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5 Best Dating Coaches For Men In 2023 Reviewed

Dating coaches aren't just about helping you with the perfect pick-up line or the art of seduction.

5 Best Dating Coaches for Men

Navigating the complexities of the dating world has never been more challenging. In a digital age where connections are made with a swipe and broken with a click, many men find themselves lost in translation and struggle to build genuine relationships.

How do you stand out in a sea of profiles? How do you communicate your authentic self without getting lost in the noise? Is it possible to find genuine connections in a world dominated by screens and short attention spans?

When you're scratching your head over these questions, feeling a tad overwhelmed, there's a glimmer of hope on the horizon—the community of dating coaches. They're like that trusted friend with experience, ready with some solid advice when the dating world feels like a maze.

Dating coaches aren't just about helping you with the perfect pick-up line or the art of seduction. They're about understanding oneself, the psychology of relationships, and navigating the modern dating scene with confidence and authenticity. The best dating coaches for men empower them to be the best version of themselves, enhancing not just their love lives but their overall well-being.

But with so many self-proclaimed 'gurus' out there, who can you trust? Whose advice is worth the investment of your time and money? In this guide, we'll spotlight the five best dating coaches who have been making waves in the dating coaching industry. Let’s get started.

1. Andrew Ferebee

In the world of men's personal development and dating coaching, few names resonate as powerfully as Andrew Ferebee. A YouTube channel with heavy-hitting long-form content in a Netflix-ready quality, a podcast that boasts over 10 million downloads, author of the Dating Playbook For Men, a book that has found its way into the hands of over 150,000 readers, and one of the most influential men's personal development blogs called Knowledge for Men, Andrew has undoubtedly made his mark.

His new dating coaching program is a game-changer that's shaking up the entire dating scene and puts the cold approach, matchmakers, or social circle game in the coffin... for good. He aims to attend his own clients' weddings that get results from his dating coaching program. He will fly out on his own dime to celebrate his client's special day.

But behind these impressive accolades lies a story of struggle, introspection, and transformation. Just ten years ago, Andrew's life painted a very different picture. He was working a job that felt uninspiring, nursing the emotional scars of an unexpected breakup, and yearning for deeper connections with like-minded men. A haunting question echoed in his mind: "Is this all there is?"

Today's men face a plethora of similar challenges. The modern world, with its rapidly shifting societal norms and a growing detachment from genuine human connection, presents a tumultuous landscape for men. This is further exacerbated by alarming statistics on male mental health, education disparities, and other societal challenges that disproportionately impact them.

Presented with society's narrow solutions—either to suppress their genuine feelings behind outdated stereotypes, forsake their inherent masculinity, or bury their challenges beneath vices and distractions—Andrew knew he needed a different path. His decade-long quest to uncover the core of true masculinity led him to the wisdom of over 400 experts from diverse fields. The insights he garnered catalyzed profound transformations in his relationships, health, and career, sculpting him into the epitome of a grounded man.

Recognizing the potential for broader impact, Andrew created the Project Grounded Man. A meticulously designed program, fine-tuned over eight years, tailored to address the unique challenges and goals facing modern men to reach their highest potential as strong grounded men. At its core lies a powerful affirmation: If one man can transform, every man can.

Additionally, Andrew’s dating coaching for men isn't just a program; it's a movement. Andrew's mission, to shape one million grounded men, aims to redefine masculinity for the modern age. Men who lead with purpose, live in alignment with their values and forge meaningful, lasting relationships.

2. Mark Manson

Mark Manson has a way of saying things that make everyone stop and think. He doesn’t like to sugarcoat stuff, and he’s not about fake positivity. Instead, Mark talks about the real challenges in life and how to face them head-on.

His super popular book, "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck," made many people see things differently. In it, he says that life isn't about always being happy. Sometimes, we face tough times, and that's okay. The same idea goes for dating. It's not about pretending to be someone you're not. Mark believes in being real and honest.

