July 26, 2020
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A chocoholic's delight; Gurgaon gearing up for a multiplex boom; Magic of the wild and the untamed recreated in Delhi and Set Max's pathetic World Cup coverage.

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The Delhi Mumbai Gazette
Tribhuvan Tiwari
The Delhi Mumbai Gazette
Hooked on to hot Chocolat
Get your hands on sweet revenge with a mouth-watering game of chess with truffle pawns, butterscotch knights and praline queens. For the mushy at heart, the cocoa options include red or pink hearts, complete with heart-shaped boxes to present them in. A chocoholic’s delight, Choclatiers, a tiny outlet tucked into Chittaranjan Park’s dda market, specialises in a variety of sinful black treats that range from Rs 6 per piece to Rs 10 for customised Belgian chocolates. Apart from the usual, look out for Pan Truffles and Date Honey Trickles. And if that’s not exciting enough, try rolling your tongue over Bharatiya tastes: Pan and Supari truffles!

Its owner, a portly Sanjay Obhrai, revels in introducing customers to his bag of treasures. Ask him what prompted the idea of starting a choco shop and he says sheepishly: "I saw Hallstorm’s film Chocolat, and I was hooked!" A little help from a Spain-based confectioner helped to get the project off the ground and by the time denizens woke up to 2003, mouth-watering chocolates were ready to add that extra punch to the celebrations. Better than anything you might have had at the five-star hotels and well-known confectioners, Obhrai’s chocolates match the deliciousness of any firangi pack you may have brought home from your travels to Europe or the US. Maybe, the time’s ripe to start patronising our homegrown chocolatiers.

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