Thursday, Jun 30, 2022

Why 'Monkey' Is Racist

Inequity and oppression is a two-way street, Indians should know that

Why 'Monkey' Is Racist Why 'Monkey' Is Racist

Indians, worshippers of man and beast, things live and lifeless, have been asking in strident a voice: "Is calling someone a monkey a racial insult?" Indians can do with a quick course on race relations. They must understand that you cannot call a person of African stock 'monkey' and expect no outrage. As Mike Marqusee explains, "Calling Africans monkeys is placing them on a lower rung of the evolutionary ladder, associating them with the primitive and sub-human," he says. "By the way, in Britain the monkey insult is also used against people of South Asian descent."

"It's often an insult, highly offensive to a black man, that he's come from the trees," Australian cricket writer Mike Coward adds. "Symonds is half-Caribbean, of African stock. It might not be very obvious that he's black, but that's his ethnicity. So it was an insult, a racial one, if he perceived that he was being called a monkey."


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