When it comes to dating, Mark tells guys to look inside themselves first. Are they trying to be someone they're not? Are they looking for real love or just a fun time? He thinks that to find a good relationship, you need to be true to yourself.

Mark has written more than just that one book. In another, called "Models: Attract Women Through Honesty," he talks about how being yourself is the best way to connect with others. He says honesty is key in dating. On top of writing books, Mark also has a blog. There, he talks about many things, from love and dating to finding purpose in life.

Manson is like that wise friend who gives you straight-up advice. He doesn't beat around the bush. If you're tired of hearing the same old dating tips and want some real talk, Mark’s your guy.

3. Dr. Robert Glover

Dr. Robert Glover knows a thing or two about guys who always try to please others. In fact, he wrote a whole book about it. It's called "No More Mr. Nice Guy." In the book, Dr. Glover talks about men who feel stuck because they're always trying to make everyone happy but themselves.

But here's the cool thing: Dr. Glover doesn't just talk about the problem. He gives real solutions. He helps men see that being nice doesn't mean letting people walk all over you. It's okay to stand up for yourself and to go after what you want in life.

Dr. Glover understands that many guys feel pressure. They think they have to act a certain way to be liked, especially in relationships. But he believes in being true to yourself. You don't have to pretend or hide your feelings.

Besides his famous book, Dr. Glover does a lot more to help guys out. He runs workshops and classes. These are like mini-schools where men can learn about themselves and how to build strong relationships. He's like a guide, helping guys navigate through their feelings and challenges.

He doesn’t just focus on dating. He looks at the bigger picture: work, family, friends, and personal growth. Dr. Glover wants men to feel confident in all parts of their life. He believes that when you understand and respect yourself, others will too. Dr. Glover is like a roadmap for guys. He helps them find their way, be honest, and live a life they're proud of.

4. Marni Kinrys

Have you ever wished you could get inside a woman's mind to understand what she's really thinking? Marni Kinrys does exactly that for men. Known as the ultimate "Wing Girl," Marni offers a unique female perspective on dating, helping men decode the mysteries of women.

Her approach is straightforward: no more guessing games. Marni believes men often overthink things, especially when it comes to understanding women. She's here to break down those barriers and share the secrets that women wish men knew.

Marni’s famous "Wing Girl Method" isn’t about cheap tricks or rehearsed lines. It's about real conversations and genuine connections. She emphasizes the importance of listening, understanding, and most importantly, respecting the women they interact with.

One of her most popular pieces of advice? Women are attracted to confidence, but not arrogance. It’s about walking that fine line, knowing your worth but also being kind and attentive.

Aside from her one-on-one coaching, Marni hosts a podcast, writes articles, and even offers online classes. All of these resources aim to empower men with the knowledge and skills they need to build meaningful relationships with women.

In a nutshell, Marni Kinrys is like that cool big sister who spills all the secrets about what girls really want. With her guidance, men can navigate the dating world with more confidence and clarity.

5. Nick Notas

Nick Notas is a dating coach who provides practical, actionable advice to help men improve their dating lives. Unlike typical pickup artists who rely on manipulative tactics and "game", Notas focuses on teaching men social skills, confidence, humor, passion, and other naturally attractive traits.

Through his website, YouTube channel, online programs, and features in major media outlets, Notas aims to help men present their most authentic, attractive selves when interacting with women.

He covers important topics like approaching women, holding conversations, flirting, building sexual tension, and more, using clear and realistic guidance. For example, Notas has detailed articles explaining consent scenarios and how to be yourself around women. His advice is compassionate and rejects toxic pickup ideas, instead promoting genuine self-improvement.

Notas wants to equip men with social intelligence so they can navigate dating and relationships in healthy, fulfilling ways. While some dating coaches exploit men's insecurities, Notas seems trustworthy, and his practical teachings could truly help men become more confident in dating.

