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5 Best Crypto Presales: ApeMax, Big Eyes, Love Hate Inu, AiDoge, And RenQ. All Time Short List

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5 Best Crypto Presales: ApeMax, Big Eyes, Love Hate Inu, AiDoge, And RenQ. All Time Short List

At the forefront of the list is ApeMax , an innovative cryptocurrency that introduces a distinctive staking model, allowing coin holders to earn rewards through boosts.

Best Crypto Presales
Best Crypto Presales

Crypto presales season has reached fever pitch recently, attracting investors searching for the future super star crypto coin with the aim of securing significant and swift gains.

This in-depth overview will analyze and review the 5 best crypto presales that buyers are most excited about for 2023 and the future. This article will pinpoint and assess the crypto presales that are attracting the greatest attention in the market, and emphasize the crucial elements to contemplate when searching for crypto presales with high growth potential.

This thorough overview takes into account information and expertise from crypto professionals, market patterns, firsthand information, as well as other journalistic sources on the best crypto presales, to give you a useful and a methodical overview.

At the forefront of the list is ApeMax , an innovative cryptocurrency that introduces a distinctive staking model, allowing coin holders to earn rewards through boosts.

Presenting the conclusive roundup of the 5 Best Crypto Presales:

  1. ApeMax - First Boost to Earn Coin
  2. Big Eyes - Cute as a Currency
  3. Love Hate Inu - Vote to Earn Coin
  4. AiDoge - AI Utility Coin
  5. RenQ - Cross Chain Utility Token

What exactly is a Crypto Presale?

For those who may not be familiar with the term, a cryptocurrency presales usually involve sale of coins at a discounted price before they become accessible on decentralized (DEX) or centralized exchanges (CEX).

What are the 5 Best Crypto Presales Today and what makes them so special?

1. ApeMax

The ApeMax presale has recently started. This gives buyers an excellent chance to get ApeMax tokens at the most attractive presale prices. ApeMax Coin sets itself apart thanks to its inventive tokenomics that empower individuals to earn by staking their ApeMax coins on diverse entities from content creators, to Web3 projects, and even on influencers and philanthropic organizations that they’re fans of.

After buying ApeMax coins, holders can start to participate in staking, entering a cycle of growth possibilities. This unique attribute differentiates ApeMax from other digital currencies since users can commence staking and earning right from the beginning, even throughout the presale period.

Timing holds significant importance in the cryptocurrency domain. The presale price of ApeMax undergoes an incremental increase every 24 hours during the presale stage. Individuals looking for the most affordable presale prices for ApeMax should explore the ApeMax presale without delay. In the realm of cryptocurrency, early buyers who get in the door before something becomes very popular typically get substantial advantages.

Those who buy ApeMax at an early stage also benefit from the opportunity to purchase Early Birds Loot Boxes. By acquiring ApeMax tokens through these special Loot Boxes, presale purchasers can enjoy discounts of up to 50%. This appealing proposition enables prospective buyers to secure ApeMax at highly advantageous presale rates.


2. Big Eyes

Big Eyes has emerged as one of the best crypto presale coins in the space. In a few months, Big Eyes has successfully pulled off one of the most successful and best crypto presales generating over $37 million in sales as indicated by the company's most up-to-date data.

Big Eyes is turning its cuteness into currency, and capitalizing on the fresh and playful branding associated with its mascot. With its cute cat protagonist, Big Eyes Coin seeks to be different from most new crypto alt coins that are majoritarily canine inspired derivatives of Doge.

Big Eyes Coin, an ERC-20 token, empowers its coin holders to spend its token on several things including dissemination of NFT content. Big Eyes is also a crypto presale coin with an philanthropic edge as the team plans to set aside a percentage of its coins to help environmental-focused NGOs. 

3. Love Hate Inu

The Love Hate Inu crypto presale has achieved impressive accomplishment, exceeding $10 million sales in a relatively short time. This rapid success has solidified Love Hate Inu’s place amongst the best crypto presales. 

Love Hate Inu coin has real utility, namely for cryptographically secure voting in polls. Carl Dawkins, a veteran in the crypto industry who previously held the position of Head of Growth at Tamadoge, is the face and CEO of Love Hate Inu.

Love Hate Inu also has staking tokenomics, allowing users to proactively vote in polls and receive $LHINU tokens for their involvement in these surveys and polls. In the longer term, the Love Hate Inu community may collectively determine the subjects to voted on.

4. AiDoge

The AiDoge ranks as one of the best crypto presales coin, having sold over $9 million worth of coins in record time according to information released by the company. AiDoge is in with the times, and has gained traction amidst the current surge of interest in artificial intelligence.

Associated with the Arbitrum blockchain community, AiDoge coin functions as the native currency within the ArbDoge ecosystem. The tokenomics behind AiDoge include distinct burning taxes and other mechanisms.

5. RenQ

Having already achieved remarkable success in its presale campaign, collecting an impressive $19 million, RenQ coin has attracted support from the crypto community and managed to pull off one of the best crypto presales to date.

RenQ is a highly ambitious project seeking to close the divide between different blockchain networks, such as the top one on CoinMarketCap , and create an interconnected system for smooth asset exchange across chains.

ApeMax presale

5 Best Crypto Presales - Conclusion

To summarize, this in-depth overview offers a thorough compilation and evaluation of the best crypto presales to buy in now, highlighting the top crypto presales that are being hotly talked about in the crypto space. It is important to recognize that cryptocurrency purchases may not be fitting for all individuals, but for people with a strong understanding of the industry, there are several compelling new opportunities worth exploring.

ApeMax , a newcomer in the crypto presale list, distinguishes itself through its unique tokenomics that enable ApeMax coin owners to earn rewards through staking. Currently, the ApeMax presale provides an opportunity to buy ApeMax coin at an attractive price, although this opportunity is limited in time. If you possess extensive knowledge in cryptocurrencies or are new to the field, looking at the possibilities of ApeMax can offer an enticing and possibly lucrative opportunity.


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