February 22, 2020
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Trash Of The Fortnight: Naseer In The League...

Trash Of The Fortnight: Naseer In The League...
We’re not complaining about the film here, let’s admit it’s less than ordinary. But when one of the country’s best actors decides to sail to Hollywood you expect the world. Sadly, Naseer’s Captain Nemo in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is too flat for comfort. Didn’t he see it written all over the script? It’s a role that certainly doesn’t measure up to Naseer’s calibre. To begin with, you are unable to see his face behind that silly beard, so just forget the legendary expressions. All Naseer gets to do is parrot out silly lines to Sean Connery in what appears like an amateurish school-theatre production. To make matters worse, he’s eighth on the billing in the opening titles. While, in fact, no one in the film, other than Connery, has his charisma or talent. Even otherwise, the film has these silly Indian cliches thrown all over. Add to it a jazzed-up sardar like Captain Nemo and it can make any Indian squirm. For a guy who’s been complaining regularly about mindless Bollywood roles, the decision to do The League seems totally out of joint. Naseer has done much better in the worst of Bollywood flicks. Did he do this one only for the dollars?
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