January 17, 2020
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The One Who Didn't

The One Who Didn't

RUBINA said she'll have none other than a Muslim man. None is all she got. While all her friends at the Rajkiya Sanrakshan Griha agreed to Hindu grooms, this 18-year-old insisted she'd marry only a fellow Muslim. One came, but the marriage didn't work out. "He left me, I don't quite know why, but I will wait," the resigned teenager says. With memories of her father who used to read the Quran at home, the Bangladeshi girl says she'd love to be married into a home with a Quran. "So the didis didn't force me (to marry a non-Muslim)." She claims to be happy about her decision, but adds: "One of the married girls came to visit. She's Muslim, married to a Hindu. She's happy now that she's out of here. Maybe next time around I should agree to marry a Hindu man."

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