We Will Not Work With Vindictive Attitude: Manohar on Srini

We Will Not Work With Vindictive Attitude: Manohar on Srini

Newly-elected BCCI president Shashank Manohar today said that the new dispensation would not have a "vindictive attitude" towards anyone including former chief N Srinivasan, whom he termed as "one of the best secretaries" of the board. 

"We are not working here with a vindictive attitude. The entire Board --- all 30 members including the Tamil Nadu CA (headed by Srinivasan) was united that all of us have to work together to build the image of this Board. For that, we can't fight amongst ourselves and have any vindictive attitude when we decide on matters," said Manohar, without elaborating anything about Srtinivasan's future as chairman of ICC.
"I can tell you Srinivasan was an excellent secretary, he was better than most of the secretaries I have come across in the Board. He was one of the best secretaries to have as I found out during my (2008-09 to 2010-11) tenure. I don't know what happened after I completed my term in 2011. I was not in touch. Srinivasan was by far the best secretary after Mr Dalmiya," Manohar said.
However, he left it to the general body of the Board to decide whether to continue to nominate Srinivasan's name as the chairman of the International Cricket Council.
"The General Body has to decide at the AGM," he answered.
Asked about one office-bearer, treasurer Anirudh Chaudhary having filed an affidavit against secretary Anurag Thakur in the perjury case filed by Srivasan against the latter, Manohar - whtout elaborating - said that it had been sorted out between the concerned persons.
"The issue was discussed after the meeting (SGM) got over and the issue has been sorted out. It was informally discussed and sorted out. I never said it happened in the meeting."
He reiterated during the media interaction that followed his opening address at the media conference that his first priority was to clean up the image of the game.
"My first priorty is to clean the image of the sport. As far as young faces (in administration) it's always better as the new generation have new ideas while the older geneneration has fixed notions and they work accordingly. Development can take place only when new generation comes in. I would encourage good administrators irrespective of whether whetehr he is a player or not."
While stressing that the BCCI would be more transperent than before, Manohar emphatically ruled out it will have to come under the Right To Information Act.
"Under Article 12 of the (Indian) Constitution, we are not a state, (but) our functions are akin to a state. That's why the Supreme Court has held that we are performing a public deed. We are a private body though performing a public deed and therefore each and every activity of the Board need not be disclosed to the whole world. As I said transparency means transparency in functioning of the Board."
"But we will not come under the RTI because law cannot apply to one institution. RTI is an Act. Under the Act to whom it applies is defined by two contingences. As the law exists, it applies only to state govertments, institutions which are controlled by centre or state governments or who has been substantially aided by the govt. We do not fall in either of these categories and RTI cannot be made applicable to us.
"There could be fans of filmstars who would want to know everything about filmstars. Does it mean RTI applies to filmstars becase we are fans, we spend money to watch movies? But if government amends the law, we have no difficulty (in accepting it). But we cannot be singled out and said it should be applied to the Board."
Asked about reports in the media that he was in touch through e-mail exchanges with debarred former IPL chairman Lalit Modi, Manohar said he was not even conversant about how to start a computer.
"As far as Lalit Modi is concerned, I may have relations with hundreds of people, but that's not going to affect my functioning in this Board. Tomorrow, if I am informally meeting someone -- here I am taking the worst case scenario and I am not admitting anything - or if I have dinner with someone, how is it going to affect the Board's functioning.
"If that is affecting my functioning in the Board then you have every right to criticise me. And I can assure you the day it affects my functiong in the Board, I will step down.
"If I send a mail to the Queen of England, does that mean I am on friendly terms with the Queen? Or If I send a mail to US president" He does not even know me. I will tell you one more fact, I can't even start a computer let alone read a mail (on it)."
On the option before the BCCI of terminating the two suspended IPL franchises - Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals - Manohar asked for time to study the whole issue..
"It is hardly 25 minutes back that I took over (as President) and you can't expect me to look into all the Board's records. At least give me two months' time. There are a lot many issues to be addressed. After two months, you can ask me any question."
But he insisted that next year's IPL will take place.
"It would happen," he said to a pointed question.
He also supported all the facets of DRS except it being used to decide on leg before the wicket decision given by the on-field umpire.
"I am agreeable to everything except the lbw decision because you are substituting the opinion of the third umpire in place of the main umpire while even the camera angle can make a diference with regard to the angle of the delivery. On all other things, I am agreebale to DRS. This I have stated at the ICC meetings since 2010."
On resumption of Indo-Pak cricket contests, Manohar said it was not only related to the two cricket boards but also depends on the two countries' governments.
"India-Pakistan series is not only between two Boards but both the countries' governments are involved. We have to discuss among ourselves before taking a final decision."
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