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8 Cryptocurrency Prices That Will Explode This Week

Among several others, Dash 2 Trade, RobotEra, Calvaria, IMPT.io, and Tamadoge tokens are paving their way toward explosive growth, which could help investors make up for their losses. Let’s find out which cryptos are going to explode this week.


Dash 2 Trade

As the crypto market suffers, the majority of investors are frantically searching for potential winners to save their funds. 

Analysts believe that an explosive volatility season could be upon the global crypto market, but no one knows when it could happen. But as expected from a market where no moment is boring, we can see that a handful of cryptos are working hard to rally this week.

Among several others, Dash 2 Trade , RobotEra, Calvaria, IMPT.io , and Tamadoge tokens are paving their way toward explosive growth, which could help investors make up for their losses. Let’s find out which cryptos are going to explode this week.


Here is a list of eight cryptocurrencies that are rallying against market trends and are going to explode this week:
1.    Dash 2 Trade (D2T)
2.    RobotEra (TARO)
3.    IMPT.io (IMPT)
4.    Calvaria (RIA)
5.    Tamadoge (TAMA)
6.    PancakeSwap (CAKE)
7.    Ripple (XRP)
8.    Polygon (MATIC)

Now, let us take a detailed look at these 8 winning cryptos: 

1.    Dash 2 Trade - a feature-rich crypto intelligence platform

For the longest time, crypto traders and other market participants have been waiting for better, more reliable, and more accurate data. While there are many web-based solutions, there has never been an all-in-one crypto trading intelligence platform that features modern tools and services to improve one’s trading experience. So it is not wrong to say that Dash 2 Trade is going to be the next big thing in crypto.


The platform will be launched in the future, but token presale is currently open for the public to secure their position. Dash 2 Trade will feature a new type of crypto analytics and social trading that makes it easy to choose the best-performing crypto. This platform will be supported by Dash 2 Trade’s native ERC-20 cryptocurrency, D2T, which is going for $0.05 in stage 3 of the presale at present.

D2T's explosive growth indicates that investors believe it is trustworthy enough to back before individual prices rise in Stage 3. Security-wise, Dash 2 Trade was audited and verified by SolidProof and Coinsniper, respectively, to put novice investors at ease. What’s best is that the project is also offering a $150K giveaway for sending in multiple entries. By participating in the D2T presale, you get a chance to support a revolutionary project.

2.    RobotEra (TARO) - latest metaverse crypto to invest in before 2023

The following feature on our list is the native token of RobotEra , the metaverse that resembles a sandbox, called TARO. In the metaverse, users have the choice to create their own planets and mine their resources from them. Every user is a robot in this system and can connect with other robots. 
TARO, which was just launched, is currently in its presale period and performing remarkably well. In this metaverse, users can take on quests and create their own worlds, explore the planet and earn rewards, collaborate with other NFT communities to create a dynamic ecosystem, and even run their own continent for promotional events.


RobotEra offers countless opportunities, which is why investors are thinking about investing in this new token before 2023. 

3.    IMPT.io (IMPT) – the best eco-friendly crypto to invest in right now

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The concept of eco-friendly cryptocurrencies has never attracted investors as much as it does now because of the growing concerns about climate change. At this point, the launch of a unique green cryptocurrency like IMPT.io seems like perfect timing. The motto of IMPT.io is simple and plain, as it focuses on helping every participant participate in preserving our environment by reducing their carbon footprint.


IMPT will be launching a secure ecosystem where investors can buy from eco-friendly brands available on the marketplace as partners. The shopping experience using IMPT tokens (the project’s native crypto) would be a way to contribute to sustainable development.

Over $13 million has been realized since its presale launched, so there is a good chance of IMPT exploding this week. Its current success says a lot about the project’s demand in the crypto space.

4.    Calvaria (RIA) - the newest play-to-earn battle card game

Calvaria : Duels of Eternity is a Play-to-Earn game offered in the form of a dramatic yet nostalgic battle card gameplay. Calvaria, who was inspired by the world-famous trading card game Yu-Gi-Oh, hopes to spread cryptocurrency's widespread use in the gaming community. This way, it would be possible for the common public to enter the world of crypto without having to trade and lose capital.


The best moment to invest in Calvaria is now, as its governance token, RIA, is available for purchase via presale. RIA tokens are capable ERC-20 cryptos that power the project’s entire framework.

5.    Tamadoge (TAMA) – the fastest growing memecoin with a P2E in Metaverse

After recording an immensely successful public presale that raised over $20 million in a few weeks, crypto analysts have been onto TAMA for good reasons. Since the conclusion of the Tamadoge presale, they have been selling out unexpectedly well for an emerging memecoin. What makes Tamadoge different as well as better than other alternatives is its real-life use case and utilities. Tamadoge is a worthwhile investment, especially right now, according to experts.


6.    PancakeSwap (CAKE)

The number of investors and users of its AMM continues to grow. PancakeSwap became operational in 2020 and revolutionized the world of DeFi. You can invest in CAKE to stay on the safe side.

7.    Polygon (MATIC)

There are several reasons behind the bullish breakout of Polygon, but most importantly, it is the consistent support of its community. After clearing all resistance in its way, MATIC has come out as an investment-worthy crypto.

8.    Ripple (XRP)

Though you will find a lot of mixed reactions to XRP’s current bullish behavior on the charts, there is a reason why this project is still around. Despite the hardships, regulatory obstructions, and lawsuits, XRP has worked consistently in the past few years and recently won a remarkable case against the U.S. SEC. The market cap of XRP is rising with a sufficient increase since yesterday, indicating it could explode this week.



Like Ethereum, which is known to go against global market sentiments, tokens like D2T, TARO, IMPT, and RIA are proving their worth by climbing the charts to get the most support from various investors. It is a wise decision to invest in these coins right now to be a part of these potential projects, especially in their early days.