Piers Morgan Hits A Soft Spot: Why Didn't India Win A Single Olympic Gold?

The British journalist was more than a match to almost all of Indian Twitter.

Vikram Kilpady
Piers Morgan Hits A Soft Spot: Why Didn't India Win A Single Olympic Gold?
File- AP Photo/Mahesh Kumar A
Piers Morgan Hits A Soft Spot: Why Didn't India Win A Single Olympic Gold?

Imagine the heavies of twitter in India all on one side. No, make it all of Indian Twitter minus Chetan Bhagat. Suhel Seth, Virender Sehwag, the trolls of the right, centre and left, were fighting what seemed a losing battle with British journalist Piers Morgan in the 140-character world who had just one question to ask that has been pushed to the back of our minds – Why did India not win a gold medal in the Rio Olympics?

Morgan tweeted, “1,200,000,000 people and not a single Gold medal at the Olympics? Come on India, this is shameful. Put the bunting away & get training.” Ouch.

The bunting he referred to was possibly the over-the-top celebrations for what was one silver medal (PV Sindhu) and one bronze medal (Sakshi Malik). When Indians saw this, they sprang to their countries’ defence, some admitting the brouhaha was way too much, others defending the honour of their motherland by asking Morgan how many medals he has won in the Olympics. More ad hominem arguments on how India celebrates every medal forcing Morgan to say this: “Country with 1.2 billion people wildly celebrates 2 losing medals. How embarrassing is that?”

Double Ouch. Someone should order mega quantities of Iodex.

The sport that he is, Morgan did say that India needs to up its investment into sport and said if India can produce Sachin Tendulkar, why can’t it produce Olympic gold medal winning athletes?

We agree wholeheartedly with Morgan and want higher governmental investment for sports to win medals. But there are some other priorities too, like the hungry, the homeless, the poor etc. We also want government spending for them. All these categories have lost out on funds, as has sports.

Maybe we should let our embarrassment at not winning a Olympic gold stay fresh and live until we can afford it, without making it robbing Peter to pay Paul.

But before we leave, we should remind Morgan of a major faux pas by a British Airways twitter poster/slave/nut who asked for the full name and address of a close buddy of Morgan’s – Sachin Tendulkar – when he had lost baggage. Embarrassments abound on all sides, let us savour ours and get better hopefully or not by the 2020 Tokyo Games. There’s a famous though ersatz Hindi film, Love in Tokyo. Only 2020 can tell.

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