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5 Best Swiss Online Casinos 2023

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5 Best Swiss Online Casinos 2023

Without further ado, let's delve into why these online casinos have earned their place among the best in Switzerland.

Best Swiss Online Casinos
Best Swiss Online Casinos

To begin this article, we present a succinct list featuring the crème de la crème of Swiss online casinos for the year 2023. 

  1. - Best Swiss Bonus Casino  
  2. – Newest Swiss Casino Online 
  3. - First Swiss Online Casino 
  4. - Online Casino from the Swiss Capital  
  5. – Best Poker Online Casino 

The selection process for the best online casinos in Switzerland is rigorous and thorough, with a primary requirement being the presence of at least four compelling User-Selling-Points (USPs). After comparing and analysing all the online casinos currently available in the Swiss market, the ones mentioned above have been identified as meeting the necessary criteria. 

Without further ado, let's delve into why these online casinos have earned their place among the best in Switzerland. 

  1. - Best Online Bonus Casino Switzerland


  • Large Live Casino 
  • Many jackpot slots 
  • Great casino bonus package for new players 
  • Regular promotions for regular customers 
  • Subpage with all available casino games 


  • Menu bar is located in the footer 
  • Poorly developed Instagram account 

The first gaming site is - the online presence of Casino Lugano. The launch dates back to 01.03.2021, which makes Swiss4Win the eighth oldest online casino in Switzerland. The website is accessible in Italian, French, English and German.  

Advantages of the Swiss Online Casino Lugano 

Swiss4Win stands out from the crowd by defying the standard that older online casinos typically offer a better range of games. Despite being a relatively new player in the market, Swiss4Win's live section already boasts over 50 different games, surpassing even the oldest online casino,, which provides just over a dozen more live dealer games. 

Another exceptional feature of the Online Casino Lugano is its impressive selection of jackpot slots, with nearly 20 productions available for players to enjoy, compared to, which only provides seven. The majority of these games are progressive jackpot machines, where winnings increase as players place their bets, while fixed jackpot slot machines have a predetermined prize amount. 

In addition to its wide range of games, Swiss4Win entices new customers with a generous welcome package. Unlike other Swiss online casinos, which offer bonuses ranging from CHF 300 to CHF 2,000, Swiss4Win consistently promises bonus sums above CHF 2,000 since its launch, making it an attractive option for players seeking a lucrative welcome bonus. 

Veteran players are also regularly rewarded with a range of promotions, including "Game of the Week" and seasonal promotions, an aspect that many other Swiss online casinos have overlooked in the past. Online Casino Lugano remains ahead of the curve in this regard, with a broad range of individual offers that are sure to keep its loyal players satisfied. 

Finally, Swiss4Win's subpage titled "All Games" deserves recognition for its user-friendly layout that displays all available online casino games at a glance. The page provides essential information on each game, including the developer studio, minimum and maximum stake, and the game version. In contrast, other Swiss online casinos require players to click on each game individually to access this information, making it time-consuming and challenging to compare games directly. 

Need for improvement at the Swiss online casino Lugano 

While the Online Casino Lugano has many exceptional features, there are a few areas where it could possibly improve. For instance, to enhance the browsing experience for site visitors, it would be advisable to avoid hiding the menu bar in the footer area of the page. Furthermore, the Instagram channel, which is also located in the footer, requires some improvement. Some browsers do not even allow users to open the profile, and even when successfully redirected to the Instagram account, there are limited visuals available. 

  2. - Newest Swiss Casino Online 


  • Prestigious land casino 
  • Live dealer games can be tested for free 
  • Strong online presence with professionally managed social media channels 
  • Started with production of in-house developed casino games 


  • Few jackpots 
  • No bonuses for loyal players, the virtual gambling room of the Online Casino Montreux, has rapidly gained a reputation in the online gaming industry despite its recent launch on December 22, 2021.  

The benefits of playing at the Swiss Online Casino Montreux 

Located in the heart of Montreux, the prestigious land casino offers a luxurious and sophisticated gaming experience, making it a must-visit destination for discerning players from around the world. distinguishes itself by offering live dealer games that can be tested without any betting requirement, providing Swiss players with a risk-free opportunity to experience the live games. It is highly recommended to take advantage of this feature before it potentially gets removed, as it offers a unique and immersive gaming experience that sets apart from other Swiss online casinos. 

