July 25, 2020
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There Should Be A Boycott

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There Should Be A Boycott
Balwant Gargi

I will take a rupee in my hand and toss it. I will vote according to the result of the toss. There is complete chaos in the country, everyone is involved in frauds and ghotala . Given the state of affairs, which side does one vote for?

On a personal level, I think Khushwant Singh should be the prime minister. He is very frank, very honest, intelligent, isn't greedy about money which politicians are.


I don't know who is standing from my constituency. First, I have to compare their track records. Then I will make a decision. I find the entire atmosphere very confused. For the first time, the Indian electorate is confronted with the need to choose between smaller evils and bigger evils. 

For the last 15-20 years, people have voted for the Congress. But they have been let down so many times. It seems that the people want a change. A.B. Vajpayee may not be a bad choice. One may have reservations against his party, but he is a person of integrity. This time, people might give Opposition a chance to see whether they can act as they claim. If they cannot, they can always be voted out of power after five years.


MY films are political. I'm not. Frankly speaking, I'm so disgusted by what I see around me that I have serious doubts about whether or not I'll vote in this election. All you see around you are corrupt politicians, so people have no choices really. Vote for whoever you think is the lesser evil, I'd say.

Who would I prefer to see as prime minister? I'm not a political speculator so I really would not like to make a comment. But honestly speaking, I don't see a single politician around who would make a competent prime minister.


CLEANLINESS and test of office are the only two qualities by which one can choose one's prime minister. The choices are terrible because almost everybody is corrupt. I would like Jyoti Basu to be prime minister. He is from the Left, is secular and does not have dogmatic views on liberalisation. There's Chidambaram—he's young but has the disadvantage of coming from the South. There is R.K. Hegde. They all have the experience of office, are clever and are not likely to go back to their old ways. I personally would have chosen Vajpayee but he is committed to Hindutva.


THE intelligentsia, by keeping away from the political process, is not playing its role. Some do vote; but while they criticise the system, they keep their distance from it. Worse, they sometimes honour corrupt politicians with awards or by letting them inaugurate projects and seminars.

The fact is that whoever is elected, it will be a mafia government. The electorate will merely be renewing the licence of the people in power to continue looting the country. Not a single party is interested in the welfare of the people. We need a people's movement. If the people of Bangladesh could bring the government to its knees, why are the Indian people silent spectators? There should be a blanket boycott and politicians who come seeking votes should be greeted with chappals.

Vajpayee may turn out good as a prime minister but he'll have to depend on his highly dishonest party. Jyoti Basu takes the help of Laloo Yadav and Mulayam Singh.


I am really quite at sea. The situation suddenly doesn't look so good for all those leaders at the forefront. I won't put my money on any of the contenders being talked about since a dark horse can surely emerge.

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