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7 Best Weight Loss Pills Over The Counter 2023- Medically Proven Metabolism-Boosting

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7 Best Weight Loss Pills Over The Counter 2023- Medically Proven Metabolism-Boosting

When searching for the best weight loss pills over the counter, look for those weight loss pills that come with Effective ingredients and with the right amount.

Best Weight loss Pills Over the Counter
Best Weight loss Pills Over the Counter

If you want to speed up your fat loss journey, a good weight loss pills can be of service. But with a market saturated with hundreds of weight loss pills, getting your hands on the right one can seem intimidating. 

To help you with that, we’ve narrowed the options and put together a list of the 7 weight loss pills that come with medically proven metabolism-boosting and fat-burning ingredients.  

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7 Best weight loss pills over the counter  


  • PhenQ (Overall Best Weight Loss Pills On The Market, Editor’s Pick) 

  • Leanbean (Best for a woman) 

  • PhenGold (Best for losing belly fat) 

  • Trimtone (Best for beginner people and women) 

  • Instant knockout (Best for males) 

  • Primeshed (Another best choice for men) 

  • KetoCharge (stimulates the ketosis process) 


Whether it’s a best weight loss pills over the counter, appetite suppressant, fat burner, or anything else, if you’re breastfeeding or pregnant, you can’t consume such supplements. Those who have a medical history should consult with the doctor first before starting with any of these supplements.  

1.PhenQ (Overall Best Weight Loss Pills On The Market, Editor’s Pick) 


Hands down, PhenQ weight loss pills is one of the best you'll find on the market right now. It features some of the most effective fat-burning ingredients that are backed by clinical trials.  

This supplement reduces cravings, activates thermogenesis, and increases metabolism and energy which leads to faster weight loss. Not only that, the ingredients in this supplement offer a bunch of other health benefits too. 

These capsules don't contain gelatin, therefore it's suitable for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Both adult males and females can use these pills as long as they don't have any medical condition. 

The manufacturer recommends taking 2 pills a day, one for breakfast and another for lunch. You shouldn’t take PhenQ pills after 3 pm otherwise that might mess with the sleep.  

What are the benefits? 

  • Capsimax prevents the body from storing fats and makes it convert fats into energy fast. 

  • Nopal cactus fiber triggers the thermogenesis process to burn calories. It also works as a hunger reducer. 

  • Caffeine suppresses the appetite and increases the metabolism which accelerates fat burning. 

  • Chromium picolinate reduces carb and sugar cravings. Plus, it regulates blood pressure too. 

  • L-carnitine breaks down the stored fat and converts food into energy pretty fast. 


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  • High amounts of caffeine can disturb your sleep cycle. 

  • Not suitable for people who are stimulant-sensitive. 

2.Lean Bean Fat Burner 


Whoever wants to get rid of stubborn fat, this lean bean fat burner can be a good helping hand. This fat burner is designed for women and the best thing about this supplement is, it comes with low stimulants. If you’re sensitive to high stimulants such as caffeine, this one’s a great choice for you.  

These pills don’t contain gelatin hence, it’s suitable for every adult. It’s recommended to take six pills in a day, three times 2 pills at once.  

What are the benefits? 

  • Glucomannan has fibers that get swelled up in the stomach making the consumer feel full and limiting the calorie intake. It also gives energy boosts.  

  • Chromium picolinate suppress appetite, and regulates blood glucose level and blood pressure. Plus, improves overall heart health as well.  

  • Chloride makes sure you stay hydrated and also improves overall digestive health.  

  • Green coffee bean extract breaks down stored fat cells and prevents the body from storing fats. 

  • Garcinia cambogia accelerates fat loss and it has cholesterol reducing properties. 

  • Turmeric has numerous health benefits, it burns calories, maintains blood sugar and glucose, strengthens the immune system, and improves cardiovascular health too. 


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  • Might have to deal with constipation and bloating in the initial time. 




3.PhenGold Best weight loss pills over the counter 


PhenGold comes with 9 ingredients that are clinically backed as good weight loss pills, along with that, these ingredients have good thermogenic effects as well.  