Despite other Swiss online casinos offering a broader range of live games, is quickly gaining traction with its expanding range of live dealer games and captivating gaming experience. In addition to its impressive game selection, has a strong online presence, featuring well-managed social media channels on popular platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. These channels provide players with a seamless way to stay updated on the latest games, promotions, and important updates, helping to build a loyal player base and attract new players with its innovative features and engaging online community. 

Another distinguishing feature of is the introduction of its in-house developed casino games, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and pursuit of excellence. This bold move sets apart from other online casinos in the market, making it an exciting and unique option for Swiss players seeking a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. 

Opportunities for enhancement at the Swiss online casino Montreux 

While the Online Casino Montreux has many exceptional features, there are some disadvantages worth noting. Firstly, the selection of jackpots at this online casino is limited, which may not appeal to players who enjoy the excitement of progressive jackpots or other jackpot-style games. 

Additionally, the lack of bonuses for loyal players is a potential drawback. While many online casinos offer enticing promotions to retain their loyal players, Online Casino Montreux appears to focus primarily on attracting new customers through its welcome bonus package.  

As a result, players who are looking for consistent and attractive bonuses may feel overlooked or undervalued at this online casino. It is worth noting, however, that the casino may introduce such promotions in the future to cater to its loyal player base. 

3. - First Swiss Casino Online


  • Exclusive game productions 
  • Rare developer studios 
  • Greatest variety of payment options 
  • Innovative features ("Slot Finder" & Jackpots Radio) 


  • Not enough jackpot games 
  • Unfriendly navigation 

The third spot on our list is held by, the virtual counterpart of the esteemed Grand Casino Baden. As the first online casino to appear on the Swiss market, it launched on 05.07.2019, merely seven months after the legalization of Swiss online gambling on 01.01.2019. 

The advantages at Online Casino Baden has distinguished itself from other Swiss online casinos by offering exclusive casino games that fall under the category of classic table games. These in-house game variations cannot be found at any other online casino, making a unique gaming experience. The casino's exclusive blackjack productions, such as Jackpots Speed Blackjack and Jackpots Blackjack, and roulette titles, such as Jackpots European Roulette, have been particularly noteworthy. However, the production of exclusive game titles is associated with high costs, resulting in only a few Swiss online casinos offering a comparable selection. 

One of the main advantages of Jackpots Online is its large collection of developer studios. The casino hosts game developers in its catalogue that are rarely found on other Swiss gambling providers. While big studios like Red Tiger, Microgaming, and NetEnt are common on Swiss casino platforms, Online Casino Baden also features games from smaller software providers, such as Hölle Games, COOG Studios, and Oryx Gaming. 

Furthermore, offers a wide range of deposit options, including over ten different payment methods, making it the casino with the best-developed cashier area. These options include classic payment methods like Visa, Mastercard, and bank transfers, mobile payment providers like Apple Pay and Google Pay, and digital options from e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller. Although the pay out of potential winnings is limited to bank transfer due to legal reasons for all Swiss online casinos, this does not apply to 

Finally, Jackpots Online Casino also offers some unusual features, such as its "Slot Finder" tool, which enables players to filter targeted games or slot machine games more quickly. This tool is a rarity among Swiss online casinos, as most providers merely offer their guests a search bar without any complex search processes. Additionally, the online casino Baden has its own jackpots radio, providing lucky players with background music from the Swiss hit parade, further enhancing the overall gaming experience. 

Among the disadvantages in online casino Baden 

The online casino Baden, despite its name, only offers a sad selection of seven jackpot slots, all of which are buried deep in the game lobby. A defining feature of a jackpot slot is its high winning potential, and it is unfortunate that the casino's small selection is not given its own dedicated category, making it difficult for players to access these popular games. 

Furthermore, the current classification system employed by the online casino Baden leaves room for improvement. The casino has only created a few game categories, and accessing them can be a frustrating experience for players. This is due to the unlabelled menu bar, which is located in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage window, and requires players to click through multiple menus to find their desired game category. A more intuitive and user-friendly categorization system would greatly enhance the overall gaming experience for players. 

