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20 Best Sites To Buy Real Instagram Followers (Influencer’s Picks)

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20 Best Sites To Buy Real Instagram Followers (Influencer’s Picks)

Are you looking for a shortcut? Buying Instagram followers makes building brand awareness and getting to the explore page easier. Keep reading to explore the best sites to buy Instagram followers — and learn what to watch out for before you commit.

Best Sites To Buy Real Instagram Followers
Best Sites To Buy Real Instagram Followers

Instagram is among the best social media platforms to focus on if you’re determined to cultivate a strong online presence. It’s also fiercely competitive, especially since brands have been flocking to Insta to drive traffic and sales. 

Are you looking for a shortcut? Buying Instagram followers makes building brand awareness and getting to the explore page easier. 

Keep reading to explore the best sites to buy Instagram followers — and learn what to watch out for before you commit. 

The Top Sites to Buy Instagram Followers

1. Twicsy

Twicsy is an elite Instagram growth service that stands out in all the right ways. Besides excellent customer reviews, affordable prices, and a genuinely helpful 24/7 support team, Twicsy offers tailored follower packages to help you reach your target audience. 

When you buy high-quality followers from Twicsy, it’s only a matter of time before organic followers join you and check out your Instagram posts. If you’d like to show them that your Instagram profile has active followers, you can also buy Instagram likes and views from Twicsy. 


Best of all? Your new followers start dropping in minutes, giving small business owners and future Instagram influencers a chance to succeed. Twicsy’s extensive follower network only includes real users who get a kickback for following brands they actually like — so you don’t have to worry about fake accounts when you choose this social media marketing platform.

2. Buzzoid

Supplement your quality content and clever hashtags with purchased followers from Buzzoid if you can’t wait for organic followers. With over a decade of experience, it’s one of the most reliable Instagram growth services on the web. Its excellent customer reviews show you what you can expect from Buzzoid. 

Buzzoid’s high-quality Instagram followers can help anyone reach the explore page, but growing brands should check out Buzzoid’s premium followers and managed growth package. Real people in your target audience will follow your Instagram profile gradually if you select this option, just like organic followers would. 


Is boosting your engagement rate another key goal? In that case, you might want to buy Instagram likes and views from Buzzoid, which offers low prices.

Buzzoid’s services are so comprehensive that it’s hard to summarize them quickly — we’re reviewing a large number of Instagram services, after all. Brands looking for a reputable Instagram growth platform should reach out to Buzzoid’s 24/7 customer support team to explore how Buzzoid can help them grow their online presence.

3. Rushmax

Rushmax is another top-rated Instagram marketing platform. Small business owners, larger brands, and Instagram influencers can count on instant delivery and trust that all of the cheap Instagram followers Rushmax sends your way are real people with active accounts. These genuine followers stay with you over time, giving you a chance to grow your social media accounts.

Brands with specific needs are invited to reach out to Rushmax’s customer support team. You may want a particular Instagram post to go trending, for example, or building brand awareness with your target demographics may be your main focus. Knowing your goals, Rushmax can match you with Instagram users in your target market, including those who will give you Instagram likes and views at low prices.

Rushmax supports a range of payment methods, including PayPal and credit cards. 

4. iDigic

Instagram influencers and brands hoping to gain more organic followers can count on iDigic to offer active followers who stick around. This Instagram service has delivered billions of genuine followers over the last decade and is popular among Instagram influencers trying to keep up with the Instagram algorithm. 

Whether you need a lot of followers at short notice or your main focus is on quality Instagram followers with large follower counts and an active presence, iDigic has flexible follower packages to suit your needs. 

iDigic has a handy system that shows you when your followers are expected to drop (always within 24 hours and usually much faster). Apart from fast delivery times, iDigic offers some of the most affordable rates in the Instagram growth industry. 

Incorporate iDigic into your social media marketing strategy if you want to buy Instagram followers who are real people, and you’d love your new followers to come from your target audience. Of course, you can count on a range of payment methods, and  iDigic has a responsive customer support team.