This supplement has a good effect on cognitive functioning and heart health too. These pills contain gelatin which makes them unsuitable for vegetarians. PhenGold recommends taking three pills at once with breakfast or before exercising.  

What are the benefits? 

  • Cayenne pepper is a clinically proven ingredient for converting stored fats into energy and reducing food cravings. Furthermore, they have shown beneficial effects on cognitive function and cardiovascular health as well.  

  • Capsimax boosts the metabolic rate and activates thermogenesis which leads to faster weight loss. 

  • Green tea extract is an incredible source of antioxidants and it is a metabolism and immune booster too.  

  • The green coffee extract has chlorogenic acid which promotes weight loss and aids with inflammation as well.  

  • L-theanine is an amino acid compound that significantly increases metabolism and enhances mood.  

  • Caffeine is an excellent metabolism and energy-boosting ingredient that this supplement comes with. It reduces the appetite also.  


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  • Gelatin capsules make them unsuitable for vegetarians.  

  • Not for stimulant-sensitive individuals.  



4.Instant Knockout Fat burner 

Instant Knockout
Instant Knockout

This instant knockout fat burner is a choice of many male MMA athletes, they are dependent on this supplement when it comes to shred some extra pounds a few days before the fight. 

It uses the same thermogenic formula that most other supplements use to melt the excess fat and along with that the appetite suppressant ingredients in instant knockout helps achieve the weight loss goal very fast. 

This supplement is especially designed for men and apart from weight loss, it offers some other health benefits as well including maintaining blood glucose and blood pressure level, increased energy, etc. 

Instant knockout recommends using 4 capsules a day with a few hours break in between.  

What are the benefits? 

  • Antioxidants in green tea extracts breaks down stored fat very fast and also increases metabolic rate which leads to weight loss too. 

  • High amounts of caffeine suppresses food cravings and boosts metabolism to burn calories. 

  • Cayenne pepper increases the resting metabolic rate which leads to fat burn even when sleeping or resting. 

  • Black pepper prevents the fat formation and at the same time, it increases the metabolism too. 

  • Glucomannan swells in the stomach which reduces hunger. It also increases the energy level. 

  • Vitamin B6 and B12 increases dopamine production which is a happy hormone. Plus, they also increase the metabolism to promote fat loss. 


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  • Some users reported mild stomach upset. 

  • Not for stimulant sensitive people. 


5.Trimtone Fat Burner 


Trimtone is another high-end natural fat-burning supplement designed for women, However, since these pills contain gelatine, it’s not suitable for vegetarians.  

This supplement comes loaded with organic beneficial medically proven ingredients which trigger thermogenesis, suppress appetite, and increase metabolism and energy which results in faster weight loss. 

Trimtone suggests taking one capsule a day with breakfast.  

What are the benefits? 

  • Dietary fiber glucomannan makes the consumer feel full and then limits the calorie intake. Plus, it increases the energy level too.  

  • Grain of Paradise is an herb that has strong thermogenic properties, it triggers BAT and increases energy expenditure to shred excess calories.  

  • High caffeine anhydrous content enables fat burning while resting by increasing the metabolism.  

  • The green coffee extract has good thermogenic effects and it gives the energy to fight off tiredness.  

  • Green tea extract is loaded with antioxidants which makes sure the body breaks down stored fat and doesn’t store fat. Moreover, it’s a good ingredient for cardiovascular health too.  


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  • Includes a high amount of caffeine 

  • Contains stimulants 

  • Not suitable for vegetarians. 


6.Prime Shred Best weight loss pills over the counter 

Prime Shred
Prime Shred

Prime shred is made under GMP-certified and FDA approved facilities which is why it’s one of the most trusted weight loss supplements in the market right now.  

The manufacturer claims it's one of the fastest weight loss supplements and along with burning fat, it helps in lean muscle mass growth as well.  

If you take a look at the ingredients, it surely comes with some power-packed metabolism and energy-boosting ingredients. The recommended dose for this supplement is 3 capsules 20 minutes before breakfast.  

What are the benefits?  

  • Antioxidant-loaded green tea extract increases metabolism and energy according to research. Moreover, it lowers the triglyceride level as well which leads to weight loss.  

  • Rhodiola rosea prevents the body from storing fats and makes it turn the stored fat into energy. 

