Saturday, Oct 01, 2022

Who Goes There?

Friend or foe... India assesses what China means for its own place in Asia

Who Goes There? Who Goes There?

On The Menu

  • A statement to add substance to partnership in political, economic, cultural and defence spheres
  • Partnership in the defence sphere will include CBMS, regular meeting of border guards, allowing observers during military exercises and a military briefing mechanism
  • 2007 to be the Indo-China tourism promotion year
  • 2008 to see Indian festival in China and China festival in India
  • Bilateral Investment Protection Agreement
  • India and China close to clinching a Regional Trade Agreement
  • Opening consulates in Calcutta, Guangzhao
  • Adding more flights to China
  • More goodwill visits
  • Set up mechanisms for more political consultations
  • Special representatives to meet soon after Hu’s visit
As Chinese President Hu Jintao arrives in India on November 20, there is no escaping the air of anxiety in New Delhi about China’s aspect of ascendancy. Hu’s visit comes in the backdrop of an international milieu that has changed remarkably in China’s favour. India’s giant nei- ghbour has developed rapidly: its forex reserves (minus gold) touched a trillion dollars early this month (while India’s nudged $67 billion on November 3); last year, China became the biggest purchaser of US treasury bonds; it’s also the third largest trading entity, after the United States and the European Union as a bloc. The Chinese president had an extremely successful visit to Latin America earlier this month. Soon thereafter, Beijing hosted 40 heads of African states, and committed $5 billion in assistance to them.

China matters. Globally.