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5 Reasons Why You Need To Buy FGHT In The Bear Markets Thanks To Real World Utility

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5 Reasons Why You Need To Buy FGHT In The Bear Markets Thanks To Real World Utility

In this article, we'll go into detail about what FightOut offers that no M2E crypto offers right now. So let's get started.

Fight Out
Fight Out

There's always something new launching on the crypto market. But did you know there's a crypto that rewards you for working out? FightOut is a new cutting-edge crypto based on Move-to-Earn (M2E) mechanism that lets you earn while you work out. 

There are many M2E cryptos on the market, but none offer the features that FightOut does. With its real-life utility, like tracking workout stats to reward you, providing a community of like-minded individuals, and the freedom of exercising without going to the gym, crypto enthusiasts flocked to the launch of FightOut, and it raised millions of dollars quickly. 

In this article, we'll go into detail about what FightOut offers that no M2E crypto offers right now. So let's get started. 

FightOut: Brief Overview 

Before we get into the cool stuff, let's talk about what FightOut is. 

FightOut is a brand new Move-to-Earn metaverse-based platform where you earn rewards for working out, irrespective of whether you lift weights alone or attend a group class online. By utilizing smart technology, the FightOut platform will tailor a workout to meet your goals and abilities. 

The FightOut app also allows you to build your own metaverse avatar by exercising and earning not only crypto rewards but also peer recognition. 

During a workout, your avatar in the app gets a level up based on your real-life attributes such as strength, endurance, cardio, technique, etc. 

Using the app, you can follow daily fitness routines and exercises tailored by fitness coaches and athletes. You can even learn boxing techniques with the FightOut app. 

The M2E experience gives you a chance to earn money by completing workouts, challenges, badges, and earning different levels of badges. 

One of the best things about the FightOut approach is that it doesn't require you to go to the gym. You can be a part of the M2E system by just working out at home. Plus, it's also super easy to use, and you don't need any crypto knowledge. 

Now that we've covered the basics let's take a look at the 5 reasons why FightOut is a must-have crypto investment. 

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  1. Aiming An Untapped Market With A Vast Potential 

The health and fitness market is huge, and in fact, it is estimated to have a market size of $96 billion. It's easy to think that traditional gyms are making lots of money with a market this big. Traditional gyms, however, are slowly fading away because of monotonous workout routines and a lack of individual attention from gym trainers. 

That's where FightOut comes in. The FightOut app features live streaming sessions as well as classes held at the project's physical facilities. It'll also let you interact with other members of the community who are using the same workouts. 

Also, The FightOut platform lets you share your recent challenges and achievements so you can get recognition from your peers and stimulate friendly competition. Those who are afraid of crypto won't be scared off by complex crypto architecture with this project. 

  1. FightOut Is More Than Just A Step Tracker 

Many M2E projects have mainly tracked steps in the past. But FightOut does more than that. Rather, it keeps track of all fitness activities. The gym sensors used in these activities will measure how much you participate in these activities. 

Additionally, FightOut's M2E platform has lowered entry barriers. Getting started won't require getting expensive non-fungible tokens (NFTs). A holistic approach to fitness and health is also introduced, where healthy living and exercise are rewarded. 

  1. FightOut Expands Fitness Goals for Combat Athletes 

FightOut aims to grab the attention of both elite 'combat athletes' and fitness enthusiasts who are adopting Web 3.0 technology. 

A tailored fitness program will be designed for specific sports and activities, like boxing, as part of FightOut's "styles make fights" approach. Gym clients who aren't elite will find it motivating to train with elite athletes. 

The platform will give app and gym users aspirational encouragement by involving elite athletes. There will be studios in each gym where combat athletes can create videos, training regimens, and in-gym activities. 

Membership in gyms will eventually become the social hub for members, even if physical presence isn't required. 

Initially, FightOut plans on opening 20 gyms in cities where there is a big FightOut presence. Eventually, there will be hubs in every major city on Earth. 

  1. FightOut’s Unique Tokenomics 

FGHT, FightOut's native token, is now on sale, and it's going to power the blockchain project. You can use FGHT coin to purchase REPS, an in-app currency that fills the gap between crypto and normal users. 

You can earn REPS by working out and challenges within the app. Afterwards, you can exchange REPS for cosmetic items and avatar upgrades in the Metaverse. Since it's a virtual representation of who you are, it can't be exchanged or sold. Further, your workout data will automatically be converted into stat points for your avatar. 

Using REPS could even get you discounts on membership or sports merchandise branded with the FightOut logo. Also, you can exchange REPS for health bar products or access co-working space. 

Fight Out
Fight Out

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  1. There’s a 50% Token Bonus 

There's a bonus schedule in FightOut where you, as a presale investor, get bonus tokens based on how much you invested. 

As of right now, there is a 50% combined bonus at the top (a 25% bonus to those who invest $50k or more and a 25% bonus for those who lock in for 24 months). However, this will end once $5 million has been raised. Therefore, if you want the best bonuses, you must act quickly. 


With its multifaceted features, FightOut is one of the most promising projects in the Move-to-Earn space right now. Furthermore, NFTs and metaverses are a good bet for the future, making the project likely to succeed. 

You can buy FGHT tokens for $1 during the presale, which just started. There'll also be a purchase bonus based on the vesting period. 

FightOut expects its prices to go up throughout the presale. These tokens are, therefore, pretty cheap right now, so buyers can get their hands on them.