February 22, 2020
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The Fading Aura Of A Demagogue

The Fading Aura Of A Demagogue
So, there is some truth in it, that Praveen Togadia has of late been the primary carrier spreading communal contagion all over the place. After the BJP swept Gujarat, Togadia had made it public that Madhya Pradesh would be his next target. He has been to the state twice and what visited the state in both instances was rioting. His arrival in Dhar on February 6 was followed by communal violence that left three dead. Similarly, the riots centring on the cow slaughter issue in Vidisha is easily linked to his March 4 visit to the district.

His speeches, though provocative, are predictable—the Muslims and chief minister Digvijay Singh are his stock targets. Mian Musharraf, Godhra, the Taliban and Kashmir are also frequently mentioned.

But his meetings are drawing less and less crowds. Under one-tenth of the claimed 50,000 turned up to listen to him at Vidisha. Ditto Dhar. And Digvijay is expectedly buoyant.

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