4. – The Swiss Capital´s Casino Online


  • Innovative game categories 
  • 6 months for casino bonus conversion 
  • Regular free spins  
  • Birthday bonus 


  • Overloaded slot catalogue 
  • Missing game filter 

Continuing our list, we arrive at, one of the six oldest Swiss online casinos, which opened its doors on 15.09.2020 and is owned by the renowned Grand Casino Bern. 

Qualities of the Swiss Online Casino Bern 

7Melons is not just one of the rapidly growing Swiss online casinos, but also distinguishes itself with unique slot game categories not found in other online casinos. While game categories such as "popular games," "new games," and games sorted by type are standard in most online casinos, 7Melons stands out with categories like "fruit games" or "sports games." 

Apart from its game selection, the bonus terms and conditions offered by 7Melons are also noteworthy. These regulations outline the requirements for converting the casino bonus, including the deadline by which the bonus must be released. While most Swiss online casinos offer a 30-day time frame for the conversion of the welcome bonus, 7Melons provides players with an impressive six months to clear the credit from the casino welcome bonus. This extended bonus period allows for more relaxed gameplay, without the added pressure of time constraints. 

Furthermore, 7Melons offers its regular players with promotions, which is a rarity among Swiss online casinos. The casino's birthday bonus is a notable example of this, where players receive a certain number of free spins credited to their account on their birthday without any further action required. Additionally, loyal players receive regular free spins to be used on certain slot games. 

7Melons also provided an in-house casino app until recently, making it one of only two Swiss online casino providers to do so. However, it seems that the app has been discontinued, presumably due to costs and low demand. Nowadays, any online casino can be accessed via web app, which does not affect mobile storage capacity as is the case with app downloads. Nonetheless, 7Melons' foray into mobile gaming shows its commitment to providing innovative and accessible gaming experiences for its players. 

Disadvantages of Online Casino Bern 

While Online Casino Bern has been praised for its innovative creation of unique game categories, there are still some shortcomings that can be addressed. For example, the number of categories offered for slot games is limited, which makes it difficult to cater to individual player preferences. It would be beneficial to include categories such as "Slots with High RTP Value," which would indicate the probability of winning a game as a percentage, or "Slots with Small/High Betting Possibilities," which would cater to both risk-loving and risk-averse players. Currently, the homepage only displays an uninterrupted slot catalogue, and a game filter would be useful for players to quickly find their preferred games. 

  5. – Best Poker Online Casino  


  • Partnership with Pokerstars 
  • Rare Steampunk Roulette versions 
  • Own category "Slot machines with free games" 
  • Sort casino games by provider 
  • Subpage with game rules 


  • Need for registration to test games 
  • Overloaded footer 

The final online casino on the list is Casino777, which is also known as Online Casino Davos. It started offering its services to players in Switzerland on September 9, 2019, making it the fourth oldest online casino in Switzerland. 

Advantages of the Swiss Online Casino Davos 

Online Casino Davos is particularly known for its partnership with, a globally recognized online poker platform that regularly hosts tournament series with players from around the world. Clicking on the corresponding link on Casino777's website takes interested players to the poker site where beginners can familiarize themselves with various versions of the card game and advanced players can get information about upcoming tournaments. 

For those who are fans of roulette, it may be interesting to note that Casino777 offers different versions of the Steampunk Roulette series (from the GAMING1 studio). Although the basic principle of the game may be the same, the specific design (mechanical-rugged) is popular among players. Additionally, the RTP value is higher at 97.3% than in classic online roulette games (around 94% - 95%). As a reminder, the RTP is the indicator of the probability of winning in an online casino game. 

On the other hand, for those who prefer classic slot games, they might appreciate the "slot machines with free games" category. The games themselves are not free, but players can earn additional free rounds while playing with real money bets. The extra free rounds provide longer playing time, which explains the popularity of this type of slot machine. 

Looking at the game categorization, another plus point can be found: the available online casino games can be sorted by provider (i.e., developer studio). Therefore, those who prefer a certain game developer can quickly and easily become familiar with the available selection. However, as with the majority of Swiss providers introduced here, Online Casino Davos also lacks a game filter that would allow for more complex searches. 

Finally, Online Casino Davos stands out with a dedicated subpage that contains all the rules for all offered casino game types (such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette, etc.). This is not only advantageous for beginners in online gambling but also for those who want to expand their knowledge by learning new strategies. 

