Anyone Who Denies Being a Feminist is an Idiot: Twinkle Khanna

Anyone Who Denies Being a Feminist is an Idiot: Twinkle Khanna
Anyone Who Denies Being a Feminist is an Idiot: Twinkle Khanna

Bollywood actress Twinkle Khanna says she is a proud feminist and believes anyone who shys away from the term is an "idiot".

Twinkle was speaking at the launch of her book The Legend of Laksmi Prasad.

When filmmaker Karan Johar noted that her book is feminist in nature, Twinkle interrupted and said, "I want to say something. Many journalists, who have read the book, came and asked me hesitantly 'Are you a feminist?' 

"They were behaving as if the question was 'Are you a Justin Bieber fan?' Feminism means wanting equal opportunities and those who say they are not and they don't believe in feminism, are idiots."

The actress said women are today trying to come out of the cage in which men had trapped them.

"Women are trying very hard to find a place in the world which should be theirs anyway but man had locked them in a cage and they are now trying to get out." 

The actress said growing up women are often conditioned in a certain way with regards to societal norms and feels one should be true to their personality to active great things in life.

"We grow up and we need to conform to the society, to fit in. And my granny would always be moaning about the fact that I never brushed my hair and my mom would always try to put me on a diet and I would tell her I wouldn't fit in.

"I would ask her why do I need to fit in a size for a dress ? And for all the oddballs and misfits out there, if you follow your path you will reach somewhere where no one has reached because you are meant to uniquely do some things which only you can do," she added.

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