August 11, 2020
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Tentacles Of The Octopus

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Tentacles Of The Octopus
Even in Bihar it came as a shock. Done with extorting money from businessmen, doctors and teachers, the underworld is now targeting ias officers. On December 7, the additional member of the Board of Revenue, Anand Vardhan Sinha, was in for a shock when his peon handed him a letter. Signed by some Abdul Kalam, the missive threatened Sinha with dire consequences if he didn’t cough up Rs 15 lakh. "I had written to you earlier but you did not take notice of my letter. You’ve deposited Rs 6 crore in your bank. You are earning a lot. You will be kidnapped along with your son."

A 1978 batch IAS, Sinha is considered an upright officer. Some eight months ago, on April 27, the bureaucrat received the first threatening letter which demanded Rs 15 lakh from him. He ignored it. But the follow-up note has rattled him. The Sinhas have stopped their nine-year-old son Aditya from attending school. He told : "I won’t send my school unless alternative arrangements are made." The bureaucrat has lodged an fir in Patna’s Buddha Colony police station. He has also urged the state government to provide him and his family with security.

The district police has provided him a guard at night with an assurance that a day constable too would be posted. Meanwhile, the officer is under self-imposed house arrest.

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