Disadvantages of Online Casino Davos 

While many Swiss online casinos offer the possibility to play automated casino games (such as slots) for free in demo mode without being registered on the platform, registration or sign-up is required in Casino777 (no real money is used in demo mode, only play money). Although the registration process does not take much time, if the player does not like the tested game, they have still invested time that can be avoided at other online casinos. (Note: Live online casino games cannot be played in demo mode without bets). 

Furthermore, the overloaded footer can be seen as a negative aspect, which seems to be the case on both the homepage and any subpage. Not only does this method of information display make it difficult to view specific information, but it also makes the page look cluttered. 

Background information 

Legalizing online gambling in Switzerland opened the door for adult residents to participate in domestic online casinos with a federal license extension. Prior to the new Federal Law on Money Games (BGS, SR 935.51) in 2019, Swiss citizens were prohibited from gambling for money online. However, gambling on foreign online casino platforms is still prohibited for Swiss citizens, resulting in the blocking of individual providers from the network by the federal government. 

A gambling license, called a Concession, is a prerequisite for the operation of a local casino and must be obtained through a regulated concession procedure. A successful application for the extension of the license grants the company the right to offer gambling in the name of the local casino in the online space. To date, 11 out of 23 Swiss local casinos have applied for the extension of their license. 

The Swiss Federal Council has the authority to decide on the submitted application. Additionally, the approval of the Swiss Federal Gaming Board (SFGB) is required for individual online casino games before online activity can commence. The SFGB is subordinate to the Federal Department of Justice and Police (FDJP) and acts as a supervisory body for Swiss online casinos. Its main role is to monitor compliance with legal and licensing regulations and act as the supreme supervisory authority for online gaming providers. 

Which Swiss online casino is reputable? 

In Switzerland, all online casinos that have obtained a license extension under the Federal Law on Money Games (BGS, SR 935.51) and are subordinate to a Swiss local casino are considered reputable. This is because these online casinos have undergone a rigorous concession procedure and are subject to strict regulation by the Swiss Federal Gaming Board (SFGB), which acts as a state supervisory body. 

To ensure that an online casino is reputable, one can visit the website of the respective online casino provider to confirm that they have obtained a license extension under the BGS and are subordinate to a Swiss local casino. Additionally, the SFGB provides an official list of all legal online casinos in Switzerland on their website. This list is regularly updated to ensure that only licensed online casinos are included. 

It is important to note that playing on unlicensed foreign online casinos is still prohibited in Switzerland, and the federal government has taken measures to block access to these websites. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to only play on licensed Swiss online casinos to ensure a safe and legal gambling experience. 

How many online casinos are there in Switzerland? 

As of January 2023, the number of legal online casinos in Switzerland is ten. However, the number was eleven the year before, as the online casino provider, Online Casino Neuchatel (, withdrew from the market at the end of 2022 for unknown reasons. The reasons for a provider's withdrawal from the market can vary and may include financial, regulatory, or other factors. 

Why are there only a few Swiss online casinos? 

The restriction that solely Swiss local casinos are authorized to establish and operate an online casino in the country is the primary reason for the restricted number of Swiss online casinos. Furthermore, out of 23 local casinos, only 11 have submitted an application for an extension of their license, which is essential under federal law for the provision of gambling services in the online sphere. 

Is an online casino registration required to gamble online? 

In accordance with the Federal Gaming Act (“Bundesgesetz über Geldspiele”, BGS), individuals wishing to engage in online games of chance with real-money wagers must register with an online casino beforehand. However, for those who prefer not to place bets, a free demo version of casino games can be accessed without the need for registration or any account with the provider, typically. 

Is playing at a foreign online casino illegal? 

According to Swiss law, it is illegal to gamble on foreign online casino platforms. Telecommunications providers in Switzerland are required to block access to these sites. Violating this ban may not result in criminal charges, but players who encounter issues with a foreign online casino (such as unpaid winnings) will not receive state assistance, as the jurisdiction lies outside Switzerland. 

How are winnings at an online casino taxed? 

Under Swiss law, any profits from gambling that are less than CHF 1,000,001 are not taxable. However, winnings exceeding this amount are subject to a withholding tax of 35%. The online casino where the winnings were obtained is responsible for fulfilling the reporting obligation to the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (FTA). 

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