023 and that's off an explosion in popularity in 2022. The crypto market is bouncing back and we can see investors are favouring those with greener policies. C+Charge is the next on the block that experts think has great potential.


The project plans to reward electrical vehicle (EV) drivers for doing their bit to help the environment with carbon credits every time they charge their EVs. The credits, which can be earned when drivers use the peer-to-peer payment system to pay for their charges, will come in the form of NFTs. C+Charge will also make life more convenient for drivers with their app which will have live information on all the charging stations in their vicinity.

RobotEra- Metaverse game with unique P2E opportunities

RobotEra is an exciting Metaverse game that we believe could be the hottest of 2023. The game revolves around the planet of Taro which has been destroyed and must be rebuilt by the players. Players act through their NFT robots who move and interact just like humans.


What you do with your land is up to you and the possibilities are endless. Players can spend and earn TARO (also the native currency) on whatever they like in this game. Go to the cinema, farm your land, build a shopping centre, whatever you imagine you can do.

Tamadoge- Second arcade game launch should sustain growth

Tamadoge had an extremely successful presale, raising over $20 million. Many tipped it to be the next big meme coin and their successful rare NFT launch last October only fueled this fire. However, then November happened and everything seemed to be spiralling.


Now, however, the market is recovering and Tamadoge looks like it's on the way to the moon. The ecosystem just dropped its next arcade game- Rocket Doge and which holders of TAMA are very excited about. It is this progress that likely means Tamadoge’s recent growth will continue.

Bitcoin- Named best asset of 2023

Bitcoin, crypto's strongest coin, normally reflects the state of the market. If Bitcoin is doing well it's likely the rest of the market is too. Since the start of the new year, Bitcoin has gone from around $16.5 thousand to a price well past 20 thousand. Even more encouragingly, a Goldman Sachs analysis found that bitcoin was the best-performing asset of 2023. This is great for Bitcoin investors' past and future.


Avalanche- Price has increased 100 per cent in January

Avalanche is one of those cryptos currently riding the wave of the bull run that the market is experiencing. It is a proof-of-stake crypto that supports the smart contract platform. According to Coincodex Avalanche could rise to $39.25 and then $117.87 meaning the price of Avalanche is expected to rise by 552.15% in the best-case scenario by 2025.

Baby Doge Coin- Could 2023 finally be the year it surpasses Doge

The original hope for Baby Doge was that it would take over and surpass Dogecoin in the meme coin sector. However, despite things starting off very well in 2021, last year was not good. Like many other coins, the price declined but still stayed above its starting price. Baby Doge has had a great start to Q1 of 2023 and has tripled in price at its peak. Its deflationary nature and this good run could mean its a great crypto to invest in.



The bullish run looks set to continue deeper into the year so it's a great time to buy. Every coin we have listed here could be a good option but specifically the presales as they look set to garner great returns for investors.