Cameron Makes Anti-Brexit Downing Street Doorstep Request

Aditi Khanna/London
Cameron Makes Anti-Brexit Downing Street Doorstep Request

Prime Minister David Cameron today made a last-ditch direct and personal appeal to British voters to vote in favour of remaining within the EU, pleading them to think of the consequences of their "momentous decision" on the "hopes and dreams" of their children and grandchildren.

Speaking from the doorsteps of his 10 Downing Street office in a hastily organised 10-minute televised statement, Cameron stressed that voting to remain within the 28-nation economic bloc in Thursday's referendum would make the United Kingdom safer and more prosperous.

The 49-year-old described his statement as a "pause" to speak "directly, and personally, about the momentous decision that this country faces in just two days' time."

"Britain does not quit, we get involved, take a lead, make a difference and get things done. It will just be you in that polling booth. Just you, taking a decision that will affect your future, your children's future, your grandchildren's future," he said.

"I believe very deeply from my years of experience that we will be stronger, we will be safer, we will be better off inside Europe."

In reference to the minors who do not have a vote in the June 23 referendum, he added: "They know their chances to work, to travel, to build the sort of open and successful society they want to live in rests on this outcome."

Cameron warned that future generations would be left with a damaged, diminished economy if Britain became the first country to withdraw from the EU in the bloc's 60-year history.

"And remember they can't undo the decision we take. If we vote out, that's it. It is irreversible. We will leave Europe for good, and the next generation will have to live with the consequences far longer than the rest of us."

On a personal note, Cameron said he had been honoured to serve as Prime Minister for six years and believes "very deeply, from my years of experience, that we'll be stronger, we’ll be safer, we'll be better off inside Europe."

His near emotional plea came as another latest opinion poll on Tuesday afternoon reflected a slight edge for the Remain camp over Vote Leave.

A Survation poll for trading company IG gave Remain a one-point lead, on 45 per cent to Brexitiers at 44 per cent.

Those still undecided accounted for 11 per cent of those surveyed in the telephone poll and once they were taken out of the calculation, the new poll suggests 51 per cent of people are planning to vote for Britain to stay within the EU and 49 for a Brexit.

Both sides are making their final appeals to undecided voters ahead of the last TV referendum debate of the campaign.

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