January 18, 2020
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Why I Love To Hate Outlook

I may not agree with all its views, but I respect its courage and reporting.

Why I Love To Hate <i>Outlook</i>
Why I Love To Hate Outlook

Outlook is an outstanding magazine and has carved out a niche for itself in the literary world—one which is known for its in-depth coverage, clear understanding of issues that are written about and hitting the right note on topics that need to be written about. The name itself brings to mind the kind of reportage that one associates with great magazines. Whenever I pick up an issue, I get complete information on any topic that is being covered. I may not always agree with its political views, but that does not stop me from reading the magazine, as it’s a storehouse of information. It is the kind of writing with a ring to it, which is enjoyable, and gives me views from the other side, which I believe is very important. Not everyone can be on your side. Other than the political stories, I especially like the business section. The stories are short, apt and precise. They give a nice summary of issues that otherwise seem gibberish to me. Over the last nineteen years, Outlook has only risen up on the ladder of fine journalism, with eminent people spearheading it. I may not agree with all its views, but I respect its courage and reporting.

Sambit Patra, National spokesperson of BJP

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