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20 Best Probiotics for Dogs With Allergies

A high quality probiotic supplement can work wonders for your furry friend's allergies. Probiotics work within your dog's GI and digestive tract to promote a healthy balance of good bacteria in the gut. Below you'll find a guide to the 20 best probiotics for dogs with allergies.

Best Probiotics for Dogs With Allergies

As a pet owner, there's nothing worse than having an itchy, irritated pup. Knowing that your furry friend isn’t feeling his best is never a good feeling.

If your dog has been licking, biting, or scratching excessively, there's a good chance that these symptoms are caused by allergies. While there are many products that are designed to ease allergy symptoms, what if you could ease your dog's allergies at the source instead of just taking care of the symptoms?

A high quality probiotic supplement can work wonders for your furry friend's allergies. Probiotics work within your dog's GI and digestive tract to promote a healthy balance of good bacteria in the gut. Below you'll find a guide to the 20 best probiotics for dogs with allergies.

Pupper Absorb

Give your dog quick and effective relief from his allergy symptoms with Pupper Absorb. These tropical flavored soft chews are made with proven ingredients that ease symptoms of food, skin, and environmental allergies. They work by improving the body's reaction to allergens while also decreasing symptoms.

Pupper Absorb are formulated with potent ingredients, including quercetin, turmeric, nettle root, bromelain, and licorice root. Just one or two treats a day is all your pup needs to get back to feeling 100%.

Penguin CBD Oil

Allergies can cause a whole host of symptoms, including irritated and inflamed skin. Ease your dog’s discomfort with all natural Penguin Dog CBD Oil. This oil is infused with broad spectrum CBD extract that works with your dog’s body to minimize inflammation while also soothing pain caused by excessive itching, biting, and licking.

Penguin Dog CBD Oil offers a delicious chicken flavor that your pup is sure to love. For best results, place a few drops into your dog’s mouth. For picky pooches, add a few drops to wet or dry food.

Zesty Paws

3. Zesty Paws Probiotic Bites

Hot spots, itchy paws, and irritated ears are no match for Zesty Paws Probiotic Bites. These chicken or pumpkin flavored soft chews are specially formulated with six probiotics that support gut flora, gut function, and immune health.

These tasty functional dog chews optimize your dog's gut, which has a direct impact on skin and coat health, energy levels, and even cognitive function. Zesty Paws Probiotic Bites are made in the U.S. and don't contain any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Fortiflora

4. Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Fortiflora

From allergies to digestive upset, Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Fortiflora is a supplement that you can trust to give your dog a much needed boost. This powdered canine supplement is made with antioxidants and live probiotics that support digestive health while easing digestive upset, including gas and diarrhea.

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Fortiflora can be sprinkled on top of dry food or mixed into wet food to nourish your dog's gut and digestive health at meal time.

Pet Naturals Daily Probiotic

5. Pet Naturals Daily Probiotic

Treat your furry friend to a healthier gut and less allergy symptoms with Pet Naturals Daily Probiotic. These duck-flavored probiotic chews are formulated to keep your dog's gut health on the right path. Each chew is made with an optimized blend of prebiotic fiber and probiotics, which work together to balance microflora in the GI tract.


When fed as directed, Pet Naturals Daily Probiotic chews can soothe itchy, irritated skin while also supporting regularity and immune function.

Pet Honesty Digestive Probiotics

6. Pet Honesty Digestive Probiotics

Supporting your dog's gut and digestive health has never been so easy! Pet Honesty Digestive Probiotics soft chews are loaded with probiotics, digestive enzymes, and chicory root. These ingredients support nutrient absorption, digestive health, digestion, and bowel health.

Boost your dog's health and well-being with Pet Honesty Digestive Probiotics. These duck flavored treats nourish your dog's gut bacteria which in turn helps to minimize allergy symptoms. Kick your dog’s itchiness and irritation to the curb!

Petlab Co. Dog Probiotics Chews

7. Petlab Co. Dog Probiotics Chews

Formulated with a unique blend of probiotics, antioxidants, and other nutrients, Petlab Co. Dog Probiotics Chews are designed to maintain and support your dog's gut flora. Each chew is loaded with eight strains of beneficial bacteria and are extremely helpful for dogs with seasonal allergies or poor immune health.