5. The Social Hive

The Social Hive is another Instagram growth agency that doesn’t use bots and gets you set up with real Instagram users. Influencers and brands hoping to buy Instagram followers at affordable rates might want to consider the Social Hive to boost their brand awareness or support trending content. 

While the Social Hive is reliable and has quick delivery times, it’s important to note that this social media growth service doesn’t let you select your target demographics.

6. InstaPulse

InstaPulse offers a simple solution to everyone still struggling to grow their Instagram profile and go trending — buy genuine followers at low prices. The followers you get from InstaPulse won’t flag the Instagram algorithm, and InstaPulse also sells likes and views.

7. BuzzWorx

Posting quality content regularly isn’t enough to get noticed in today’s competitive social media landscape. You need an established online presence to gain organic followers, and that means a large follower count. 

BuzzWorx can help you with that. This growth service lets you buy hundreds (or even thousands) of Instagram followers with real accounts. However, because its price point is a little higher, influencers and brands looking for cheap Instagram followers might want to keep scrolling.

8. SocialSphere Solutions

SocialSphere Solutions offers genuine Instagram followers at affordable rates using a monthly subscription model. This agency has solid delivery times — all the Insta followers you order trickle in within a day, and often within hours.

This can be a solid solution if you want to grow your Instagram profile today. The downside? Nearly all your new IG followers will leave you immediately if you don’t renew your subscription. 

9. DigitalBoost Co.

As a social media marketing agency that delivers followers, likes, and views for multiple different social media platforms, DigitalBoost Co. may be an option to consider if you want to boost engagement rates on all your social media accounts. 

The steep prices are the main disadvantage of buying Insta followers from DigitalBoost Co., but it reliably supplies the purchased followers you ordered within 48 hours.

10. The Social Society

The Social Society is another good option if you need social proof to attract organic followers to your Instagram profile. Try the Social Agency if you need genuine followers and don’t want to risk getting banned because you made a mistake by working with a site that supplies fake Instagram followers. 

The Social Society offers email-based customer support and takes PayPal.

11. SocialLift Marketing

SocialLift Marketing helps you get the headstart you need to build your online presence on Instagram as a new small business or emerging Instagram influencer. Does gaining a large number of followers within 24 hours sound good to you, and are you looking for fast delivery times? SocialLift is a solid choice.

12. TrendVibes Agency

TrendVibes Agency will deliver your purchased followers promptly, perfect if you hope to create trending content that brings new organic followers your way. You don’t have to worry about fake accounts, but the new followers TrendVibes Agency matches you with may not have a lot of followers. Unfortunately, you can’t (yet) buy Instagram likes or views from them, either.

Given that TrendVibes has low prices, it is a good source of cheap Instagram followers.

13. SocialSavvy Co.

Your Instagram account can finally get the attention it deserves if you buy Instagram followers from SocialSavvy Co. This social media agency understands the Instagram algorithm and will help you get ahead.

You can expect a mix of high-quality followers with active accounts and new followers who don’t have a large follower count or much activity on the platform.

14. BrandBuzz Agency

Active Instagram followers can build brand awareness by showing your target audience that you’re worth following. BrandBuzz Agency offers genuine Instagram followers who can help you get ahead, but not all of them come from your target demographics. 

It’s also possible that some of your new followers will leave your account soon after following your Instagram profile. BrandBuzz Agency promises to replace these lost followers, but it may take a while.

15. SocialSharp Marketing

The SocialSharp Marketing team offers multiple follower packages to support growing brands who have discovered that the Instagram algorithm works against them unless they can provide social proof. With low prices and reliable delivery, SocialSharp Marketing is a decent source of genuine Instagram followers.

16. The Social Boost

The Social Boost offers a range of Instagram growth services designed to boost your engagement rate. Besides genuine followers, you can also buy Instagram likes and views from this service — which offers similarly affordable prices as other social media marketing platforms. 

