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The Sked

A film festival in Delhi by BRICS, an exhibition in Bangalore celebrating Raja Ravi Varma and a Disney musical in Chennai

The Sked

Delhi Film
Take The Lot, You Right Guys

The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) Summit has organised a film festival. The five-day fest celebrates cinema from the five countries. Each day will have screenings of four films from one country. They will be nominated for the BRICS Film Awards. India’s mix has the hits Bajirao Mastani and Bahubali; Cinemawala is included as a recent Bengali success, and Kanaa, Chaver, Ranni as Tamil blockbusters. About Love is from Russia, an award-winning film starring Vladimir Mashkov; and so are The Battle of Sevastopol and the shorts Trusha and The Return of Erkin. Brazilian drama Between Valleys is the first film to be showcased—the story of a famous economist and how he ends up living in a dumping ground. They Will Come Back by Marcelo Lordello, Road 47, and The History of Eternity are other Brazilian films. On a happy note is Go Away Mr Tumor from China—a comedy about a girl’s battle with a malignant tumour. Famous for its romantic-dramas, China also projects Book of Love and a mix of adventure films. The South African films, of all, will be a treat. With a lesser known film industry, Tess, Mrs. Right Guy and Free State will be keenly watched. And if all this wasn’t enough, there will be a food and crafts corner from all five countries, and dance and song performances from each. Sep 2-6, Siri Fort Auditorium

Bangalore Art
When Myth Met Verisimilitude

Celebrating the genius of Raja Ravi Varma is Raja Ravi Varma: Royal Lithography & Legacy—an exhibition of some of the iconic paintings by the legend, at the National Gallery of Modern Art. The collection, curated by Ganesh V. Shivaswamy, is an artistic journey through the life of the artist. It encompasses his sketches, his transition to the European use of oil paints, and lesser-known lithographs, which were essential grist to the mill of early calendar art and made his work accessible across India. Varma is among the first ‘modern’ Indian artists, and is credited for popularising paintings done in the European style here. His work was profoundly influential and inc­ited awe and controversy alike. He was inspired by Indian myt­hology, as seen in his rendition of Lakshmi and Saraswati, and infused an element of eroticism, as seen in paintings depicting Shakuntala and Maneka. Till Sep 31, NGMA

This Too

Chennai Theatre The second Disney musical, Aladdin: A Musical Journey, is set to fly. Inspired by the Arabian Nights, it retells the classic tale of Aladdin and Princess Jasmine. Sep 4, Mutha Venkatasubba Hall

And Also

Gujarat Comedy
Haso! Haso!

This comedy fest to beat all comedy fests will make all of Gujarat laugh. The event travels through Vadodra, Surat, Rajkot, and ends in Ahmedabad. With over 30 comedians performing, a laughter fest is a guarantee. And with nine different acts, all with new faces, as well as new genres of comedy, audiences can pick and choose from the two-week-long bonanza. The festivities begin with Just Arrived, a performance by homegrown comedians Soham Dave, Rag Brahmbhatt, Nihar Bhagat, Amul Mehrotra and Shivam Agarwal. A Gujrati-only special has Manan Desai; he stars alongside Ojas Rawal, Chirayu Mistry, and Deep Vaidya in a new brand of comedy—a mix of improvisation, stand-up, audience interaction, and roast. Then there are others, like The Angreji Show, The Hinglish Show, and The Big Hasya Show. But the one act most people are waiting for is the Johnny Lever Live, featuring the legend himself, with improvisations by crowd favourites Kaneez Surka, Kenneth Sebastian, Abish Mathew and Kanan Gill. The Surprise Finale is a no-miss, because the whole lot of comics will be coming together for a last, enormous gag. Till Sep 17, www.thecomedyfactory.in

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