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2023 Responsible Online Gambling & Betting Report By BetZillion | Quick Overview

Learn more about responsible gambling meaning, definition, tips, why it is important to know more about the dangers of gambling addiction, and how to enjoy online betting safely.

Alex Korolkoff

Gambling can be fun and even profitable, but behind all that is a dark side, and the fun can quickly turn into a severe gambling addiction. Millions of people worldwide struggle with this issue, and over the years, it has become even more prevalent, mainly due to how easily accessible online betting and gambling have become.

That’s not to say that betting and gambling should be avoided at all costs, nor that betting or gambling for long enough will become an addiction. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that you can be entirely safe from it. As with anything in life, finding a safe middle is the right approach, and the same applies to betting or gambling.

BetZillion has undertaken extensive research to offer a thorough exploration of the responsible gambling initiative. This research delves into various aspects of the sports betting industry, including insights into the root causes of gambling addiction, the personality traits most susceptible to gambling dependency, debunking common myths surrounding problem gambling, and providing valuable information on self-help strategies and treatment options.

BetZillion's Findings and Preventive Initiative

BetZillion is a prominent sports betting startup that has quickly established itself as a leader in the global sports gambling market. They specialize in affiliate marketing services, collaborating with top industry partners to drive high-quality SEO traffic. Their team of professional writers produces informative content, including guides, strategies, and blog posts, providing valuable insights into sports betting.

The company is dedicated to fostering a safe and responsible gambling environment for players worldwide. They offer a wealth of resources, including tips and preventive measures to help individuals avoid potential issues. Their research team continuously updates readers with the latest trends and statistics on responsible gambling, engaging with bookmakers for up-to-date information. BetZillion also actively participates in responsible gambling conferences, like the Sustainable Gambling Conference, providing gamers with insights into responsible gambling practices and offering assistance to those concerned about problem wagering.

What Is Gambling Addiction?

Most people who bet don’t have a problem with gambling addiction, and even though the majority end up losing money, there’s a big difference between losing the money you can afford to lose and reaching that stage where it starts to affect your life.

The real problem begins with compulsive gamblers, who lose control of their betting to a point where they end up with serious financial problems or a psychological crisis.

Pathological gambling is a serious problem and is defined as an addiction. Those who suffer from gambling addiction lose control of their urge to gamble and continue to do so even after they lose a lot of money. It happens most often when people start chasing their losses and are willing to risk even more to earn back the lost money or find the promised riches.

Gambling addiction can seriously harm all areas of gamblers’ lives and lead to issues in personal relationships, financial losses, or even mental health conditions. In more ways than one, gambling addiction can lead to the same issues as drug addiction, and while it might not affect your health directly, it can be just as harmful.

The Most Vulnerable Groups

Addiction, be it drug addiction, video game addiction, or gambling addiction, tends to affect certain types of people more than others, mainly because certain groups are more vulnerable to various stimuli. So, while some might never get addicted to drugs, alcohol, or gambling, others can quickly.

We identify at-risk gamblers in many different ways, focusing on data reporting to locate known indicators of risk of gambling-related harm. Moreover, all of our departments are well trained in recognizing RG concerns, particularly regarding player communication.

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  • Studies have shown that men, in particular, are more likely to become addicted to gambling than women, but that doesn’t mean that women can’t have a gambling problem. 
  • Age is another major factor, with younger people suffering from gambling addiction more frequently than older people.
  • Other factors, such as a person’s personality, play a huge role. 

Still, while some groups of people statistically have a higher chance of suffering from gambling addiction, no one is safe without the right approach.

What Causes Gambling Addiction?

No one thing will cause gambling addiction in anyone; however, several factors can contribute to it. The most obvious is the wrong mindset of gamblers when they approach sports betting or gambling in online casinos.

Here's a concise list of what causes gambling and betting addiction:

  1. Genetic predisposition
  2. Brain chemistry
  3. Mental health issues
  4. Impulse control
  5. Reward system
  6. Access to gambling

The constant promotion of gambling sites and the promise of immense wealth, which can sometimes come, doesn’t help gamblers keep a cool head when visiting a casino. But the reality is that gambling will, more times than not, lead to losses.

Gambling in casinos, in particular, is designed for the house (the casino) to make money, and while there will be some lucky winners here and there, the vast majority of people will end up losing money. Gambling is a -EV activity, ultimately offering the thrill of playing the games at a cost.

Luckily, many countries have recognized gambling addiction as a severe issue and actively promote safe gambling, advocating for people to realize that gambling is not a reliable way to become rich.

To battle the issue, several countries have banned gambling advertisements and implemented systems such as self-exclusion as sportsbooks and online casinos, the ability to limit the time spent on a gambling site, and spending limits.

There is a growing trend globally of countries taking legislative action to tackle gambling addiction. For example, some countries have introduced regulations on advertising, set limits on stakes and prizes, and implemented measures to prevent underage gambling. Additionally, many countries have established national organizations and hotlines to support and treat individuals with gambling problems.

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Countries taking action to tackle gambling addiction have proven successful to some degree. Yet, ultimately, it comes to each individual to do the right thing and familiarise himself with the dangers of gambling addiction.

Responsible Gambling Tips

With any form of gambling, it’s important to understand that most people will lose money in the long run and that gambling, especially in a casino, is not and will never be a way to make money, let alone become rich.

The stories of people hitting the jackpot on a casino slot machine or a multi-leg parlay when betting on sports don’t help. Still, it’s important to understand that those stories are nothing more than gambling sites’ advertisements to attract more gamblers.

We can only work harder with the correct department and communicate and educate punters more on the addiction and ways to get help.

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Does that mean that gambling should be avoided like a plague? Not necessarily. Those prone to getting addicted should probably stay away from it altogether, but gambling can be a safe and fun endeavor for most people as long as it’s approached the right way.

The best thing you can do to avoid gambling addiction is to familiarize yourself with what it is, as this is the only way to know how to prevent it and recognize it before it’s too late.

If you want to learn more about gambling addiction, what it is, what causes it, and how to avoid it, read the full 2023 Responsible Betting Research by BetZillion . The report provides an extensive and all-encompassing examination of the responsible gaming and betting effort. It delves into a wide range of topics within the sports betting sector, offering insights into the elements that play a role in gambling addiction, personality traits that could heighten vulnerability to gambling addiction, prevalent misunderstandings concerning problematic gambling, and established self-help and treatment approaches.

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