Should any of the active users who come to you from the Social Boost unfollow you within a month, this platform promises to send you new followers.

17. ViralVerse Marketing

You’ve patiently been waiting for organic followers since you started your Instagram account and have decided to beat the odds by paying for real followers. If you’re on a budget, ViralVerse Marketing may be the growth agency you’re looking for. 

ViralVerse supplies cheap Instagram followers, but they drop slowly and may not stay with you very long.

18. SocialPilot Agency

SocialPilot Agency stands out with its fast delivery times. If you’re looking for high-quality Instagram followers, however, you may be better off elsewhere. We noticed that a lot of followers in SocialPilot’s network have very few posts. Some don’t even have completed profiles.

This makes SocialPilot Agency a second-rate choice. 

19. The Social Edge

The Social Edge is another potential source of cheap Instagram followers. Instagram users who want to pay by PayPal and don’t mind being followed by inactive accounts might want to explore this option.

20. SocialXcelerate Co.

Last (and definitely least), there’s SocialXcelerate Co. This site advertises cheap premium Instagram followers, but in practice, most of the accounts that follow you are inactive or new. These IG followers don’t have any followers of their own, and most don’t have many (if any) Instagram posts.

The Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers at a Glance

Readers who’ve made it this far have gained a comprehensive overview of the Instagram growth services. You’ve seen the best, the perfectly fine, the acceptable, and the worst. 

One question remains: Where should you buy Instagram followers to build brand awareness or become a successful Instagram influencer? 

Four Instagram marketing services stand out:

  1. Twicsy. Twicsy offers active Instagram followers at low prices. They have fast delivery times and make it easy to choose the follower package that best suits your needs. 

  2. Buzzoid. Buzzoid is famous for its ability to supply up to 20,000 new followers instantly, but it also has a managed growth package perfect for brands desiring sustained growth.

  3. Rushmax. With near-instant delivery, Rushmax is one of the most reliable growth services on the web. It works with real people in your target audience.

  4. iDigic. You can’t go wrong with iDigic if you need cheap Instagram followers but don’t want to compromise on quality. The followers that iDigic providers have active Instagram accounts. 

These quality services offer the added benefit of supplying Instagram likes and views at low prices. They have solid customer support teams and support multiple payment methods. Most crucially, they’ve all been in business for years. Unlike new Instagram marketing services without established follower networks, they don’t have to turn to fake Instagram followers. 


Can you buy real Instagram followers?

Buying Instagram followers is increasingly important in today’s competitive social media landscape. Top-quality growth agencies have built networks of real people who love using Insta. They are happy to follow you for a little extra money and regularly make Instagram posts that attract organic followers. 

These real followers show the Instagram algorithm that your profile is thriving, leading to more organic followers over time.

How do you know if someone purchased followers on Instagram?

You don’t — not if they used a reputable social media growth platform. Purchased followers don’t stand out from organic followers.

Many popular brands and Instagram influencers regularly supplement their organic followers with high-quality followers from growth agencies, but you’ll never know for sure!

What are the risks of buying followers on Instagram?

Buying fake Instagram followers, also called bots, is against Instagram’s terms. 

You risk wasting money because if the followers you bought are bots, those accounts will get banned. Your Instagram account might also be at risk. 

This explains why it’s always vital to buy Instagram followers from reputable growth services!

What is the best site for buying Instagram followers?

That depends on your needs. Some growth agencies excel at supplying active Instagram users over time, boosting your engagement rate at a steady pace. Others can get you a large number of followers instantly. 

Buzzoid is the best choice for managed growth. Twicsy, Rushmax, and iDigic are quality services that can get you started with a lot of new Insta followers almost immediately. 

When you consider where to buy IG followers, you should take a number of factors into account. These include customer reviews, payment methods, delivery time, and different follower packages. If you want to buy Instagram likes and views, it’s best to do that from the same service that supplies your followers.


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