Petlab Co. Dog Probiotics Chews offer a delicious pork flavor and are safe for all dogs six months and older. Help your dog feel nothing short of amazing with these drool-worthy bites.

Native Pet Probiotics

8. Native Pet Probiotic

Promote your dog’s gut bacteria while nourishing his digestive and immune health with Native Pet Probiotic. This powdered supplement is made with four powerful ingredients, including probiotics, pumpkin seed, Jerusalem artichoke, and beef bone broth. This supplement helps to ease itchy skin, diarrhea, and other health issues.

Each scoop of Native Pet Probiotic tastes great and is loaded with protein and 6 billion CFUs. Sprinkle on top of your dog's food or mix it with water to create a delicious gravy.

Honest Paws Pre+Probiotics

9. Honest Paws Pre+Probiotics

Keep your dog's digestion in tip-top shape while supporting his immune health with Honest Paws Pre+Probiotics. This chicken flavored powdered supplement helps to maintain your dog's gut flora so that he can thrive and feel great every single day. Each serving is loaded with probiotics, inulin, and spinach leaf extract.

Honest Paws Pre+Probiotics is made in the USA, third party tested, and doesn't contain any non-GMOs or artificial flavors.

NaturVet Advanced Probiotics & Enzymes Plus Vet Strength PB6 Probiotic

10. NaturVet Advanced Probiotics & Enzymes Plus Vet Strength PB6 Probiotic

Improve your dog's GI environment with NaturVet Advanced Probiotics & Enzymes Plus Vet Strength PB6 Probiotic. These veterinarian-formulated treats are wheat-free and are loaded with potent probiotic strains, including PB6 along with digestive enzymes.

NaturVet Advanced Probiotics & Enzymes Plus Vet Strength PB6 Probiotic are made with technology that enables them to travel through the digestive tract to provide optimal intestinal and stomach balance.

Nulo Functional Probiotic Chews

11. Nulo Functional Probiotic Chews

Crafted with a blend of live probiotics, Nulo Functional Probiotic Chews support nutrient absorption while also improving your dog's digestion and gut health. These scientifically-formulated chews are made with a combination of bioactive ingredients, including prebiotics, probiotics, pumpkin powder, plantain leaf, and papaya leaf.

Each chew supports your dog's wellness from the inside out. When fed as directed, Nulo Functional Probiotic Chews enhance your pup's immune response while also maintaining proper gut pH.

Nutri-Vet Pre & Probiotics Soft Chews

12. Nutri-Vet Pre & Probiotics Soft Chews


Promote your dog's intestinal microflora while supporting his digestive health with Nutri-Vet Pre & Probiotics Soft Chews. These soft chews are made with a veterinarian-approved formula that includes prebiotic inulin and probiotics. Each treat contains 1 billion CFUs to promote immune function, stool quality, and energy levels.

With a delicious liver and cheese flavor, your dog is sure to enjoy Nutri-Vet Pre & Probiotics Soft Chews.

Alpha Dog Balance Probiotic Powder

13. Alpha Dog Balance Probiotic Powder

With 6 billion CFUs per serving, Alpha Dog Balance Probiotic Powder is a supplement you can trust to help your dog's allergy symptoms. This supplement is designed to improve digestive health, boost immune function, and even maintain your dog's metabolism.

Start your dog's day off with a scoop of Alpha Dog Balance Probiotic Powder added to his food. In turn, he'll feel and perform better than he ever has. Balanced gut health is key to your pup's wellness.

Finn Digestive Probiotics

14. Finn Digestive Probiotics

Solve your pup's allergy symptoms with Finn Digestive Probiotics. These probiotic soft chews are made with a pre- and probiotic blend that supports digestion, regularity, healthy poops, and a balanced gut. In turn, your dog will be more comfortable and most importantly less itchy!

With optimized gut health, your dog will experience less allergic reactions and less itchy skin. Support good bacteria with Finn Digestive Probiotics.

Pawfy Probiotic

15. Pawfy Probiotic

Made with five thoroughly-researched strains of probiotics, Pawfy Probiotic chews offer huge benefits to your dog's digestive system, gut health, and immune function. These vegetarian chicken flavored soft chews keep your dog healthy from snout to tail. You'll see an improvement in his skin, coat, joints, and digestion.


