July 26, 2020
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Umang Sabarwal

The third year Delhi University student is a co-founder of SlutWalk Delhi

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Umang Sabarwal
Umang Sabarwal

Why did you take up this campaign?

The experience of being a woman in this city makes you feel the need to bring about a change. When I read about the movement in Toronto, I decided we should do this in Delhi.

How have your classmates reacted?

Most are being supportive, and a few are actively involved in organising the event.

What’s the point you hope to make?

Sexual violence against women manifests itself in a multitude of ways, including violation and the stifling of her very being. We aim to make a change in the prevalent ‘rape culture’ that blames the victim and not the perpetrator.

Would you call yourself a feminist?

I don’t understand feminism, so I don’t call myself one. I just believe in my cause.

How do you react to the word ‘slut’?

It appals me that language and slang are used to shame women and keep them in check. This is precisely the point of SlutWalk Delhi; the irony is evident in the very name.

The name ‘SlutWalk’ has rattled many. Do you think Delhiites are narrow-minded?

I don’t think Delhi is narrow-minded; but we need to debate issues considered taboo.

People are urging you to change the name of the protest to something milder....

Yes, we’re considering changing it to something that encompasses a broader segment.

In the West, SlutWalks are making headlines, with women dressed skimpily at the rally. What point do you think that makes?

Pictures of scantily clad women are on the net for their shock value. But not everyone dressed skimpily. The focus on clothes is antithetical.

How is SlutWalk different from other campaigns in Delhi for better safety for women?

It’s just a different approach to the same end.

What’s your biggest takeaway from leading a campaign like this?

It’s a humbling experience. Reading different viewpoints helps setting your perspective.

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