Rahul's Record as Amethi MP Abysmal: BJP

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Rahul's Record as Amethi MP Abysmal: BJP

In an all-out offensive against Rahul Gandhi ahead of polls in Amethi, BJP today released a video on under-development in his constituency and a "charge sheet" on his performance as an MP, accusing him of not raising a single issue of the area he represents for a decade.

"By the standard of performance of an average Lok Sabha MP MP, his record, to say the least, is abysmal," BJP leader Yashwant Sinha said in Delhi, as party's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi stormed Amethi, asking its people to "vote for change".

"What is more interesting is in last 10 years, Rahul Gandhi has not raised a single issue in Lok Sabha relating to Amethi. He asked zero questions on Amethi in Parliament in last 10 years. This shows his abject failure and utter disregard to solve the problems of the people of Amethi," BJP leader Yashwant Sinha said.

He said in the last five years, Rahul Gandhi's attendance in Lok Sabha has been 42.99 per cent compared to the average of 76 per cent of an Indian MP and he participated in two debates in Parliament compared to an average of 38 for an MP, while his record in asking questions on Amethi is zero compared to an average of 300 for an MP.

"In 37 years that this family has represented Amethi, neither has the basic amenities in Amethi changed or improved, nor has the life of people of that constituency improved. He has not even been an average member of Lok Sabha in the ten years that he represented that constituency. The question is why should the people of Amethi vote for Rahul Gandhi in this election," he said.

The video of "lack of development" in Amethi, a Gandhi-Nehru family bastion, shows it in shambles without proper infrastructure and broken roads.

According to the 'charge sheet' released by BJP, about 60 per cent of the houses in Amethi do not have electricity and 80 per cent of the houses lack a proper toilet, while 44 per cent of schools in Amethi do not have proper toilet facilities for girls.

"This makes us think what has Congress candidate from Amethi Rahul Gandhi done for his constituency," he said.

"We are absolutely confident that our candidate from Amethi Smriti Irani is going to win by a thumping majority and if there was anything which was needed to add to the strength of the campaign was being done today by Modi addressing a massive rally today," Sinha said.

Sinha said Amethi has been the most important constituency since the last 35 years but still it is in bad shape.

"The question to Rahul is that what are the efforts you made? How many issues you raised in Parliament? What issues he raised in front of the state and the Central governments?" he said.

Sinha also raised the issue of Rahul joining the Parliamentary Committee on Finance which he chaired and said the Congress leader hardly attended two-three meetings of the all-important panel and "his contribution to the committee left much to be desired."

Talking about Modi campaigning in Amethi, the BJP leader said, "Good days are going to come, but not through the Amethi model."

Sinha also hit out at the Congress for "trying to remove Modi from the scene by imposing restrictions on him or by getting him arrested."

"Whenever anything is raised, Congress tries to make the issue personal," he said.

The video against Rahul on Amethi also said that "for the Congress Amethi is like a 'chunav ki peti' (a ballot box".

In an attack on Rahul, the video says, "One who could not do anything for the area he represents, what he could do for the country."

The BJP "charge-sheet" on Amethi says, the district has a per capital income of Rs 19,896, which is Rs 10,156 less than that of Rs 30,052 of Uttar Pradesh and Rs 40,707 less than that of India (Rs 60,603) in 2011-12.

"This makes Amethi one of the most impoverished districts of UP," Sinha said.

"Of the 67,128 families that asked for their right to employment in Amethi district, a mere 2,174 actually got 100 days employment - translating to a 3.2 per cent delivery rate of what the Congress has guaranteed by law. This despite Amethi being the pocket borough of Rahul Gandhi," the BJP said.

It also pointed out that 62.8 per cent households in Sultanpur district do not get electricity, almost double the national average of 32.7 per cent and said Rae Bareli was no different with 59.7 per cent households not getting electricity and people surviving on kerosene oil.

The party said 83.8 per cent households of Sultanpur district do not have toilet - 19.4 per cent more than UP's 60.4 per cent and 30.7 per cent more than India's 53.1 per cent.

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