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13 Best Sites To Buy IG Likes And Comments (Real & Cheap)

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13 Best Sites To Buy IG Likes And Comments (Real & Cheap)

You will also find answers to any questions you might have in the later sections. So, let’s get started? Below are some recommended websites for purchasing IG likes and comments

 Best Sites To Buy IG Likes And Comments
Best Sites To Buy IG Likes And Comments

Social media is dynamic and oversaturated with influencers, celebrities, brands, and famous personalities. This has made it difficult for people and brands that are new to the industry. Out of all the social media platforms, Instagram has seen a lot of growth and majorly dominates our lives. Hence, a lot of people and brands aspire to become Instagram famous and build a reputation for themselves. But, the saturated market has made it difficult for them to come to the limelight. So, what should you do? We recommend you buy IG likes and comments to boost your traffic and get more followers organically.

But, wouldn’t it be risky to buy IG comments and likes? Well, the following article discusses the top sites to buy real IG likes and comments that can help you grow safely on the platform. You will also find answers to any questions you might have in the later sections. So, let’s get started?

Below are some recommended websites for purchasing IG likes and comments:

1. Viralyft

Viralyft is an Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Spotify marketing website. It is one of the most effective and efficient websites on the internet to grow your social following. Viralyft provides very high-quality results in less time and the best prices without compromising the quality. Their results are rock solid and never put your account at risk. This website helps you buy IG likes and comments in the quickest manner possible.

However, the best part is that Viralyft offers fast delivery of services and each of their packages come with 24/7 customer support. Viralyft’s packages to buy likes are priced between $3.89 (100 likes) and 249 US dollars (40,000 likes), while the premium VIP quality packages are priced between 5.89 US dollars (100 likes) and 489.90 US dollars (40,000 likes). You can buy Instagram comments from Viralyft for as low as 4.99 US dollars (10 comments) and these go up to 59.99 US dollars (500 comments).

2. SocialPros

SocialPros is a leading Social media service to make your dreams of becoming a social media influencer come true. They have worked with over hundreds of musicians, influencers, and brands all over the world. Their services give you the exposure you need in order to make it big in the social media world. Social media is highly competitive, making it difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Thus, SocialPros is the perfect boost you need in order to shine, get more views, and boost engagement. Acquiring insta-fame is just around the corner with SocialPros! Their packages to purchase IG likes and comments start from as low as 3.50 US dollars and go up to 359.50 US dollars. This site provides instant delivery and is one of the top Instagram marketing services around the globe.

3. GetViral

GetViral is one of the most reliable sites to buy IG likes, comments, followers, and much more. The website’s plans for Instagram likes start from 3.99 US dollars and go up to 107.99 US dollars. One can purchase over 5000 Instagram likes for just 38.50 US dollars from the site! 97% of customers recommend GetViral because their high-quality packages offer instant engagement boosts.

When you buy likes and comments, you expand your reach, become popular, and ultimately build a huge fan base. A large number of likes and comments on your IG posts mean there is more authority associated with your company. It also means that your company is legit and motivates customers to conduct business together.

4. SocialPackages

SocialPackages is cited as the best authentic IG growth service to get more traffic to your page. One can also use this website in order to increase their following on other social media platforms. There is a refill guarantee, fast delivery, as well as 24/7 live support.

This is a risk-free, premium quality service with no password required! In a hyper-competitive world, a website like this is a lifesaver. People are always fighting for attention across social media platforms and this website is a great advantage. Their packages to buy cheap IG likes start at 2.50 US dollars for 100 followers up to 267 US dollars for 40,000 likes. You can also buy IG comments from the site for as low as $3.99 for 10 comments.

5. Fastlikes

Fastlikes is one of the only websites that promises an all-natural authentic and organic following. They promise actual real followers with no fakes or bots. They offer professional services with 24/7 support with guaranteed satisfaction.  They offer a range of plans to buy likes on IG starting at 2.89 dollars for 100 likes, all the way up to plans for 40,000 likes for 270 dollars. On the other hand, their packages for IG comments are priced between $3.99 for 10 and $94.99 for 500.
Their service packages make growing on social media an absolute breeze. is the ideal website to buy active Instagram followers, non-drop IG likes, real IG views as well as comments. They also have the additional benefit of providing reel views, another brilliant way to grow your page while simultaneously building your following. 

6. Famoid 

Famoid is one of the best, most reliable sites to use to buy real IG likes and comments. With the number of users on Instagram that currently exist, it is easy to think that every well-known page that you see has a ton of followers because it is really well known. But that is where you are making a mistake.
Big firms and companies that are famous, also buy Instagram likes and comments since they need to seem very established as well. This is essential for them to be able to have their brand seem established and like it has a following that comprises real followers.
Thus, it is imperative for you too as a creator or as a brand to invest in these companies and create a social media image for yourself. 

7. Twicsy 

Twicsy has an edge over its competitors in the fact that it has been voted most reliable and the best site to buy IG likes by the Men’s Journal in 2021. This gives Twicsy that edge over its competitors as it has social media validation from other sites. Twicsy provides high-quality solutions for its customers, granting them access to genuine followers who will like, share and follow their pages. Their packages start at 1.47 dollars and go all the way up to 199.99 dollars. 
This is rare, as most other social media sites that allow you to buy real IG comments and likes, or gain Instagram views, will have bots doing the same, and so there is little to no genuine in the following that you as a creator or a brand amass. However, with Twicsy you will be able to achieve high quality at reasonable prices. 

