June 06, 2020
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Unanswered Questions

Unanswered Questions

  • Natasha had earlier complained to the police about being attacked by a strange woman and of being watched by strange characters. Who was trying to terrorise her and why?

  • She wasn't a loner or a person who kept her feelings to herself. Nor was she depressed during the day. Why should she suddenly turn reticent and take her own life in the night?

  • On the fateful night, she had retired to bed when she was woken up by a phone call that took her out of the house. Who made the call?

  • Why did the police for three days not divulge the existence of two hotel employees who had apparently tried to stop her from entering a second floor hotel room at the beginning?

  • How did her cellphone remain intact and her handbag stay slung around her arm after a seven-floor fall?

  • How did she break the sturdy handle of a hotel exit door to walk up the emergency stairway to the 7th floor when no instruments were found on her?

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