Friday, May 27, 2022

 Wellness Brands Witness An Uptick In Consumption

Ranging from Vitamin D, Magnesium, Fish Oil, Omega Supplements, CoQ-10, Vitamin-C, and Multivitamins, a lot more variation is now available in the kind of products that are being consumed.

 Wellness Brands Witness An Uptick In Consumption
Muscle XP Product

The post Covid-19 world is seeing a greater interest in wellness than ever before. A BCG report indicates that 57% of consumers are keen to include wellness products as part of their regular consumption habits. This concern for wellness extends to maintaining healthy and active lifestyles all across. New age wellness brands are scaling up to meet this new uptick with products that address this need gap.

Anan Khurma, Co-Founder of Wellversed, a company that enables wellness D2C brands and offers holistic lifestyle nutrition products to a diverse segment of consumers says, “The nutrition and wellness industry continues to be primarily a solution-based industry driven by tangible outcomes like body-weight, skin & hair quality, disease management and bodybuilding. For all the talk about preventive wellness and the recent need for high immunity, people tend to search for nutrition and wellness products as a solution rather than as a lifestyle shift.”

Wellversed has witnessed a minimum of 10% month on month growth for it’s wellness brands and has seen great interest in nutrition regimes and personalised diets as well.

 Innovation is driving this demand as observed by Sahil Mehta, Founder Muscle XP. The brand was incepted in the year, 2018, has worked very hard to offer innovative sports and fitness nutrition products that offer consumers multiple options from protein powders, weight management supplements, fish oil supplements and multivitamins among others. Eyeing the rapidly growing sports nutrition market in the country, MuscleXP aims to widen its portfolio with more additions in the coming months, ranging from vegan powders, as well as complete health supplements. It is also launching fitness accessories under the brand name Dr. Fitness+, which retails yoga mats (already launched), fitness accessories like tummy trimmers, ab rollers, as well complete gym accessories.

Sahil explains, “People were hesitant to take any medication earlier and were highly dependent upon home remedies. The pandemic further hit the light on the necessity of a healthy lifestyle. Hence it has transformed the way we live. Nutrition and wellness are nowhere to stay, with one's wellbeing being the top priority.”
The coming years will only witness further growth in this trend, as consumers ask for more.

Anan observes, “There is a rapidly rising awareness and demand for clean label products. Thanks to logistic needs there is a rising eco-consciousness and willingness to switch brand loyalty based on the supply chain. Ayurvedic and herbal products continue to grow and cater to the core audience sold on the efficacy of such products. Plant-based is a trend eating into both the allopathic and the herbal supplements market.”

Yet, while consumers are keen, they are also demanding more and better from brands.

Sahil adds, “At MuscleXP, we ensure that there is transparency in labels, and we are dedicated to continuously researching, developing, patenting, producing, and globally marketing the most effective diet and sports supplements. MuscleXP has a commitment to quality, which extends across its manufacturing and packaging processes, to the retail experience. All raw material is subject to quality tests and ensures the most authentic and secure ingredients.”

There is also a lot more variation in the kind of products that are being consumed. This can range from Vitamin D, Magnesium, Fish Oil, Omega Supplements, CoQ-10, Vitamin-C, and Multivitamins. These are followed by wellness supplements like Probiotics, Curcumin, Vitamin B, Melatonin, & Calcium etc. 

In the next year there will be further demand for products This year, we can expect a surge in demand for nutrition and wellness products as people have become more health-conscious and concentrated on their wellbeing. The ongoing Covid situation is to be held responsible for this rapid market shift. We will see a marching trend towards customized solutions for nutrition to fulfil individual requirements. Additionally, immunity-boosting supplements will also be a hero product.