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'Never Give Up' Is My Mantra For Life: Vishal Krishna

Vishal understands that it takes many hands like his to make an impact on the unfortunate to get them out of poverty. Through his charity foundation, ‘Devi Social & Educational Trust’ he is changing many lives.

Vishal Krishna, Devi Social & Educational Trust

Vishal Krishna, the face of Aspiring India, is the most popular action hero of the South film industry. He began his career in 2004 with Chellamae which was a box office hit and there was no looking back for him ever since. He understands that it takes many hands like his to make an impact on the unfortunate to get them out of poverty. Through his charity foundation, ‘Devi Social & Educational Trust’ he is changing many lives.

Here he speaks about his vision for Aspiring India as an actor, producer and a philanthropist. 

You began your career in 2004, what has changed for you now?
I would say it is people’s perception towards me. I was a very normal person before I got in to movies. It was a sudden transformation that took place wherein from a person buying a movie ticket to watch his favourite actor to he himself going on screen and receiving unconditional love from so many people. The biggest change was an elevation from having stayed in a normal room in the beginning of my career to being upgraded to a suite. This proves that I am given the privileges due to the success and fame I possess. It has definitely changed me to be a better Vishal over the years.

How do you handle popularity?
I would never nudge away from it. I use my fame for the right reasons. I ensure it does not go beyond my neck. It does not go to my head at all. It makes me realise I am a human too. You are the same person that you are but it is because of your hard work you have gained popularity. I have utilised my fame for several social causes. I feel overwhelmed when I see a three year old dancing for my song. An infant which is a complete stranger to me enjoying my song is the actual definition of popularity to me.

Describe Vishal in one sentence.
“Never give up !” This is my mantra for life.

What made you take up philanthropy? What have you planned for the village you have adopted?
Philanthropy is a calling. I cannot recall the time I started to offer a helping hand to the needy. It is just like a flow of life. The reason why I continued doing it is because I see god in the ones I do things for. Seeing an unknown person smile makes me so happy. It has become a part of my life and it gives me self satisfaction. I hate anyone wasting food or water. I make sure my team sells my movie costumes and donate the money to the orphanages. 

Speaking of the village, it is called Karkavayal near Pattukkottai, Tamil Nadu. It was hit by the cyclone leaving the entire village completely destroyed and leaving the families homeless. Honestly, I did not even think for a second before I decided to adopt to re-build the entire village. I have provided shelter to as many as I could but I am working towards completing the project at the earliest. It will be India’s first model village with the best irrigation facilities for agriculture, hospitals and good government schools for children’s education. It is a project which is close to my heart.

What is your favorite family activity?
Spending time with my pets. Eating a good home cooked meal with my dad, mom and my sister. This makes me really happy.

You recently won the ‘Youth Icon award’ and you are an inspiration to the youth out there. What is your advise to them?
I would say, keep the chain rolling. I never imagined being a ‘Youth Icon’ as a student. I never envisioned myself being an actor or a producer and to be receiving this award after 18 years of my career. There is a reason for me to get this. If you are inspired by me, I would like to see you inspire the others. I want today’s youth to take up philanthropy to make this world a better place.

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