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18 Best Online Casino Malaysia 2024 List: Bonuses (Updated)

Outlook for Brands

18 Best Online Casino Malaysia 2024 List: Bonuses (Updated)

Journalist's Insight: After a Malaysian online casino became the official sponsor of Aston Villa ( English Premier League club) for the 2024 season, I was compelled to venture into the enticing world of Malaysian online gambling by testing every brand with real money.

18 Best Online Casino Malaysia 2024 List
18 Best Online Casino Malaysia 2024 List

Why? I thought there were no large Malaysian online casinos. The results?

Malaysians now have a trusted online casino brand.

Top 10 Trusted online casinos for Malaysians in 2024

Why BK8 is Malaysia's Best Online Casino in 2024?


We deposited 2000 MYR to test BK8 ( check image top right corner)

A Focused Force in the Game

BK8's commitment to the Malaysian and Singaporean players is unparalleled. This regional dedication ensures that both novice and seasoned players receive an experience tailored to their unique needs.

A One-Stop Gambling Experience

  • World-class Mobile apps ( Android/iOS download link)
  • Diverse Offerings: From poker fans to casino games enthusiasts, there's something for every gambler.
  • Unwavering Trustworthiness: Earning its badge as a Trusted Online Casino Malaysia 2024, BK8's record speaks volumes.
  • Localized Payments: The convenience of payments through platforms like Touch N Go cannot be overstated.

BK8’s Best Features

  • Mega bonuses and rich promotions.
  • Vibrant online casino Malaysia Telegram groups that foster a sense of community and real-time assistance.
  • New game launches and feature updates ensuring non-stop excitement.
  • Wide choice of new player welcome bonuses in MYR.
  • Click here to check BK8 latest bonuses for Malaysian players

Best VIP casino/Customer Support: Sportsbetio


Attention High Rollers: If the allure of an unmatched VIP program calls out to you then you should Sign-up from this link and click on “VIP” once logged-in.

Why Sportsbet Stands Out:

  • Venturing into crypto gaming for the first time? So was I
  •’s 24/7 friendly support team helped me every step of the way, offering in-depth insights into the world of crypto and its perks in the gambling arena. I actually prefer to deposit/withdraw using crypto now.VIP Extravaganza: From bespoke events to priority customer service,’s VIP program is in a league of its own.
  • Crypto Advantage: Offering a seamless experience with popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Premier League Partnership: Proudly sponsoring Newcastle United and standing by Arsenal's side during their near-title clinching season. is not just in the game; they're leading it.
  • Club House TV Magic: Dive into their exclusive pregame shows, where betting enthusiasts share their strategies and excitement, making every game a collective experience.
  • Cutting-Edge App Gaming: Boasting the most advanced casino app in the industry, ensures a seamless, high-tech gaming experience for all its users.


M88 Casino: 20 Years Experience in Asia


Badminton fans rejoice! In Malaysia badminton isn't just a recreational activity but an ingrained fervor, M88's strategic alignment with the Badminton World Federation (BWF) is ingenious. Founded in 1934, the BWF remains the pinnacle body governing the sport worldwide. By aligning with the BWF from 2022 to 2024, M88 not only captures the sport's essence but also connects profoundly with Malaysian aficionados.

Venturing beyond badminton, M88 showcases a diverse array of sponsorships underlining their zeal for holistic entertainment. Their exciting partnership with Mansion AG—an esports endeavor alongside Army Geniuses—has already garnered attention with impressive circuit rankings. For context, Mansion is well-regarded in the casino industry, and M88, as its Asian counterpart, inherits its commitment to quality and entertainment.

Further diversifying, M88's alliance with football juggernaut AC Milan, initiated in the 2022-23 season, broadens both entities' horizons. While it bolsters M88's branding, it simultaneously magnifies AC Milan's footprint in Southeast Asia. Their stint as the principal sponsors for the esports titan, Talon, underscores M88's formidable presence across both conventional sports and the burgeoning esports domain.

Visit to check latest bonuses

Other Noteworthy Contenders for “Best online casino Malaysia” title.