Pawfy Probiotic chews are proudly made in the USA with a research-based formula that you can trust. Even though they're a canine health supplement, they taste like real treats!

VetriScience Probiotic Everyday

16. VetriScience Probiotic Everyday

Optimize your dog's GI tract and restore balance to his gut with VetriScience Probiotic Everyday. These soft chews feature a combination of prebiotic fiber and probiotics that support digestive health and regularity while also reducing gas and bloating. They even improve your dog's immune health.

Each duck-flavored chew contains GanedenBC30, a patented probiotic strain that's proven to support digestive and immune health. Treat your dog to health and wellness with VetriScience Probiotic Everyday.

Doggie Dailies Advanced Probiotics

17. Doggie Dailies Advanced Probiotics

With 1 billion CFUs in every soft chew, Doggie Dailies Advanced Probiotics is a great option for dogs suffering from allergies. These duck flavored chews support digestion while also nourishing natural bacteria in the gut and digestive tract.

Keep your pup in peak condition with a specialized blend of prebiotics and probiotics that support nutrient absorption. Doggie Dailies Advanced Probiotics chews are available in two delicious flavors: pumpkin and duck.

Open Farm Pet Probiotic

18. Open Farm Pet Probiotic

Open Farm Pet Probiotic is made with a combination of seven active probiotics along with ginger and pumpkin to support your furry friend's gut health, digestion, and immune function. These soft chews are specially crafted to support regularity and healthy gut flora using 100% functional ingredients.

With Open Farm Pet Probiotic, your dog will feel better than ever. A healthy gut means a holistic improvement to your dog’s overall health and well-being. This means less itching and more time having fun.

Vets Best Probiotic Soft Chews

19. Vet's Best Probiotic Soft Chews

For veterinarian-formulated relief that you can trust, choose Vet's Best Probiotic Soft Chews. These drool-worthy treats are loaded with 1.5 billion CFUs per serving. They're also enriched with prebiotics and antioxidants for an added boost of nourishing compounds.

Maintain your dog's skin and coat health while also supporting his digestive system and immune health from the inside with Vet's Best Probiotic Soft Chews. Your dog is sure to love the delicious chicken flavor!

Fera Pet Organics Probiotics + Prebiotics

20. Fera Pet Organics Probiotics + Prebiotics

Keep your dog's digestive system working at its best with Fera Pet Organics Probiotics + Prebiotics. This powdered supplement contains twelve strains of good bacteria that support gut health from the inside out. From itchy skin to loose stools to poor immune health, this supplement can ease a wide range of health issues.

Fera Pet Organics Probiotics + Prebiotics provides 5 billion CFUs per scoop. It's flavorless and can be easily mixed (or sprinkled!) into your dog's food. He won't even know it's there!

How else can I ease my dog's allergies?

Giving your dog a probiotic supplement is just one of the many things you can do to ease your dog's allergy symptoms. To determine other treatment options, you'll need to identify what's causing your dog's allergies. For example, if he has a food allergy, you'll want to switch him to a food that has a novel protein, or one that's made without grains.

On the other hand, if your pup has seasonal allergies caused by pollen or certain grasses, keeping your furry friend indoors and bathing him with soothing shampoo can help to ease itchy and irritated skin.

If you’re unsure what’s causing your dog’s allergies, the best way to help pinpoint the root cause is to schedule a visit with the vet. However, there are some things you can make note of to get a better idea of what’s making your pup so itchy.

There are many factors that can help to narrow down your dog’s allergies. Some things to consider include:

  • Where your dog is itching
  • When the itching began
  • Dietary changes
  • Environmental changes

For instance, if you notice that your dog only itches during a certain season, chances are that he’s allergic to something outdoors. Or if you recently changed dog foods, he may be allergic to one of the ingredients.

Final thoughts

Adding probiotics to your dog's daily regimen is a simple way to ease his allergy symptoms while easing the source of the condition. No matter if your dog has seasonal, environmental, or food allergies, the right probiotic can work wonders for his overall well-being.

Not only will your dog be less itchy and irritated, he'll also have a stronger immune system and even improved energy levels! No matter which of the 20 best probiotics for dogs with allergies that you choose, you and your dog are sure to see (and feel!) the difference.

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