July 05, 2020
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The Voice of Radia

Rewinding the lobbyist’s key conversations over a 47-day period. These are the moments that changed a story.

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The Voice of Radia

with A. Raja
May 22, 2009

AR: Raja here

NR: Hi! I got a message from Barkha Dutt just now.

AR: What does she say?

NR: She says…she’s been following up the story with Prime Minister's Office tonight. In fact, she was the one who told me that Sonia Gandhi went there. She says that he has no problem with you, but he has a problem with Baalu.

with A. Raja
on the eve of cabinet formation
May 24, 2009

AR: The only thing is, (Dayanidhi) Maran will start a campaign against me. That has to be taken care of…he may say in the press that a tainted minister is coming again, spectrum…

NR: We’ll handle it. Don't worry. Even Congress had to make that statement.

with Tarun Das
on UPA-II cabinet formation
May 22, 2009

TD: Manmohan Singh does not want Raja and Baalu.

NR: He's okay with Raja but he does not want Baalu.

TD: But can he (Raja) be put somewhere apart from telecom?

NR: You are far better having Raja in telecom because... he will behave himself. Trust me, he will behave himself.

with Tarun Das
July 9, 2009

NR: I've told Raja, you are making a very, very big blunder, you know (supporting Anil Ambani).

TD: Hmm, hmm.

NR: Because this time, Ratan has written a nice letter about you. He may say OK, you gave him a dual technology licence, so he wrote a nice letter, which he shouldn't have done, but he'll come out very strongly against you.

TD: Hmm.

NR: So he said, "No, no no". I said I'll tell Kanimozhi (Karunanidhi’s daughter) that that's what you're doing.

with Sunil Arora
former Indian Airlines head
June 1, 2009


SA: I believe yeh spectrum allocation jo hua hai, the biggest beneficiary is the younger brother (Anil Ambani).

NR: Is who, yes, younger brother. Absolutely. Toh abhi woh sab reverse karna zaroori hai.

SA: Then how come he has made the younger brother the biggest beneficiary, and you people are supporting him like anything?

NR: Yeh bahut complex issue hai—mera client Tatas bhi bahut beneficiary rahe hain ismein.

with Ratan Tata
June 11, 2009

NR: Just want to tell you that Round II of the telecom battle starts. I don't know how many more battles there will be.

RT: I'm surprised that Raja, after all that you supposedly did for him, is playing this game.

 with Ratnam, DMK official,
handed the phone by Kanimozhi's mother
June 13, 2009

Ratnam: They say 50 per cent of the rent has to be paid by us...that is not possible.

NR: Haan. But when you were in Bombay it was agreed...

Ratnam: Very clearly it was agreed and Krishna Kumar (Tata Sons director) also said he will talk to Voltas and he will waive that.

with Manish
an employee at Vaishnavi Communications
June 16, 2009

NR: In the middle of the night (Raja) called Anil Ambani to come and collect his LoI for a dual-technology licence.

Manish: Yeah.

NR: ...when you ask Mr Raja what's the matter, Mr Raja why are you doing this, his view is, 'What do I do, I have a party to run.' OK?

with R.K. Chandolia
on how the Tatas can fund a hospital in Perambalur, Raja's hometown
June 26, 2009


NR: It's not a cheque-cheque that we give…when they start working on the hospital, on certain areas that I decided, between the wards or equipment, then those disbursements start happening.

RKC: Okay, toh aap ek kaam karo na, you just talk...call him, minister...

with Ranjan Bhattacharya
on Unitech, one key beneficiary of the 2G spectrum allocation
May 29, 2009


NR: They (Unitech) keep on playing up and of course it's sad but they talk about everything else under the sun other than what is outstanding. I've just saved them from 60 crore of a bounced cheque with Tatas, another one, right?

RB: Another one?

NR: All their cheques have bounced.

with Madhav
unidentified voice
July 8, 2009

NR: Yeah but minister has told me that he is going to vehemently oppose that (changing spectrum allocation criteria).

Madhav: Yeah because there are other…

NR: Swan, no Swan.

Madhav: Yeah.

NR: Swan is his personal interest, no…he's told me that.

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