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8 Crypto Prices Set To Provide 30x Gains In 2023

We are going to look at the top 8 cryptocurrency trends currently happening, including MEMAG, FGHT, CCHG, TARO, and D2T. Aside from these great cryptos, we'll take a look at RIA and IMPT. These 8 cryptos are bucking the market right now and are predicted to go up 30X. So let’s check them out.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

2022 was an unsteady year for cryptocurrency markets. Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are the market leaders, suffered heavy losses. With 2023 here, many experts are predicting that the market will rebound this year. 

With that being said, we are going to look at the top 8 cryptocurrency trends currently happening, including MEMAGFGHTCCHGTARO, and D2T. Aside from these great cryptos, we'll take a look at RIA and IMPT. These 8 cryptos are bucking the market right now and are predicted to go up 30X. So let’s check them out. 

  1. Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) 

Meta Masters Guild (aka MMG) is a brand new crypto gaming guild that's changing mobile gaming forever. MMG’s goal is to build a blockchain-based decentralized mobile gaming ecosystem. 

MEMAG is the primary currency in all the games included. Using Ethereum as its foundation, it's used in the MMG ecosystem for a lot of things. In every MMG title, there will be in-game rewards called GEMS, and you can convert them into MEMAG. You can also cash out or reinvest GEMS. 

As of right now, MEMAG contains three separate games: Meta Masters World, Meta Kart Racers, and Raid NFT. Each game has its own gameplay mechanics. There's also more content coming in the future, which means even more fun for gamers. 

MEMAG’s presale just got live, and you can be one of its early investors. There will be a few stages to the presale, and the price will climb with each stage. 

  1. Fight Out (FGHT) 

Move-to-Earn (M2E) cryptos have gained popularity because they let you earn money simply by doing physical activity, and even people without an interest in crypto are embracing the concept. Fight Out is an all-new M2E project that has been getting some attention recently. 

Fight Out rewards you for reaching your fitness goals and keeps you motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fight Out goes beyond basic activity tracking after realizing people need a solid health app. Moreover, the app provides a variety of fitness challenges, workout videos tailored to your body type, and progress toward improving your body shape. 

FGHT is Fight Out's native crypto, which can be used for a variety of things inside the ecosystem. There is a lot of excitement surrounding FGHT presale, and many cryptocurrency traders and analysts predict it will give 30X returns in the future. Now is the best time for you to get involved. 

  1. C+Charge (CCHG) 

There's been a big push for eco-friendly products lately, and electric vehicles (EVs) are a great example of that. However, there are still too few charging stations and no real-time data, making people hesitant to adopt EVs. 

Recently, a new blockchain platform, C+Charge, has just launched to solve these problems. C+Charge is a new groundbreaking blockchain-based solution that seeks to democratize carbon credit markets to make them more accessible to electric vehicle drivers across the globe. 

C+Charge lets EV owners take advantage of incentives usually reserved for big companies. It's the first on-chain or off-chain blockchain platform that lets you, as an EV owner, earn carbon credits while you drive and charge your vehicle. 

  1. RobotEra (TARO) 

RobotEra is a new web 3.0 sandbox-styled crypto game that features a metaverse and virtual lands. As a crypto metaverse game, it aims to be the best with many game modes, including Play-to-Earn (P2E) and Player vs. Player (PVP). 


The storyline takes place on a futuristic robot planet, inviting you to explore the metaverse. It's got some cool things like creating cities, buying virtual land, and communicating with friends. 

The customization options in this game are endless, so you can make some pretty cool stuff. RobotEra's whole ecosystem runs on TARO, an ERC-20 token you can use to buy stuff in-game. TARO tokens can be earned by doing different tasks, shopping in the NFT store, etc. 

RobotEra plans to launch its metaverse this year, and an alpha version is planned for Q1. Further, it will have more cool gameplay features, including VR and AR gaming elements. 

  1. Dash 2 Trade (D2T) 

The Dash 2 Trade is a new platform that enables you to invest and trade more effectively. With its intuitive dashboard, anyone, regardless of their experience level, can trade crypto without getting overwhelmed by complex charts and analysis. 

