August 02, 2020
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Umang Hutheesing

The founder-president of the Hutheesing Heritage Foundation, on his collection at the Royal Fables

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Umang Hutheesing
Umang Hutheesing

How are your designs different from rest of the 'royal' collections?

Designers who claim that their collection is 'royal' can only copy the motifs but to know what royal really is one has to know the lineage and history associated with it.

Your education is in business and banking. How did the shift to design come about?

It's is in my DNA. My ancestors were business partners with Louis Tiffany in 1881; since then, we have been the oldest design firm in India.

What is your idea of an Indian bride?

She should be dressed in a way that her clothes don't overpower her beauty.

How did you make it to top international labels like YSL and Lagerfield?

I am the grand royal designer of India; they app­roached me. My work is at the museum level, it has been covered by Vogue, Paris Fashion Week.

Would you like to venture out of Indian wear?

It is happening as we speak. I am doing a fashion week at the Buckingham Palace this year.

You are said to have brought back old techniques and materials. Tell us about them.

I have worked with velvet, which was equally popular with Mughals and Europeans. Also, embroidery works like karchop and marodi are being reused in royal costume designs.

Any advice for brides?

Designers can make you look like actresses, but on your big day you should look original.

Your experience with Royal Fables?

It is the only platform left which preserves the heritage-inspired creations of royal families.

Do you only cater to the upper classes?

Everyone has a target audience. My products are like the Rolls Royce.

What according to you is the biggest faux pas Indian women make with fashion?

Fusion. Indo-western is a really absurd thing.

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