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5 Predictions For Crypto In 2023 - Why Will The Market Recover And What You Should Buy

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5 Predictions For Crypto In 2023 - Why Will The Market Recover And What You Should Buy

Five Predictions That Suggest Crypto Market Will Recover.

5 Predictions For Crypto
5 Predictions For Crypto

While the year 2022 is coming to an end, crypto traders around the world are experiencing their worst nightmares with FTX collapses and a decline in the crypto market. However, if we take a look at the predictions for 2023, we could say the market will recover and that now is probably the best time to invest. Here are the predictions for the next year and promising crypto projects that will explode:

  1. Dash 2 Trade - the best crypto to invest in now,
  2. RobotEra - a promising NFT play-to-earn game,
  3. - a blockchain carbon credits marketplace,
  4. Calvaria - a free battle card game and gateway to the crypto world.

Five Predictions That Suggest Crypto Market Will Recover

Here are five predictions and analyses of experts that suggest 2023 will be a bullish year:

  1. Past performance of the crypto market suggests 2023 will be a good year,
  2. The bear market will be over at the beginning of 2023,
  3. Once the crypto market is at the bottom, a bull market will happen,
  4. Bitcoin will come back,
  5. Web3 will become the next big thing.

Dash 2 Trade Is the Best Crypto to Invest in Now

Before the market recovers and hits the bull run, the smart investment will be to buy coins now when they are low. The most popular project among traders currently is Dash 2 Trade. This is a crypto analytic platform enriched with different kinds of features that allow users to get data about the coins they wish to purchase. The native coin of the platform is D2T which is currently on presale - if you buy it now, the price will be more than affordable, and you can expect to profit as soon as the presale is over.

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RobotEra Is a Promising NFT Play-To-Earn Game on Presale Now

RobotEra is a new NFT multiverse project where users can play as virtual robots on a post-apocalyptic planet called TARO. Players can rebuild the planet, buy land, enter other worlds and improve their robots by using the game's native token, TARO. The TARO is also on presale now, and investors have shown huge interest in this project. So if you wish to purchase low-price coins, this is your chance.

>>>Buy RobotEra Now<<< Is a Blockchain Carbon Credits Marketplace

Another promising crypto project that connects over 10,000 companies and brands is called This is a platform and carbon credits marketplace where users can buy, sell or burn their NFT carbon credits and reduce their carbon footprint. The native coin of the platform is IMPT, which will be used for mining NFT carbon credits. Currently, the token is on a very successful presale, so join it now before the market hits the bull run.

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Calvaria Is a Free Battle Card Game and Gateway to the Crypto World

Calvaria is a battle card game that is free and available for everyone. However, Calvaria has another play-to-earn version all players can join by purchasing NFT collection cards. The game is excellent for people who wish to learn more about play-to-earn gaming and the crypto world. The native coin of the game is RIA, and it is also on presale, so buy it now until it isn't too late.

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Prediction 1 - Past Performance of the Crypto Market Suggest 2023 Will Be a Good Year

If we look at the performance of the crypto market in the past years, we can see that the whole market is following Bitcoin's four-year cycle. In this four-year cycle, we can see that the market has a bullish year, followed by a correction year (when it is down), followed by a good, then excellent year. 2021 was a bullish year, while 2022 was a year of crypto winter. This suggests next 2023 will be a good year followed by an even better one.

Prediction 2 - Bear Market Will Be Over at the Beginning of 2023

Some experts predict that we're currently experiencing a crypto decline, which will probably hit its bottom by the end of 2022. These predictions are also made by the past performance of the crypto market, which suggests that in the next three months, the bear market will come to an end.

This means that at the beginning of the next year the market should start to rise again.

Prediction 3 - Once the Crypto Market Is at the Bottom, a Bull Market Will Happen

Every time the crypto market experienced a bear market, it was always followed by a bull run market, and there is no reason why this wouldn't happen again. Even though investors are currently in fear, those who manage to stick through or even invest now will be rewarded when the market eventually explodes again.

Prediction 4 - Bitcoin Will Come Back

Experts have noticed that BTC always performs in a four-year cycle, as we mentioned before, and there is no doubt that the performance of BTC will influence the whole market. If you take a look at the chart below, we can see that BTC has ups and downs but that it always recovers. According to CryptoPredictions, BTC will start 2023 at a 2% up in price and will continue this trend throughout the year.

Prediction 5 - Web3 Will Become the Next Big Thing

While most of the predictions rely on the previous performance of the market, some innovative things like Web3 and decentralization of the crypto market may even project a bigger bull run than many experts predicted. This will allow users to trade much faster and without intermediaries like banks or governments, which will greatly affect the crypto market. This could be the next big thing, so make sure you stay on top of it.

Crypto Market Will Recover

There is no doubt that this crypto winter will eventually end, and 2023 will probably be the year this happens. If you invest now in a low-price promising project, there is no doubt that you will make a profit, especially if you purchase coins like D2T, TARO, IMPT, and RIA, which are currently on presale.