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7 Reasons To Buy FHGT Over STEPN In 2023

FightOut is a newly launched move-to-earn project which is currently in presale. It is a platform which allows users to monitor their behavior and exercise in real time. By presenting exciting rewards for their progress, it serves as a great motivational tool for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


One of the latest trends in the blockchain is Move-to-earn cryptocurrencies. They are a unique breed of cryptocurrencies which reward participants for completing several fitness activities. STEPN, which is a web 3 lifestyle app and a move-to-earn token are one of the best-known projects of its kind that rewards users for walking, jogging and running. However, a new move-to-earn project is grabbing the attention of investors everywhere – FightOut (FGHT)

FightOut is a newly launched move-to-earn project which is currently in presale.  It is a platform which allows users to monitor their behavior and exercise in real time. By presenting exciting rewards for their progress, it serves as a great motivational tool for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  

Reasons to Buy FGHT over STEPN 

While there are several reasons why you should join the FightOut platform and take part in its presale, we’ve decided to mention the 7 most important ones.  

Improving health and lifestyle 

As a move-to-earn cryptocurrency, FightOut is on a mission to help its users to improve their body shape and overall physical appearance which will have a positive impact on their lifestyle and health. It does this by categorizing the activities of users into strength, Muscular Endurance, Cardio, Wellness, and Mental Fortitude. The entire platform is designed in such a way that both regular gym-goers, as well as casual fitness enthusiasts, can take part and get rewarded for their efforts.  

It is better than a traditional gym  

Traditional gyms are cheap and affordable for the majority of people. However, they come with many disadvantages for each user. Not only do all traditional gyms not have an experienced personal trainer for each user, but gym-goers also spend a lot of time going to and fro between their gym and their home.  

FightOut solves such problems by allowing users to do their exercises in the environment that suits them the most. This lets them save time and energy. Additionally, FightOut also provides trainers and personalized exercises. The exercises that the users receive are assigned according to their current physical conditions, which users are required to enter when signing in. As a result, users receive far more attention at FightOut than they would receive from a traditional gym.  

Makes training more interesting and motivating 

To make the training process more interesting and motivating for users regardless of their physical abilities, the exercise regime provided is tailored to individual user preferences. The first thing that users must do when signing up is to provide FightOut with their fitness backgrounds, available equipment and the time they can dedicate towards exercising. Lastly, they must mention the goal they want to achieve.  

FightOut takes these parameters into consideration and provides users with specific video lessons and exercises. FightOut will also set different challenges for users with exciting rewards on offer. Thus it creates an environment which serves as a huge motivation for users to persevere till they reach their goals.  

Exciting rewards 

We have already explained by FightOut is not only an extremely motivating platform but also richly rewards users for their efforts and success. However, FightOut offers more than that – a concept we have seldom seen before in a crypto project.  

FightOut allows users to mint a digital NFT avatar when creating their FightOut account. They can customize their avatar by adding different makeup, hairstyles, tattoos and more. The personalised NFT avatar will also progress as the user exercises and completes different challenges.  


The platform rewards users with REPS tokens as they progress. These tokens can be exchanged for items in the official store or be used as a monthly subscription for the FightOut app or as a discount for consultations with trainers.  

However, the main currency of the project is FGHT coin, which is currently on presale. There are ample reasons why now is the right time to buy the token.  

The price of tokens is most favourable at the moment 

As the native token of FightOut, FGHT has already garnered a lot of attention from investors worldwide for its presale. The FGHT token is currently available at a much less price than what is expected once the presale ends. Before it moves into the next stage of presale with a hiked price, investors should invest in it right away.  

The buying process is seamless and fast, with the option of either paying with ETH or USDT. The price of the token is expected to increase significantly after all tokens have been sold out and the token gets listed on cryptocurrency exchanges.  

Future staking function 

FightOut is planning to launch a staking function which is not found in most move-to-earn projects. It will let users earn on the platform by staking their FGHT tokens.  

Future plans 

The team behind FightOut have a lot of plans for the future, carefully laid down in the roadmap they have provided. This includes a marketing campaign launch, social campaigns involving athletes and ambassadors, merchandising, app testing, the launch of limited edition fighter NFTs and the FGHT staking function.  


With FightOut, no one has an excuse to not take care of their health and physical appearance. The project allows users to exercise whenever they want, however they want. Now everyone has the opportunity to earn while getting fit.  

The FGHT token is available at an affordable price right now but it won't stay the same for a long time. So every serious investor should consider taking part in FightOut’s presale before time runs out.  

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