Wednesday, Aug 10, 2022

VII Things We Learnt Last Week

  • PM Modi used the “Team India” phrase 35 times in his 86-minute Independence Day address
  • The flagship store of the Nalli silk and sari brand in Chennai is spread over 1.5 acres
  • French emperor Louis XIV introduced little tickets (like ‘stay off the grass’) to be planted around his palace at Versailles to ensure discipline
  • The Tirupati ‘laddoo’, 250 crore pieces of which are sold every year, is now 300 years old
  • Besides being a much-reviled investigator of ‘the birds and the bees’, Vladimir Nabokov was a lepidopterist who catalogued America’s butterflies
  • 5.48 am is the best time for sex, as testosterone levels in men and women are at the high­est then (say Italian scientists)
  • Number of phone booths in India plunged from 50 lakh to just 5.7 lakh in the last six years