  • Caffeine anhydrous suppresses appetite, triggers thermogenesis, and increases metabolism to burn more calories.  

  • Cayenne pepper reduces food cravings, breaks stored fat, and promotes weight loss.  

  • DMAE (dimethylethanolamine) improves muscle contraction and cognitive function.  


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  • Contains heavy stimulants. 

  • Users might have to deal with diarrhea, bloating, nausea, etc. for a few days.  


7.Keto Charge Fat Burner  

Keto Charge
Keto Charge

This one’s a ketogenic supplement that helps the body enter ketosis mode faster. For those who don’t know what ketosis is, it’s a natural metabolic state where the body torches fat for energy instead of carbohydrates.  

Unlike most other supplements, this one comes with fewer ingredients, nevertheless, they’re good enough to help anyone trim excess fats.  

It doesn’t contain anything that makes it unsuitable for vegetarians, any adult man and woman can enjoy the benefits of this keto charge supplement except women who’re pregnant or breastfeeding.  

What are the benefits? 

  • Magnesium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate fills the energy shortage that happens due to the lack of carbohydrate and sugar.  

  • Sodium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate increases energy level, strengthens muscles, and improves cognitive function.  

  • Calcium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate puts the body into the ketosis mode to trim fats faster and it also gives the energy to eliminate tiredness.  


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  • Some users have reported suffering from nausea, dehydration, fatigue, etc. in the initial days.  



How to Choose the Best weight loss pills over the counter? 

Before you finalize a best weight loss pill over the counter, make sure to consider the following factors so that you don’t end up investing on an over-hyped one. 


What makes a good weight loss pillsstand out from the rest is the ingredients. Most of the supplements in the market now are loaded with filler ingredients that don’t have any medical backing. In the long run, such supplements do more harm than good.  

When you’re shopping for a metabolic supplement, the first thing you’ll have to make sure of is, it comes with the right ingredients. Now, how would you know if the ingredients are good or not? 

Internet! Check all the ingredients on the internet one by one, and search medical research that confirms that the ingredient is effective for boosting metabolism.  

Also, check for if there are adverse side effects of those ingredients. Usually, organic ingredients don’t have major side effects but it’s still wise to give it a minute.  

Here are some of the most effective metabolism-boosting organic ingredients 

  • Caffeine 

  • Capsaicin 

  • Green tea extract 

  • Green coffee extract 

  • Chromium Picolinate 

  • L-carnitine  

  • Resveratrol 

  • Conjugated linoleic acid 



After making sure that the supplement comes with effective organic metabolism-boosting ingredients, the next thing to check is if the pills come with the right amount of each ingredient.  

Search for the right amount an adult should consume in a day. If the weight loss pillspills contain more than that, then that’s a red flag. Taking more than the recommended amount can be damaging.  



Almost all weight loss supplements are heavy on stimulants like caffeine, and Garcinia Cambogia. They reduce appetite, increase metabolism and energy. But they’re not suitable for people who are sensitive to stimulants. Such stimulants can cause adverse side effects. 

Therefore, ensure you’re not a stimulant-sensitive individual and if you’re stimulant sensitive then make sure the supplement you pick doesn’t contain heavy stimulants.  


Frequently Asked Questions  

Do metabolism pills work? 

A few of the metabolism supplements that come with medically proven ingredients do increase the metabolism. But most of the supplements now are filled with filler ingredients which do more damage than good.  

Does boosting your metabolism help you lose weight? 

When the metabolism is high, it burns more calories while resting and doing any physical activities.  

What are the side effects of taking PhenQ? 

In the initial days, PhenQ might cause one to deal with nausea, fatigue, restlessness, bloating, etc. These are some side effects that most of the supplements have and they go away within a few days too.  

How long does it take for instant knockout to work? 

Though it depends on many factors, usually it takes 2-3 weeks for an instant knockout to show any results.  



When searching for the best weight loss pills over the counter, look for those weight loss pills that come with Effective ingredients and with the right amount.  

In the beginning days of taking these supplements, you might feel a bit uncomfortable but that should go away within a few days, if it doesn't, pay a visit to the doctor's chamber. 


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