WE88 Casino Review: Insights from an RM 400 Deposit Test

Strengths: Why WE88 is a Contender in Online Gaming

Abundant Rewards: One of the first things that struck me when testing WE88 after depositing RM 400 was their staunch commitment to player rewards. The platform offers an array of bonuses, ranging from attractive sign-up offers to exclusive VIP treatments.


Effortless Transactions: Another impressive aspect was the ease of transactions. With a myriad of deposit choices, from credit cards to digital wallets and direct bank transfers, it's evident that WE88 values player convenience.

Optimized for Mobile: With the prevalence of mobile gaming, WE88 rises to the occasion. Their interface is tailored for mobile devices, promising smooth gameplay even when you're on the go.

Diverse Gaming Experience: My RM 400 allowed me to explore their vast selection of games. Whether you're drawn to classic table games, intrigued by 4D lotteries, or intrigued by fishing games and poker, WE88 offers something for every player.

Uncompromised Safety: One of my main concerns when testing online platforms is security. WE88 employs cutting-edge technology to ensure gameplay is not only fair but transparent. This is a vital element that boosts player trust.

Areas of Improvement: Where WE88 Could Shine Brighter

Geographical Focus: My research indicates that while WE88 is a favorite in Malaysia and Singapore, its regional-centric approach might be a limitation for players outside these territories.

Absence of High-Profile Affiliations: While many of its competitors pride themselves on major sports sponsorships, WE88 seems to tread lightly in this domain. Expanding their affiliations could significantly enhance their global standing.

In conclusion, my experience depositing RM 400 into WE88 was insightful. The platform has undeniable strengths but, like all, has areas where they could amplify their appeal. As always, prospective players should explore and decide what best fits their gaming aspirations.

Fairspin Casino: A Legacy of Trust and Vision for the Future

A Trusted Community Platform

Since its inception in 2018, Fairspin has successfully carved its niche in the online gaming world. With an impressive roster of over 300,000 registered users, of which 13,000 are actively engaged monthly, the platform truly stands out. From slots and card games to lotteries, their vast collection is tailored to satiate every gamer's appetite, reiterating their commitment to an impeccable user experience.

Beyond Gaming: The Future of Fairspin

With an ethos grounded in innovation, Fairspin is always in quest of what’s next. Their latest leap? Embracing the blockchain. Fairspin has joined hands with TruePlay, a renowned business tokenization platform, marking a significant evolution in their approach to security and openness. This collaboration heralds the introduction of the TFS token, destined to redefine transactions within the Fairspin casino.

In Conclusion

Fairspin Casino is more than just a gaming platform; it's an evolving ecosystem that harmoniously melds traditional gaming with the future-forward approach of blockchain. With a legacy rooted in trust and an unwavering commitment to its community, Fairspin is setting the pace for the next chapter in online casinos.

Best Online Casino Malaysia 2024 List

Casino Sites

Welcome Bonus

Ease of Registration

Money Transfer Options

Mobile Experience


up to 288%


Bank transfer, Touch 'n Go E-Wallet, DuitNow QR Pay, Crypto



Best VIP Program





up to 288%


Bank transfer, Touch 'n Go E-Wallet, DuitNow QR Pay, Crypto



100% upto500 MYR


Bank transfer, Touch 'n Go E-Wallet, DuitNow QR Pay, Crypto





up to 150%





up to 200%


Via credit card, Google/Apple pay, bank transfer & Crypto


Case Study: Deposit and Withdrawal Speed at Top Online Casinos

We as journalists understand that this article won't carry any weight unless we conduct real hands-on testing of Malaysian online casinos.

To provide you with the most accurate insights, our team conducted rigorous case studies across various aspects of top online casinos. One such critical aspect we investigated was the speed of deposits and withdrawals.

For this scientific study, we focused on four prominent online casinos catering to the Malaysian audience: M88,, BK8, and WE88. Our goal was to determine which casino offered the quickest experience, from initiating a deposit to cashing out winnings.

