Dev Anand: Tributes

Dev Anand: Tributes
Shock and disbelief gripped the Hindi film world as the news spread about the death of Dev Anand with actors saying an era has come to an end with the passing away of the "eveready battery".

Waheeda Rehman, who worked with him in the classic Guide and several other films, said, "She was sad to hear the news because he was her first hero and she did maximum films with him. We had to learn so much from him because he had so much energy in him. I used to tell him 'Dev you are like an eveready battery'".

Tributes on the news of his death have poured in thick and fast. Some of the reactions:

"The film industry has lost a creative talent who personified the spirit of graceful ageing with dignity. Dev Anand had delighted fans with his vivacious acting and as a popular romantic hero. Anand was a legendary film artiste as well as a producer, director and writer who adorned the Hindi cinema with great distinction. He shall always be remembered by a generation of film watchers for his exemplified acting in the movies; Taxi Driver, Munimji, Guide, Johny Mera Naam, Hare Rama Hare Krishna and Des Pardes."
--Pratibha Patil, President

"Dev Anand was a great artiste who entertained generations of cinema lovers over five decades. He was an embodiment of long passion for acting and film-making. I join millions of his fans in mourning his death."
--Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister

"Dev Anand entertained generations of Indians with his versatile acting, direction and production of films. He had an intense passion for films."
--Hamid Ansari, Vice President

"He will be remembered for a long time for his unique personality and performance."
--Sonia Gandhi, Congress President

"An era has come to an end with his demise. He will be missed by all film lovers."
                                                                                                   --Sheila Dikshit, Chief Minister, Delhi

"The country has lost an iconic film personality who gave joy to countless movie buffs. He will forever be remembered as Hindi cinema's evergreen hero."
--Prithviraj Chavan, Chief Minister, Maharashtra

"When I saw the news on TV (about his death), I was shocked. Devsaab was an idol for us in college days. He was evergreen. We all waited for his films to release. The youth had an attraction for his action and style."
--Vilasrao Deshmukh, Union Minister

"Dev Anand's love for life and cinema will live on through his films."
--Sushilkumar Shinde, Union Minister

"India has lost a great actor, an illustrious son, and a true patriot...His demise is an irreparable loss to the film industry as well as to the Nation. Dev Anand's death has left a void that can never be filled...His (Dev Anand)'s foot prints on Indian cinema are indelible. He was a multifaceted personality and every role he played created an impact on the minds of viewers".
--Jayalalithaa, Chief Minister, Tamil Nadu

"The guide of entertainment industry, Dev Sahab has passed away. Our tributes to him...May his soul rest in peace. During the 1975-77 Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi, Dev Sahab was the one who stood up in favour of democracy with most conviction."
--Narendra Modi, Chief Minister, Gujarat

"Dev Anand, who ruled over the audience of all ages during a glorious film career spanning over six decades, will remembered by all for his multi-faceted personality. Devsaheb's death has left a deep void in the film industry."
--Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister, Bihar

"(Dev Anand's death is) the passing of an era, a void never to be filled. Rest in peace Dev Sahib. (You were) a legend in your own life time, you will be sorely missed."
--Omar Abdullah, Chief Minister, Jammu and Kashmir

"Dev Anand's death is an irreparable loss to the film industry. He is no more but...Will remain evergreen in the hearts of his fans and continue to inspire them."
                                                                                    --Tarun Gogoi, Chief Minister, Assam

"Dev Anand occupied a special place in Hindi film industry as a popular actor, able director and successful producer. He has become a legend due to his magnificent acting,"
                                                                              --Naveen Patnaik, Chief Minister, Odisha

"Devanand was a great motivator and a great supporter of IFFI in Goa and the state will miss his presence and enthusiasm.An institution and a style icon is lost."
                                                                                   --Prakash Kamat, Chief Minister, Goa

"Some of his movies like Johny Mera Naam, Jewel Thief, Hare Rama Hare Krishna became box office hits in many major cities across the country, including many in Tamil Nadu. Though he was a big actor, he was known for leading a simple life. I express my deepest condolences to his family members."
                                                                                            --Karunanidhi, DMK President

"He will be remembered for his style of acting. Dev Anand had a life long zeal to act and produce films and his romantic roles had always appealed to the viewers."
                                                                  --Ram Naresh Yadav, Governor, Madhya Pradesh

"Dev Anand was a true evergreen star and with his death an era has come to an end. For a career spanning over more than five decades, Dev Anand gave us films which will stay entrenched in our minds for years on,"
--Ambika Soni, Minister, Information and Broadcasting

"RIP Dev Anand. I grew up watching your films. Sorry to say goodbye."
--Salman Rushdie, Author

"An era has come to an end ...Dev Anand leaves a void never perhaps to be filled again... His never give up belief, his joy of life! Had just met Dev Saheb at his premiere recently .. He was weak but full of spirit ..The newspapers confirming his passing away ..Sad. Just reading news about Dev Saheb... praying it is not true! He was such a positive person...Never associated death with him"
--Amitabh Bachchan, Actor

