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3 Best Sites To Buy Instagram Verification (Blue Tick Badge)

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3 Best Sites To Buy Instagram Verification (Blue Tick Badge)

We have done dozens of tests and got 3 best companies that verify profiles without having passwords. The main goal of our test was to identify the legality of this service, and hence we got a result.

Best Sites To Buy Instagram Verification
Best Sites To Buy Instagram Verification

According to Hype Auditor , only 3.26% of Instagram accounts are verified among billions of users. Instagram is so picky when it comes to decide who gets the blue badge and who doesn’t. You might feel discouraged while submitting appeals again and again with no results.

What’s the solution to this problem?

You can buy Instagram Verification.

But how does the procedure work? And is it really safe to purchase Blue Tick online? We have done dozens of tests and got 3 best companies that verify profiles without having passwords. The main goal of our test was to identify the legality of this service, and hence we got a result.

Let’s move towards the list with no delays!

3 Top Companies to Buy Instagram Blue Tick in 2023-24

1. Followerzoid.com – Best of the Best!


Screenshot from @Followerzoid.com

Point Score: 9.9/10

Followerzoid takes the number one spot due to its 95% consistent success rate. They have the most reliable team to get your account verified within the bounds of Instagram Policies. So, if you are a nervous first-time buyer of such a service, Followerzoid is the site for you.

From initiating the application process to posting PR articles, Followerzoid gets your back throughout the verification procedure. They have played a pivoted role in handling a number of high-stakes cases inexpensively. One can be sure that it’s a win-win situation as you get a complete refund if Verification fails. Moreover, Followerzoid was featured by LA Weekly, US Magazine, and Newsweek for being the best Instagram Growth Service Provider in December 2021.

Their Instagram Blue Tick service works under 5 steps:

  • Creating PR and getting it Indexed in Google
  • Creating PR Buzz
  • Maintaining reasonable Social Presence
  • Case Study
  • Submit to get your Instagram Verified

Contact them at [email protected] for any queries.

2. FameSavvy.com

Point Score: 9.5/10

a relatively new company in the market of verification services, but they have made their mark quickly. If you are an influencer, a brand, or want to be a public figure, buying Instagram verification from FameSavvy is the track for you. With their solid commitments and human-powered methods, they have garnered a reputation for delivering successful blue checkmarks to their clients. Mastering in social media marketing, this company can give you up-to-date knowledge on IG algorithm and requirements to get you verified. Partnering with FameSavvy, you can be sure that you are taking a risk-free step towards your Instagram success.

This company has 3 steps to make your Instagram Verified:

  • Case Study
  • Press Release on News Sites
  • Submit for results

Note: FameSavvy sometimes asks for your account passwords to submit appeals in their unique ways. Hence, it’s still trustworthy to share it because they have high standards of privacy policy.

3. SocialFollowers.com.my

Point Score: 9/10

SocialFollowers is a tremendous destination for Asian-based users to buy blue check on Instagram. Their dedication to excellence has earned them a loyal and satisfied user base. Thanks to their 24/7 WhatsApp support to guide you step by step about buying an Instagram verification badge. Their procedure takes 3-5 days and costs around $ 300- $ 700 depending on account type. Owning a 4.8 (232 reviews) rating on Trustpilot, SocialFollowers will leave you satisfied. Their procedure contains 5 steps:

  • Case Study
  • Minor Changes in Profile
  • Press Release on High Authority Sites
  • Maintain Your Activity
  • Submit For Verification

Seek Instagram Verification Service from SocialFollowers.com.my right now!

What is the best site to buy Instagram Verification?

According to our independent test, Followerzoid is the best option on the internet to buy Instagram verification. They have customized packages for every niche and size of account. Their professional team helps you to follow Instagram terms and guidelines carefully before submitting an appeal. Followerzoid is the winner of today’s discussion because:

  • It has a secure SSL certificate & transparent payment option.
  • It has real customer reviews and live proofs of Verification.
  • It has a refund warranty if Verification fails.
  • Followerzoid has bot-free growth plans to meet the criteria.
  • Its support team is responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Why Should You Buy Instagram Blue Checkmark?

Getting a blue tick on Instagram is something that separates the good from the best. It adds ultimate value to your robust online presence in the community. In other words, an Instagram-verified badge means the profile is authentic and picked as a trusted soul by the platform. Let’s see the detailed advantages to buy cheap blue checkmark.