8. Buzzoid

Buzzoid is one of the best sites out there to provide you with packages to buy IG comments and likes. When you are in need of solutions to increase the engagement on your IG page and are looking to increase your likes and the comments on your posts as well as the followers and the views you have, then this is the most ideal place to start it.

With low-budget plans and high-quality solutions, Buzzoid will help you propel your page to the fame that you are looking to gain. It provides features that will give you tips on how to increase engagement as well as buying likes, comments, and views on videos. By doing this your page will seem like it is better known and an established name in the business. 

9. GoRead

This is one of the best places to buy likes from as it specializes in doing just that. This is definitely one of the fastest services out there for you to pay for, and you will be able to buy as many Instagram likes as you would like to, as well as increase the number of comments you would have. In addition to this it is one of the cheapest sites out there, starting from 0.49 US dollars.

They additionally help you boost organic growth by providing the right hashtags for you to use, and the right amount of engagement for your page that will get followers to your page with little to no work. They have a list of trusted clients which proves the efficiency of their page which is clearly very high. This is definitely one of the best sites for you to buy IG likes and comments at cheap prices, and their focus on that as a domain so they have a level of expertise that they offer.

10. Blast Up 

This site comes from a background of offline experience and thus has a huge understanding of marketing which comes in handy when you are a bigger brand on social media trying to sell your product or service to the general public.

This background in marketing gives them an edge over other companies that offer the same services, as with their offline experience they have been able to implement it on an online platform and this will greatly benefit you if you are looking to increase sales of a product or good on your social media page. Their pricing starts at 1.59 dollars for 50 likes and increases as you look at bigger packages. 

11. InstaFollowers

When beginning your online adventure with your brand or as a creator, it may be really hard to start being heard. You may struggle to make a name for yourself or to make a difference online and initially, that may be incredibly demotivational and hard for you to get past those barriers.
However, with the use of an agency such as InstaFollowers, you will be able to instantly purchase Instagram likes, comments and views on your videos and posts, and this will greatly benefit you as a creator or as a brand. Not only will it help you build engagement it will also help you seem established in your field of interest since a new follower when clicking on your page will see that you already have a strong follower base and know that you are established in your field. 

12. SuperViral

This is a relatively new site in the market that has established itself as a name to contend with. It is one of the prime examples of a newcomer making it big with lower prices and better services. SuperViral will offer you packages to buy IG likes and comments that deliver results almost immediately so it won’t keep you waiting and wondering when your likes will finally be updated on the posts you have made.
With engaging content, you will be able to organically boost your page after you buy these social media packages that are offered to you by this site. SuperViral can be a deadly tool when wielded right and you will be able to boost your social media engagement. 

13. Friendly Likes

Friendly Likes is one of the sites with a huge support team that will help you every step of the way and this is great for you as a newcomer in the industry of social media. This is one of the sites that will boost your understanding and handling of social media. You get up to 10,000 IG likes and 500 IG comments at just 59.90 US dollars and 54.90 US dollars respectively. 

With their specialty in gaining likes on social media, they will also help you increase the views on each of your posts, and increase the followers on your page, not excluding the comments feature on their site. They will provide 24/7 customer support which is a huge asset to choosing this site to increase your social media presence.

How to Increase Engagement on Instagram?

Although increasing engagement on Instagram is not easy organically, social media management tools and packages can help you grow. We have put hundreds of sites to the test and shortlisted the top 13 sites to buy IG likes and comments. 

As soon as you buy these packages, your account’s reach and engagement is boosted enabling you to get more followers organically. So, we recommend using the top sites to buy Instagram engagement to help you reach a wider audience.

Is It Worth Buying Instagram Engagement?

Yes, it is absolutely worth buying Instagram engagement. When you buy IG engagement, your overall reach is boosted. This means that influencers can land better brand deals and get good returns. On the other hand, this can help boost the authenticity of a brand and create a good social media presence. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When I Buy Instagram Likes, Do Real Accounts Deliver Them?

Although some sites use bots and fake accounts which negatively impact your engagement, the sites mentioned in the above article offer engagement with real accounts. So, when you buy IG likes and comments from them, you’re safe!

How Can I Buy Verified Instagram Comments?

Verified Instagram comments boost your engagement more compared to those from normal accounts. So, it is better to get comments from a verified accounts. Well, you can now with Viralyft’s packages buy verified IG comments easily.

Which is the Best Site to Buy IG Comments and Likes?

The above article lists the top 13 sites to buy IG comments and likes, but our favorite ones are Viralyft, GetViral, and SocialPros.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy Instagram Comments?

The top sites to buy IG comments offer packages starting at just $0.49. You can choose the package based on the engagement amount and price.

Do the Sites for IG Engagement Allow Crypto Payments?

The sites mentioned in the article offer several payment options such as Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, and Crypto. So, yes, you can pay for engagement packages with Crypto.


There are many different sites you can buy social media followers from, as well as likes and views and we have picked out some of the best ones for you. However, this list cannot decide for you what your ultimate social media goal is. As a brand looking to increase your followers and come out on top as a strongly established name, it is advised for you to increase your followers by buying likes, views, and comment on posts to make your engagement go up - thus increasing the sales of your goods and services.

If you are an aspiring influencer and want to get brand deals as well as traction, using these sites as tools to increase your social media following is not such a bad idea, since it is so hard to boost your page with no push start. Whatever the reason may be, these are the best sites for you to buy IG likes or comments on your posts. 

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