There's no other cryptocurrency with features and tools like Dash 2 Trade, not even on the major exchanges' crypto analytics tools. Dash 2 Trade gets more stuff as time goes on, but here's what's currently available. 

  • Crypto trading signals that alert you to trading opportunities and customizable price analysis indicators. 

  • Social sentiment analysis for finding the best tokens and on-chain analysis for analyzing the crypto market. 

  • Tool for backtesting trading strategies and custom scoring systems for crypto presales. 

  • Integrated trading APIs, trading competitions with D2T coin prizes, and a trading chat room 

D2T, an ERC-20 token, powers the entire Dash 2 Trade system. The token offers many useful features within Dash 2 Trade's ecosystem, and it's tax-free, so you won't get charged if you leave. Also, D2T can be used to subscribe to Starter and Premium tiers for 400 and 1000 D2T a month, respectively. 

  1. Calvaria (RIA) 

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity features a new Play-to-Earn (P2E) trading card game that lets you earn rewards by competing against different characters. It's all about pre-planning and strategizing. That means you don't have to have the best deck. 

Along with card battles, Calvaria has DAOs, stakes, NFT stores, and minigames that set it apart from other P2E games. 

Calvaria cards are NFTs, so you own the whole deck. Additionally, you can sell your own deck NFT cards on the Calvaria marketplace and buy new cards to build your own deck. 

$RIA and $eRIA are the two currencies in the game. eRIA tokens are given out after you win a tournament. On the other hand, $RIA tokens are responsible for ensuring the economic stability of the system. 

You can play Calvaria for free, so that's an added bonus. Calvaria can be joined by anyone, and RIA and NFT tokens are not required. Calvaria doesn't require a cryptocurrency wallet, so beginners can play. 

  1. IMPT 

IMPT is a platform that is eco-friendly and proves to the world that blockchains can benefit the environment in some way. With IMPT, you can reduce your carbon footprint by shopping eco-friendly brands. 

Carbon credits are basically measures of how much carbon has been removed from the atmosphere. In essence, one carbon credit represents a reduction of one ton of carbon dioxide emissions. 

By structuring carbon credits as NFTs, IMPT makes them accessible to everyone. In the IMPT ecosystem, $IMPT tokens can be used everywhere. Over 25,000 brands have partnered with IMPT, such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Gamestop, so you can get IMPT tokens when you buy something from these famous brands. 

  1. HEX 

The native ERC-20 token for the HEX platform is called HEX. On the Ethereum blockchain, the HEX token is fully automated as a smart contract. HEX aims to replicate a Time Deposit, a common banking product. Staking HEX gives you a high-interest rate on top of just trading the token. An average bank CD gets you 2%, but the HEX platform's CD gets you 38%. 

HEX Price Prediction 

Based on our most recent HEX price prediction, by October 8, 2022, HEX will be worth $ 0.032015, down -4.01%. A good way to forecast the long-term direction of HEX is to compare it to other tech trends. Assuming HEX price grows like Facebook, it might reach $ 0.509177 by 2025. HEX's forecast for 2025 would be $ 0.100366 if the Internet kept growing. 

Right now, the price of HEX is below the 200-day simple moving average (SMA). It's been 149 days since the 200-day SMA started signaling SELL on May 7, 2022. HEX has been in a SELL signal for 38 days since August 25, 2022, when the price fell below the 50-day SMA. 

Is HEX Worth Investing In? 

HEX price has a value of 0.298 positive correlation with the top 10 coins by market capitalization excluding Tether (USDT) and 0.266 positive correlation with the top 100 coins by market capitalization excluding stablecoins. 

HEX is positively correlated with currencies, so when one moves, the other moves too. When HEX moves one way, currencies that are negatively correlated with it move the other way. 

Analytics are very positive about the future of the HEX coin. By 2025, the maximum price of HEX crypto could reach $3.376 per coin, while the average price of HEX coin is anticipated to be at $0.558478. 



So there you have it. The above was an overview of HEX and a few other impressive coins which are definitely going to blow up in the future and give you 10X gains. Additionally, MEMAG, TARO, and D2T should also be on your crypto investment list because of the features they provide. These coins will certainly hit 10X in the future. 

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