For men seeking honest advice to boost their social skills, Nick Notas provides a refreshing alternative to the manipulation of pickup artists and bitterness of the red pill community.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Dating Coach

Choosing a dating coach can be a lot like choosing a partner. There are important things to think about to make sure you make the best decision. Here are five key points to ponder.

Authenticity in Their Results

When searching for a dating coach, it’s crucial to find someone who speaks from genuine experience. Imagine trying to learn how to swim from someone who has only read about swimming. Sounds risky, right? Similarly, a dating coach should have firsthand experience in the dating world.

Andrew Ferebee from Knowledge for Men is a prime example. He doesn't share advice based on mere theories; he provides guidance rooted in his own experiences.

Additionally, a great coach doesn’t just talk about success; they show it. It's like a teacher who, instead of just lecturing, demonstrates a solution on the board. Their past results, the success stories of their students, are a testament to their efficacy. A coach's track record should reflect the success they promise.

2. Quality of Personal Relationships

A good way to gauge a dating coach's credibility is by looking at their personal relationships. Think of it as checking out a chef's personal meals before taking a cooking class from them. If a coach maintains a healthy, respectful relationship, it’s a good sign they know what they’re talking about.

A coach's personal journey and experiences can provide invaluable insights for clients. They’ve been through the challenges and can offer guidance based on what they've learned, making the advice more relatable and grounded.

3. Consistency in Living Their Message

A reliable coach lives by the principles they teach. It’s essential for them to be consistent in both words and actions. If a coach suggests honesty is vital, they should be honest in their dealings. Their life should be a live demonstration of their teachings.

The passion a coach has for their methods is crucial. If they genuinely believe in their strategies, it shows they’ve seen them work. It’s like a fitness trainer who follows the same workout they recommend – it indicates trust in the process.

4. Contemporary Relevance of Their Approaches

The dating scene isn’t static; it evolves with time. What was acceptable a decade ago might be outdated today. A competent coach stays updated with the latest trends and modifies their strategies accordingly, ensuring their advice remains relevant.

With the rise of digital dating platforms and changing social norms, today's dating challenges are different. A good coach recognizes these shifts and offers guidance tailored to navigate the modern dating landscape effectively.

5. Open Channels of Communication:

Open communication is the bedrock of effective coaching. Both parties should feel comfortable discussing concerns, asking questions, and seeking clarifications. It’s like a two-way street – the more open it is, the smoother the journey.

Before committing, take time to converse with potential coaches. This initial interaction will give you a sense of their teaching style and whether it aligns with your learning needs. Their responsiveness and clarity in this phase can be a good indicator of future interactions.

6. Adaptability to Modern Platforms

Learning isn’t limited to physical spaces. Many coaches have embraced online platforms, offering their services through video calls, webinars, and online courses. This approach ensures clients can access their expertise regardless of geographical constraints.

Such flexibility allows for a more personalized coaching experience. Whether you prefer face-to-face sessions, group webinars, or one-on-one video calls, a modern coach adapts to your preferred learning style, ensuring you get the most out of the sessions.


Navigating the world of dating can sometimes feel like trying to find your way through a maze without a map. It's confusing, and every turn can bring new challenges. But remember, you're not alone in this journey. Many folks have felt just like you, wondering if they're making the right choices or if they'll ever find that special someone.

That's where dating coaches for men come into the picture. They're like experienced guides who've walked through the maze many times before and can help show you the way. The coaches we've talked about in this article have all helped lots of people find their path in the dating world, and they can help you, too. With their wisdom, experience, and understanding, they can offer you tools and insights to make your dating journey a bit smoother.

But no matter which coach you choose, always remember this: dating is about discovery. It's about discovering more about others and, most importantly, about yourself. Every date, every conversation, and every experience adds a little more to your understanding of what you want and what you can offer.

So, if you're on the fence about seeking help, take the leap. Invest in yourself and your future happiness. With the right guidance, who knows? Your next date might just be the start of your very own happily ever after.

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