May 19, 2020
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'Vajpayee Must Quit And Hand Over Everything To Advani'

VHP president Ashok Singhal is still angry with Prime Minister A.B.Vajpayee. Outlook Saptahik spoke to him in Lucknow. Excerpts:

'Vajpayee Must Quit And Hand Over 
Everything To Advani'
Gireesh G.V.
'Vajpayee Must Quit And Hand Over Everything To Advani'
Your relations with the PM have soured over the Ram temple issue. How are things now?
Don’t ask me. If the Centre is unable to introduce the required bill for building the Ram temple, then the PM should resign and go back to seek the people’s mandate. Vajpayee needs to hand over everything to Advani.

What do you mean ‘everything’? Should he make Advani the prime minister?
No, he should hand over the party and the whole Ayodhya issue to Advani.

How will Advani’s entry pave the way for constructing the Ram temple?
See, the temple is possible only through legislation. Advani has had an active role in the movement. He took out the rath yatra from Somnath, he was arrested with us at Mata Teela. He appreciates the role of the temple movement and the concerted efforts Hindus have played in the BJP’s success.

What do you make of the Shankaracharya’s proposal?
The Shankaracharya is just a mask to cover a larger deal.

Who was behind the deal?
The government. It was abetting the Shankaracharya to negotiate with an organisation that does not believe in the Indian Constitution. The aimplb follows the Shariah, not Indian law. One should not deal with these people.

But how has the PM failed?
He hasn’t delivered. That’s why we are asking him to resign. We don’t have a grudge against him, but if he resigns for not being able to pave the way for the temple, then the people would get the message: the BJP is repentant for not following its agenda. Following the nda agenda will spell doom for the BJP. The unfortunate situation BJP finds itself in today is largely due to the nda agenda.

Do you think Vajpayee is trying to alienate the VHP from the temple movement?
No one can alienate the VHP. It started the temple movement. People should know that the temple and the VHP are synonymous.

What is the biggest obstacle to the temple movement?
The Muslim mindset. Thirteen per cent Muslims are dictating this nation’s politics. Every party is out to please them. But they are forgetting that the Hindus too have become united. They cannot ignore 87 per cent of the voters. Their disregard will not be tolerated now.

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