Depositing Funds:

1. BK8 - E-Wallet Efficiency (Total Time: 9 minutes): In our comprehensive study, BK8 emerged as a standout performer in terms of depositing funds. The utilization of e-wallets ensured a lightning-fast process. From the moment our testers created their accounts to placing their initial bets, a mere 9 minutes transpired.

2. - USDT Simplicity (Total Time: 11 minutes): impressed us with its streamlined deposit process. Testers employed USDT for deposits, and the entire procedure proved straightforward. It took a swift 11 minutes to complete registration, deposit, and commence gaming.

3. M88 - Credit Card Hurdle (Total Time: 14 minutes): M88 displayed commendable deposit speed, albeit with a minor setback. Testers opted for credit card deposits, experiencing a slight delay due to necessary verification. The end-to-end process encompassed 14 minutes.

4. WE88 - Bitcoin Complexity (Total Time: 19 minutes): WE88 showcased a unique approach, our tester relied solely on Bitcoin for transactions. While this cryptocurrency can introduce additional verification steps, our testers still managed to complete the deposit process within 19 minutes.

Withdrawing Funds:

1. M88 - The ID-Verified Champion (Total Time: 8 minutes): M88 emerged as the champion in our withdrawal test. Given the tester's prior ID verification, the withdrawal process was swift, taking a mere 8 minutes. This exemplified a smooth and expedited experience.

2. - Speedy and No ID Check (Total Time: 10 minutes): secured the second position in withdrawal speed, requiring no ID verification. Our tester navigated the withdrawal process efficiently, completing it in just 10 minutes—prompt and hassle-free!

3. BK8 - Smooth Sailing (Total Time: 13 minutes): BK8, which shone in depositing speed, delivered a respectable performance in withdrawals. Our tester successfully cashed out their winnings within 13 minutes, demonstrating a straightforward procedure.

4. WE88 - Taking Some Time (Total Time: 18 minutes): WE88, known for its Bitcoin transactions, took a bit longer for both deposits and withdrawals. In this study, our tester needed 18 minutes to complete the withdrawal process. Keep in mind that Bitcoin transactions can involve their unique pace and verification steps.

The Verdict:

In summary, our extensive case study on depositing and withdrawing funds from these top online casinos has provided valuable insights. Here's a quick recap:

● BK8 distinguished itself with rapid e-wallet deposits.

● offered swift transactions, without the need for ID checks.

● M88 excelled in ID-verified withdrawals but experienced a slight delay in credit card deposits.

● WE88 introduced a unique experience with Bitcoin, albeit taking a bit more time for both deposits and withdrawals.

It's essential to recognize that your personal experience may vary based on factors like your verification status and chosen payment method. The speed of transactions is just one facet of your casino journey. Each of these casinos possesses its distinct strengths, catering to different preferences and priorities.

Our dedication to providing in-depth, scientifically-backed casino reviews extends beyond deposit and withdrawal speed. We've also conducted real-money tests on bonus claiming, evaluated the responsiveness of customer support, and examined the functionality of mobile apps on both Android and iOS platforms for all 18 brands that we tested. Our goal is to empower you with comprehensive insights to make informed decisions and enhance your online gaming experience.

Diving Deep into Malaysia's Online Casinos: The Inside Story of this article

Gambling has excited human nature for thousands of years. And with the rise of online casinos, the game has changed quite a bit. Curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to take a plunge into the world of online casino brands that cater to us. And let me tell you, it's not just about trying over 50 of them but genuinely understanding what works and what doesn’t.

How did I determine what is ‘Best’

First things first, I had to break down what "best" means in the world of online casinos. Top of my list? Working platform and trust. Picture this: you strike gold with a 20 million jackpot on slots. Mind-blowing, right? But then, the anxiety creeps in. Will the casino pay up without a problem? So, trust became my guiding light. Beyond that, I was keen on the user experience - the variety of live dealer games, the plethora of slots, and of course, the smoothness of their website or app.