Increase Reputation & Build Confidence

Being verified increases your chances of trustworthiness and enhances your brand credibility. It confirms that you are both important and relevant to a specific aspect. Some Instagrammers might ignore the giveaways and deals you offer, skeptical it could be a scam. But if they see a verified badge, they get enough security to trust because Instagram has chosen you as an authentic source. So, it’s still worth putting your marketing budget into buying Verification for your Instagram account.

Boost Brand Awareness

Buying an Instagram verification service can also boost your brand awareness and follower counts. Verified accounts are more likely to appear in suggestions when you follow a related account. The algorithm also favors such accounts by showing them at the top of searches, resulting in higher engagement per post.

Early access to Swipe Up Feature

The Instagram swipe-up feature is available for users with more than 10k followers. However, having a verified badge can give you access to it without reaching 10,000 followers on your account. Yes, verified accounts have an exception to this rule. So, think no more and subscribe to the Instagram verification service right now to make a difference.

Meta Verified Feature is Creating Difference!

The latest move by Zuck has given an opportunity to users for getting verified. The Meta users now can directly subscribe to Meta Verified to obtain blue tick. You can either buy Verification badge from third parties or subscribe Meta verified.

To apply, you must be 18 years old and meet minimum activity requirement with a Government Issue ID. Still, the decision would be in Meta’s hand to verify you or not. They also hold the right to remove the checkmark, if you violate their terms and conditions.

Buy Instagram Blue Check Q&A

Here are the most frequently asked questions:

Can everyone buy Instagram verification?

Yes, anyone with a real profile and genuine information can buy Instagram verification. Numerous sites offer the service; choose your provider wisely and get verified.

Is it safe to Buy?

If you have chosen a reputable provider, you are 100% safe during the procedure. Back-to-back appeals without enough knowledge can get you in trouble for account blockage. So, ensure that you are seeking a professional service for your account.

Is there any specific number of followers required to get verified?

No, Instagram has no requirements regarding a follower’s base to bless you with a blue tick. All you have to maintain is online presence and notability. Furthermore, having a large number of followers can slightly help to increase your chances of getting verified. Service providers do complete case studies on your account to get your profile monetized.

How much does it cost to buy a verification badge?

Thanks, you asked. Instagram verification prices vary from account to account and niche to niche. A personal account under 1k followers can be verified between 500-800$. Similarly, brands can be verified at a bit higher price. Followerzoid charges around 1200-1500$ for your business to get verified in Meta System. Discounts can be applied based on your account nature and position.

Is it against Instagram policies to buy Verification?

There’s no law prohibiting the purchase of Verification badge on Instagram. Most people are unclear about how to apply for it and what are the basic requirements that Instagram considers. So, it’s simple to have service from professionals to pave your road towards Instagram success.

How to buy?

This is the question that comes to mind when trying for such a service. To buy Overall, every website mentioned in our list works within 4 steps.

  • Pick up your Need
  • Provide Instagram Profile link
  • Do Secure Payment on the Checkout page
  • Wait 3-5 days for Verification

The alternatives of “Buy Instagram Verification”

There’s always an alternative for every situation. If you are running on a short budget, you have insecurities while trusting someone online. Then, you can apply for the Verification badge by yourself. But for this, here are some recommendations for you.

Get Press Coverage

Being in the news makes you notable in the market. And this is the thing Instagram looks up when choosing to verify an account or not. Notability makes you a known personality, and it’s a strong weapon that you must consider for applying yourself.

Don’t add Links to your Bio

Never ask your followers to follow you on Instagram for any reason. It's against the Instagram verification algorithm to include links in your account to other channels for generating fan base. Instagram will not approve you if they find any “add me” symptoms in your profile.

Get Facebook Verified

Having any other platform verified before submitting a request to Instagram is helpful. Instagram prefers those profiles that other social media networks have verified, and hence, you can avoid purchasing the Instagram Verification service.

Don’t Give False Information

Never try to lie about your identity when submitting documents for Verification. Instagram has modern AI tools to identify whether you are eligible or not. Always be honest, accurate, and truthful in providing information to Instagram. Any false information can put you at risk of being banned as well.

These were the few tips that you could pick for getting verified for free.


Now, the importance of buying Instagram verification is clear, and it can’t be ignored. We recommend you streamline your journey with a transparent service. Instead of wasting your time & playing into risks, invest in Online Servicing Agencies to get your name under the blue umbrella. Don’t forget to consider trustworthiness, Customer Reviews & pricing before choosing a company!


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