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The Sked

A treat for lovers of Indian dance forms, a compilation of works by students of the Delhi College of Art and a play set in '40s India

The Sked
The Sked

Delhi Art
Gathering Leaves As They Fall

The Falling leaf project is a compilation of works by students of the College of Art, New Delhi, derived through the collaborative efforts of artist Adw­ait Singh. The event is a precursor to a larger process undertaken by the students for the Biennale in Kochi. The project was conceptualised around French philosopher Jacques Ranciere’s anti-hierarchy concept of the ‘Ignorant Schoolmaster’ and followed the shift of the curatorial age­ncy from the curator to the students in order to reinvent art purely through their eyes. What makes this collection of artwork stand out is that instead of following a particular theme, each student was given sole responsibility of the project, making the model more open. The artwork thus aims at depicting original pieces reflecting the ideas of each student, which coheres as part of a larger idea. The idea was to do away with the terminology of ‘selection’ and replacing it with ‘participation-collaboration’. Till Jul 25, Latitude 28

Bengalore Dance
Dance In The Service Of Education

For lovers of Indian dance forms, Antar Yatra, or the journey within, is a narrative presented through a combination of dance, drama and music. Choreographed by danseuse Sharmila Biswas, the show features Srijan Chatterjee, Lakshmi Parthasarathy Athreya, Amrita Lahiri and Sash­w­ati Garai Ghosh. The piece combines traditional dance forms, including Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi and Odissi. The songs, sung in six different languages, help amplify Sharmila’s combination of traditional dance forms with contemporary concepts. The show is a testament to ancient temple dance forms as well as traditional music. Through the ancient art of Pinnal Kollattam and pupettry, the makers seem to blur the lines bet­ween real and make-believe. The show is touring seven cities, including Chennai, Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore. The makers will give all proceeds from the show to benefit the NGO AIM for Seva’s Free Student Homes (FSH) across the country, which works to ensure children from rural and tribal areas have uninterrupted access to education. Jul 30, Chowdiah Memorial Hall

This Too

Bangalore Theatre The nondescript village of Karadipura has a struggling circus company plagued by poverty. Watch the members tell their tales as they make their way to Bangalore. Ranga Shankara, Jul 26

And Also

Calcutta Theatre
Endless Strife

Set against the backdrop of the tumultous ’30s and ’40s India, the play Wo Lahore is about a family of a lady and her three sons and how they try and lead a normal life. The story is about the fem­ale protagonist who has to battle internal, familial conflict, negotiate a cloud of political instability outside—the freedom movement is gathering force, with the bloodbath of the Partition hoving into view. It’s a touching tale of a family trying to stick together as old certitudes split asunder in the worst of times. Gyan Mancha, Aug 15

Mumbai Lifestyle
Game Theories

Would you like to hear a story or would you prefer to star in one? It gets better. No Escape offers you a unique opportun­ity—not theatre or 3D, but a live gaming experience open to all. You are allowed to play Sherlock in this one as it tests your observation, dete­ction skills and your ability to hold your own under pressure in the face of challenging tasks. This one-hour experience begins with the player being trapped in a room with only their wits at their disposal as a series of tasks come their way, trying to foil their escape. Goregaon Sports club, Till Jul 31

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