February 14, 2020
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Till Freedom Come

The first ever opinion poll in Kashmir -- 77 percent say no solution within Indian constitution.

Till Freedom Come

It was to fill a vital gap in current public discourse on Kashmir--the absence of the Kashmiri's viewpoint--that Outlook commissioned MODE to conduct an opinion poll in the valley. Researchers from Delhi recruited local staff who worked at great risk to their lives. The poll was nearly called off after they were stalked by gunmen in Anantnag. But the motivation of being the first-ever organisation to hazard such an exercise carried the team through. Altogether 504 adults (337 men, 176 women) were interviewed in Srinagar, Sopore, Baramulla, Bandipora, and Anantnag during the second half of September.

Q: Do you feel that a solution to the Kashmir problem exists within the framework of the Indian Constitution?

Definitely not 77%
Probably not 7%
Probably 12%
Definitely 2%
Can't say 2%

Q: What has been the level of human rights violation by Indian security forces?

Low 1
Not so high 2
Quite high 6
Very high 90
Can't say 1

Q: Will a free and fair election now help in solving the problem ?

Definitely not 80
Probably not 6
Definitely 7
Can't say 4

Q: Which Kashmiri leader today do not feel will be able to bring about the quickest solution ?

Shabir Shah 37%
Yasin Malik 13%
S.S. Geelani 10%
Salauddin 4%
Mirwaiz Farooq 4%
None 19%
Jointly 9%
Can't Say 4%

Q: Do you approve of the gradual increase in Islamic fundamentalism in Kashmir ever since militancy started peaking ?

Disapprove totally 66
Disapprove somewhat 4
Approve Somewhat 19
Approve totally 2
Can't say 9

Q: Which option is favoured by Kashmiris?

Independence 72
Merger with Pakistan 19
Pre-1953 status 4
Greater autonomy in India 3
Can't say 2

Q: Has Pakistan's involvement harmed the movement ?

Disagree totally 61
Disagree somewhat 3
Agree totally 5
Can't say 5

Q: Has the Hurriyat been successful in coordinating the activities of various militant outfits?

Yes 46%
No 46%
Can't say 8%

Q: Given that some consider kidnapping un-Islamic, do you feel it is a legitimate weapon for the militants ?

Yes 35%
No 59%
Can't say 6%

Q: What, in your opinion, is the single most important reason for the rise in militancy in Kashmir?

(Desire for) Independence 30
Unemployment 23
Corrupt administration 19
Denial of self-determination 15
Rigged elections 8
Human rights violations 5

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