February 28, 2020
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Varun Gandhi

In an 'issueless' and Rahul Gandhi-less Maharashtra poll campaign, he is drawing some big crowds and being applauded for his unconventional speeches.

Varun Gandhi
Varun Gandhi
You don't attack your rival parties.
No party or institution is better than another. The entire system needs to be changed. The nation is looking for a new leadership, a new wave.

Could you tell us more?
I want to be part of a movement larger than myself. I want to contribute to the idea of progress, change and peace.

Attacks on the system won't earn you friends.
Who is the person I want to be? It's one who speaks the truth. I criticised Modi in Gujarat while campaigning.

You are part of the same system.
I believe we need a revivalist national movement.... A new politics should take root in India.

What's in it for you?
I'm not in it for glamour, position or money. By God's grace, I already have these.

So what is your incentive?
I want to make a difference and a difference needs to be made.... There will be a social revolution in five to seven years.

Aren't you in the wrong field?
The wrong field can be set right.

What are the issues for you?
Unemployment, poverty, inflation, surging population.... Farmers should get the right price for their produce. MPs, MLAs should be answerable.

What went wrong in Lok Sabha elections?
The BJP lost because it tried to win over a constituency that couldn't be won, in the process diluting their focus on their core constituency.

How significant are you in this election?
I am addressing the largest number of meetings (40) after Pramod Mahajan (65) and Gopinath Munde (50+).

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