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The Sked

An art exhibition with images depicting silence, Ilaiyaraaja concert in Chennai and a play in Calcutta on the life of Dr Mahendralal Sarkar

The Sked
The Sked

Mumbai Art
Walls With Human Traces 

A first-of -its-kind art exhibition, The Mark on the Wall by Gauri Gill displays images dep­icting silence and, perhaps for that reason, strikes a plangent chord. The exhibition comprises three individual bodies of artwork. The first is a set of photo-paintings from the series Fields of Sight—a collaboration between Gauri Gill and Rajesh Vangad. It began in early 2013 in an adivasi village in coastal Maharashtra. The second piece of work, called Places, Traces, has Gauri showcasing her ongoing archive of images from rural Raj­asthan in a project that began in 1999. It consists of a set of pictures from Barmer and Bikaner, which carry signs or marks impressed onto the landscape by ‘the human hand’, with frames that are marked by the absence of humans. Photographed from a distance, these mortal imp­rints are depicted as relief against the vastness of the desert. The third body of work, which lends its name to the entire exhibition, has her documenting art made by local artists, children and teachers in government schools in western Rajasthan. The project came under the Leher Kaksha scheme initiated by the state to help children learn visually in classrooms. Unf­ortunately, it has lapsed now. Till June 30, Galerie Mirchandani and Steinruecke

Calcutta Theatre
The Good Doctor’s Education

Set between 1884 and 1899, Abyakto (Unsaid) is directed by Sima Mukherjee and centres around the life of Dr Mahendralal Sarkar, a man who spoke his mind and was steadfast in his ideals. The play narrates the journey of Sarkar’s life and his dream of forming a science association. He was strongly in favour of the inclusion of women in the medical profession, so that they could take care of their illnesses. Things did not go as per plans, which left him disappointed until a chance encounter with the great mystic, Ramakrishna Paramhansa, led to a transformation in him. Sending a message of optimism and the eternal hope of light at the end of the tunnel, the play tries to chronicle this startling transformation in the life of a rationalist. May 23, Academy of Fine Arts

This Too

Chennai Music Get set for a melodious evening with renowned musician and composer Ilaiyaraaja at a live concert. Creator of 8,000 songs, this will surely be a magical evening for admirers. May 29, YMCA College

And Also

Pune Film
A Mat Finish

Directed by Mit Jani, Prateek Gupta and Vivek Chaudhary, the biopic Goonga Pehelwan (2013) is an award-winning documentary. Revolving around India’s most successful deaf-mute athlete, Virender Singh, the movie depicts his journey to become India’s first disabled athlete to participate in the able-bodied Olympics. It is an attempt to bring to light the unequal treatment and opportunities meted out to special athletes by state and society. The inspiration behind this was a news article one of the directors had come across. The article spoke about the wrestler who, despite being a world champion and Deafly­mpics gold medalist, was virtually unrecognised. The documentary went on to win the best debut film, non-feature, at the 62nd National Film Awards in 2015. On May 27, Gyaan Adab Centre

Bengalore Photography
Concrete Changes

Chandigarh-based photographer Ajay Bhatia will present his third exhibition, Le Corb­usier: The Play of Light. Bha­tia, through his shots of Indian cities, towns and villages, attempts to capture the tussle between contemporary development and heritage, as well as the Indian legacy of Le Corbusier. Till May 29, Alliance Francaise De Bangalore

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