From Glitz to Grit: The Real Review

We tested tons of Malaysian online casinos and even contacted a Malaysian high-roller. Virtual character “BigPlaya” who recently started his own Malaysian casino review site.

We double-checked their fancy awards, and made sure I wasn’t falling for any shiny marketing tricks. Armed with real money and a bucket-load of enthusiasm, I ventured into the actual gaming experience. I played, bet, won some, lost some, but most importantly, I gauged how these platforms behaved. Did their apps glitch? Was their customer support helpful when I pretended to be clueless?

Is Online Gambling Legal in Malaysia?

Navigating the realm of online gambling in Malaysia has always been a complex matter. However, recent discussions in the Malaysian Parliament suggest that the country's legislative stance on this issue might undergo significant changes.

In a significant revelation at the Dewan Rakyat (House of Representatives), Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim confirmed that the Ministry of Finance is currently revisiting the country's gaming laws. The primary goal? To potentially introduce comprehensive amendments that would allow the government to regulate and oversee licensed gambling activities and online gambling more proficiently. This announcement comes in light of the understanding that the digital age has revolutionized how people access and engage with gambling platforms, both locally and internationally.

The Prime Minister outlined four principal gaming laws that are under review:

Common Gaming Houses Act 1953

Pool Betting Act 1967

Lotteries Act 1952

Betting Act 1953

It's noteworthy that the most recent modifications to these laws date back to 2001, a time when the internet's role in gambling was nowhere as pronounced as it is today. Therefore, many believe a review and subsequent revision are not just timely, but absolutely essential.

Interestingly, this isn't the first time such reviews have been hinted at. Back in November 2021, the then Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Datuk Seri Ismail Mohamed Said, had commented on the review of Malaysia's gambling regulations, specifically to address online gambling. Yet, up to now, no concrete amendments have been formally proposed.

While the Finance Minister hasn’t provided a clear timeline for when these potential legislative changes will be introduced to Parliament, there's a collective hope that this critical and long-awaited update to Malaysia's outdated gambling regulations will be prioritized. Time will tell how these discussions evolve, but they surely hold significant implications for the future of online gambling in the country.


Which is the best online casino in Malaysia?

BK8 stands at the top of the best online casino in Malaysia 2024 list. This isn't by mere chance; their concentrated efforts on catering to Malaysian players have set them apart. This commitment is underscored by their high-profile sponsorship of EPL heavyweight, Aston Villa. Additionally, BK8 offers a multitude of MYR deposit methods, coupled with an array of enticing bonuses tailored for their clientele.

Can I play online casino in Malaysia?

Yes, online gambling is accessible to Malaysians. Notably, international brands like BK8 extend their services to cater to Malaysian enthusiasts. This provision ensures that players can experience world-class gaming while relishing the familiarity of local preferences.

What is the most trusted online casino 2024?

For Malaysian players, the most trusted choice in 2024 is BK8. Their unwavering commitment to player satisfaction, fortified by secure transactions and player-centric policies, cements them as the foremost trusted online casino in the region.

What is the most popular online casino?

In Malaysia, the most popular online casinos include BK8, Sportsbetio, M88, and WE88. These platforms have gained significant traction among local players and are frequently mentioned as top choices in the region.

To Conclude

2024 promises an exhilarating online gambling journey in Malaysia. With BK8 leading the charge with its specialized offerings, and catering to the elite cryptocurrency users, there's something for everyone. As conversations intensify in trusted online casino Malaysia forums and Telegram groups, it’s evident that the allure of online gambling in Malaysia is only set to amplify.

DISCLAIMER: The content provided on this website is intended solely for entertainment purposes. Engaging in gambling activities carries inherent risks, and individuals are urged to be aware of these when utilizing online gambling platforms.

Though we assess various gambling platforms, it's essential for individuals to familiarize themselves with local regulations concerning online gambling. Please note that all gambling sites and associated materials are designated for those aged 18 and above.

Should you or someone you know be facing challenges with gambling addiction, please seek assistance by contacting the Malaysian gambling helpline at 1800225757

There are also complementary global resources available to address gambling addiction concerns.



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