"He never looked back and never regretted anything. He was a great personality".
--Lata Mangeshkar, Singer

"I still remember one of his songs 'main zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya'...While listening to this song, I feel Dev saab is still with us. We always prayed for his well being. He was very close to me. It is like I lost life from my body."
--Naseeruddin Shah, Actor

"Dev Saheb robustly lived life on his own terms. He will be missed by millions but will live on through his movies.I salute his spirit."
--Shabana Azmi, Actor

"You can't imagine a person like Dev Anand not living. that man is evergreen and he would always be evergreen. He was a contemporary of my father but he actually behaved younger to my son Ranbir. He lived life to the fullest."
--Rishi Kapoor, Actor

"Dev Anand is dead. As the new dawn breaks over Mumbai I salute the memory of this star who has left us with the glow of his smile."
--Mahesh Bhatt, Veteran Film maker

"So as a Tribute to Dev Saab let's only humm his songs today. Songs which became such an integral part of our lives. 'Abhi na jao chodkar'. Dev Saab was kind, passionate, courageous, forthright, charming, encouraging, contemporary, always a leader and a great human. Will Miss him,"
--Anupam Kher, Actor

"Devanandji, we had the proud privilege of taking your blessings, shaking hands and giving you a hug as we humbly offered 'The Legend' award two-years ago. All of us here, who were part of that evening, are so moved today."
--Rajinikanth, Actor

"He was always full of energy. I have always been his big admirer and his fan. He is someone who we all look up to. His death is a great loss. He was a great fighter. It is a very sad day indeed."
--Aamir Khan, Actor

"Dev sahib's sad demise makes me feel that the film industry is incomplete & has lost its magical energy. May Allah bless his soul,"
--Shah Rukh Khan, Actor

"Sad to hear about Dev Anand's demise. Another icon leaves the stage. My condolences to his family. We will miss him."
--Madhuri Dixit, Actor

"Shocked to read of the passing of Dev Saab. Such a great man and actor. A symbol of positivity. Never believed I would ever wake up to this news. Very sad!"
--Abhishek Bachchan, Actor

"Still the news is not sinking in, had celebrated his birthday with him, Devsaab was full of energy and life then, just can't believe!"
--Madhur Bhandarkar, Film maker

"On behalf of the family I thank everyone for the thousands of messages of love pouring in from all over the world on passing of Dev Anand. Can I ask friends frm Media to be a little patient? The family is still coming to terms with his passing...My Uncle Dev Anand. V spoke about him as if he would live forever. May be he will. That which seemed immortal passes into myth."
--Shekhar Kapur, Film maker

"One of the worst years so far, evergreen romantic actor, director Dev Anand saab, the one who romanced with life is no more but he dies young."
--Akshay Kumar, Actor

"Abhi naa jao chhodkar key dil abhi Bhara nahi... Sad to hear abt Devsaabs demise... May god give him peace."
--Shankar Mahadevan, Singer

"An era passed with his demise. A true inspiration Dev saab was for all of us. I remember when my mom made me watch the movie Guide, I spent the next week trying to puff my hair as high as his. I only regret and wish I could have met him. Dev saab will be missed and remembered by us all."
--Ali Zafar, Actor/Singer

"Just got the sad news Dev Anandsahab passed away. I've always been a huge fan of his. And grown up watching his dynamic films. RIP."
--Neil Nitin Mukesh, Actor

"Can't believe Devsaab is no more? A real institution, dreamer,believer & the grtest romantic because he LOVED life. A truly sad say. RIP sir."
--Sophie Choudhary, Singer

"The last I met Devsaab was at his premiere, sitting next to him, n seeing his smiling face, full of zest energy n enthusiasm! Main zindagi ka sath nibhata chala gayam... RIP devsaab! Knowing u working what you is cherished! My evergreen hero! will miss u sir!"
--Divya Dutta, Actor

"Sad news. Evergreen slept forever. May he rest in peace! He will be conspicuous by his absence."
--Manoj Bajpayee, Actor

"Rest In Peace Dev Saab... Your chivalry, charm, optimism and your great body of work will never be forgotten."
--Dia Mirza, Actor

"Rip dev anand... Spread love & never give up attitude just went ahead and did whatever he wanted .. My favourite actor!!! Rip dev anand ... Spread love & a never give up attitude just went ahead and did whatever he wanted... My favourite actor!!!"
--Goldie Behl, Film maker

"Devanand personified cinema and will be deeply missed by the ESG (Entertainment Society of Goa) for his constant encouragement towards promoting cinema. ESG had a long association with Devanand. In his sad demise, the ESG has lost an ardent supporter and a guide, while Indian cinema has lost one of its biggest icons who stylised it."
                                                                                              --Manoj Srivastava, CEO, ESG

(reactions on Twitter have not been edited)

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