February 15, 2020
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The Great Asian Game

The Great Asian Game
Gas Reserves: 14 trillion cu m
Investment: $10 billion. Includes $3.5 billion by TotalFina to explore gas and $3.5 billion by oil MNCs to set up a regional pipeline network. RasGas wishes to supply 5 million tonnes of LNG to India.

Gas Reserves: 1.5 billion cu m
Current LNG Production: 6.6 million tonnes/annum. Has contracted long-term supplies to several Indian parties

Gas Reserves: 101 trillion cu feet
Investment: $10 billion by 2010. Includes several pipeline networks to supply gas to Europe, south Asia and China

Gas Reserves: 20 billion cu m
Investment: $20 billion. The money will explore the South Pars fields that constitute 60% of reserves. Has interests in either an Iran-India undersea or overland pipeline.

Gas Reserves: 65 trillion cu feet
Has an interest in the Iran-India pipeline through which it can push its gas to consumers


  • Current Gas Demand: 151 million std cu m/day

  • Current Gas Supply: 66 million std cu m/day

  • Demand in 2005: 180-231 million std cu m/day

  • Gas Supply in 2005: 106 million std cu m/day

Gas Reserves:20 trillion cu feet
Investment: $1 billion by Unocal Includes a pipeline to service Indian consumers. The pipeline will finally connect with the HBJ network in Uttar Pradesh. Indian oil PSUs have evinced interest in it.

The Potential
Has huge gas reserves and has attracted investments by oil majors like Unocal and TotalFina. However, it’s still unsure whether this country can become a major supplier to India in the near future.

Deep Sea Pipeline: The undersea network starts from Iran, runs along the coast of Pakistan, and enters India. Proposed investment: $3 billion.

Central Asia-India Pipelines: Starts from Turkmenistan, runs through Afghanistan and Pakistan to enter India. Another proposal is to lay a network through Iran.

Bangladesh-India Pipeline:
Unocal plans to lay a pipeline from its reserves to supply gas to east and north India

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